Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! - Chapter 480: Chooses His Wife

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Chapter 480: Chooses His Wife

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Philip gripped her throat tightly and warned, "Before I make my decision, I will kill you if you dare to lay a finger on her! Listen closely, if anyone of your group dares to have any malicious idea about her, I will spare no expense to hunt down every single one of you. I\'m a man of my word, now get out of my house!"

He shoved her roughly out of his way. Aliyah widened her eyes in shock; she was having a hard time stomaching such a humiliation.

She glared at Philip and smirked. "Fine! You sure have guts, Philip. But don\'t think you can stay at the top for long, you will understand the meaning of regret soon enough. Let us go!"

After that, Aliyah took her men away. At the same time, numerous methods to torture Kelly bubble up in her mind. After she won the election, she would dispose of Philip. After that, she would torture Kelly in front of him, to show him what the price for ignoring and humiliating her was.

Of course, Philip could guess Aliyah\'s thoughts.

He turned to Mubai\'s group with his icy gaze, and said directly, "All of you heard her, right? If I don\'t participate in this election, Aliyah will win. She has been in bed with IV Syndicate since the very beginning so all hope will be lost after she wins."

"But your wife is in their hands," Xinghe said seriously.

"Therefore, you have to save her as soon as possible, before the general election," Philip replied firmly.

Xinghe asked, "What if we can\'t?"

Philip was stunned. That\'s right, what if they fail? Should I succumb to them or watch them rape my wife?

Neither of the results were desired by Philip.

Xinghe stood up to stare at him and asked, "What will be your choice if we are unable to save her before the election?"

For some reason, Philip felt pressured by her question. He felt he must give her an answer. He held Xinghe\'s eye contact for two seconds before announcing slowly, "I will choose to work with them—"

"In other words, you\'re willing to surrender your parent\'s revenge for your wife?" Xinghe asked to confirm.

Philip\'s face darkened and hissed, "That\'s right, so you better find and save her before then. This is your only choice!"

F*ck, he dares to threaten us like this!

Sam unconsciously wanted to help Xinghe say something.

He was thus shocked by Xinghe\'s direct promise. "Alright, we will give it our best. Don\'t worry, I will make sure that our cooperative relationship will not end like this."

Sam was shocked. Why would Xinghe agree to this? Philip was willing to cut them lose to save his wife so why was she still willing to work with him?

Only Mubai\'s mouth curved smilingly.

Philip chose correctly. If he chose to surrender his wife, then Xinghe probably would not cooperate with him anymore.

At the end of the day, he was still loyal to his wife and cared about her. He didn\'t lose the big picture, after his wife was safe, there would still be time for his revenge. Being alive was the most important.

Furthermore, this showed that Philip was a loyal individual. Xinghe preferred people like this rather than those that worked for the highest bidder.

Now Xinghe had to make sure she held up their end of the bargain, to not disappoint Philip and make sure their cooperation last.

Philip appeared to be shocked by Xinghe\'s reaction as well.