Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! - Chapter 481: Found the Base's Coordinates

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Chapter 481: Found the Base\'s Coordinates

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He thought they would be disappointed in him and choose to end their collaboration. Who knew the woman would be so frank and straightforward? He could see why Mubai valued her so much. She was indeed one of a kind.

"In that case, I will cooperate to the best of my capabilities. If you can save my wife, I, Philip, will be forever in your debt!" Philip promised.

Xinghe smiled. "Since General Philip has such trust in us then we will definitely respond in kind. Can you bring me a computer?"

Philip was confused. "Why do you need one?"

"I\'m going to take down all the online videos!"

Philip was shocked but he didn\'t question her. He quickly had someone prepare a good computer for Xinghe.

Under Philip\'s gaze, Xinghe made herself comfortable in front of the computer and started working her magic. All the videos of Kelly online were taken down one by one. Thankfully, the videos hadn\'t gone viral so she only took half an hour to remove every single one of them.

Furthermore, in a country like Country Z, news refreshed itself hourly. A video about a cowering naked woman wasn\'t enough to catch much attention. Therefore, even though the videos were suddenly taken down, it didn\'t cause much commotion, not many even paid attention to it in the first place.

However, for Philip, the existence of the video was a humiliation so he felt much better after all copies of it were all removed.

"Mubai said you have the ability to find this IV Syndicate and steal all of their information. Actually, I was doubtful of that. But now it looks like he has found the perfect person for this job." There was a slight change in Philip\'s tone; there was an additional respect that was previously absent.

Sam and the gang also didn\'t think Xinghe would be so good. She might be ever better than they\'d imagined.

Xinghe didn\'t dare to make baseless promises, she replied softly, "I can\'t guarantee that one hundred percent but I\'m ninety percent confident that is doable."

"That is more than enough. Miss Xia, if you have any requests in the future, please come to me immediately, I will fulfil them if I can!" Philip said generously.

Xinghe nodded. "Actually, I do need certain things prepared. I will give you a list; hopefully, you can help me procure them."

"No problem!"

Just like that, a computer control room that Xinghe wanted was prepared. It had everything she needed, filled with the latest high-tech computer accessories. Back in City T, Mubai could prepare all of this easily, but since they were in a foreign country, it was easier for Philip to make certain things happen.

The next step was to locate IV Syndicate\'s base. The base was said to be far from the city, deep in the desert.

Charlie only knew the general direction; they still needed Philip\'s men to comb the area before Xinghe could step in.

In that period of time, Philip kept receiving threats from IV Syndicate. The general election was going to happen a week later. If they still couldn\'t save Kelly in that one week, Philip would bow out of the election. That would be the end for them, so they were racing against time.

Thankfully, the following morning, Philip\'s men came back with good news: the coordinates for the base had been ascertained!

"Wonderful job!" Philip and everyone else was overjoyed. They surrounded Xinghe in the control room, watching her operate the computers.

Mubai offered to help but Xinghe had her own way of doing things.