Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! - Chapter 484: Sharing the Same Bed

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Chapter 484: Sharing the Same Bed

Translator: Lonelytree Editor: Millman97

When night fell, Xinghe and Mubai were still working even though most of the others had gone to bed. They were still energetic, showing no signs of fatigue.

The tray of food had gotten cold but neither of them had taken a bite.

Mubai was worried about Xinghe, but he stopped himself from advising her to take a rest. He knew he wouldn\'t stop when asked so he should expect Xinghe to react the same way. Therefore, the only thing he could do was assist her, to fight by her side.

Finally, with both of them contributing, Xinghe finally found IV Syndicate\'s main base!

She cried out in surprise, "This is it!"

Mubai leaned in and revealed a proud smile. "You finally found it."

"Yes, we did it." Xinghe sighed with satisfaction before rearing up for another round. "Now I will hack into their server."

"Why don\'t we leave it for tomorrow?" Mubai was quick to stop her. "You have not eaten for a whole day and your body needs to rest. We\'ve made great progress today so there\'s no need to rush for now."

Xinghe was persuaded. Being too tired wasn\'t beneficial in the long run.

"Alright, we\'ll take a rest. You haven\'t had anything either, right? Remember to eat something and then go rest."

Mubai smiled and pulled her up. "Let\'s go to the kitchen, it\'s already so late, it\'s better if we don\'t wake anyone. We\'ll just make something ourselves."

Xinghe didn\'t object. The lights in Philip\'s house were still on but most were already asleep.

When they opened the refrigerator, they realized there was a lot of cooked food inside. It was obvious that it was all left for them.

Mubai heated up two plates of steak and spaghetti. As they had their late dinner, Xinghe continued discussing the mission with Mubai. He listened closely as he helped her slice the steak.

"I think I will return to the computer room to finish the rest. I don\'t think I can rest knowing there are things needed to be done."

"You want some wine?" Mubai suggested suddenly.

Xinghe was surprised but she eventually nodded. "Sure."

Mubai poured her half a glass of red wine, a perfect accompaniment to her steak. After Xinghe drank the glass, she couldn\'t help but start to get drowsy. She hadn\'t even finished her meal before her eyelids started to droop.

Mubai put down his utensils and picked Xinghe up in one graceful movement. That woke Xinghe up completely. She asked with shock, "What are you doing?"

The man replied with a gentle smile, "I\'m taking you to rest, we can take care of the rest tomorrow."


"Both of us need to rest," Mubai said sternly. Xinghe knew that, that was not her point of contention, she wanted him to put her down.

However, for some reason, she couldn\'t bring herself to raise the issue anymore.

Mubai carried Xinghe back to her bedroom and placed her gently onto the plush mattress. He even helped her take off her shoes.

Xinghe looked at him do all that and her heart was a complicated mess. When Mubai lay down beside her naturally, she still couldn\'t find her words.

Mubai didn\'t give her the chance to say anything as he pulled on the cover and yawned. "Good night, don\'t think about it anymore, we can continue the first thing tomorrow."

After that, he closed his eyes.

Xinghe stared at him for a while before deciding to let it be and sleep. Discounting the last time he snuck into her bed while she was sleeping, this was the first time they shared the same bed after their divorce.

After their divorce, Xinghe thought that would be the end of their relationship…