Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! - Chapter 478: That's His Wife?

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Chapter 478: That\'s His Wife?

Translator: Lonelytree Editor: Millman97

However, the men didn\'t. The video focused completely on the frail, shivering woman who hugged herself tightly.

No one could understand the meaning of this video, other than telling them that the woman was in incredible danger. No one knew who the woman was, what the purpose of the video was, or who the sender was.

However, the target audience of that video was clear because Philip received a disk containing that video in mail!

Philip didn\'t know what was on the disk so he put the disk on while Mubai and the rest was discussing their mission plan.

However, the moment the video started playing, he reared up angrily as he pulled out his gun to threaten the room. "Look away, move your eyes away! I will shoot anyone who looks!"

The people in the room were not dumb. Based on Philip\'s reaction, they could guess the woman in the video was someone important to him.

Mubai was the first to avert his eyes. Actually, the only thing he felt when he saw the video was worry and fear for that woman. It was the same for everyone else.

Furthermore, they didn\'t see much because the woman hugged herself as she turned away from the camera. The most they could see was her legs and bare back. However, these images were enough to make Philip go crazy with anger; the threat in his voice was real.

He quickly pulled out the disk and shut down the television. He stormed back to his room to review the rest of the video. Very soon, the sound of items crashing and heavy cursing came from his room.

"That\'s his wife?" Xinghe turned to Mubai.

Mubai nodded. "Should be."

This shocked Sam and the rest. "How can the woman in the video be General Philip\'s wife? What\'s happening?"

Xinghe explained, "His wife is in IV Syndicate\'s hands."

Ali yelped, "That means this is IV Syndicate\'s doing! They are…"

Ali didn\'t dare continue but they could fill in the blanks on their own. No wonder Philip was so hell bent on destroying IV Syndicate. No man could bear seeing his wife being treated this way.

"But what is the point of IV Syndicate mailing General Philip this thing? Could it be that they\'re on to us?" Sam asked.

A feeling of unease passed through the room. If IV Syndicate had found out about their plan then things would be a lot more complicated.

However, very soon they would find out the reason why.

Right then, a woman arrived at Philip\'s house. The woman was young but had Country Y\'s military uniform on. She also came with a small military escort.

The woman was brash and arrogant; it seemed she was about to join the list of this novel\'s cannon fodder.

From her badges decorating her uniform, she was of a certain ranking, just a smidgen lower than Philip. However, she was not at all respectful when facing Philip, in fact she might have gotten even more conceited.

When Philip saw her, his eyes were as cold as grave. He tried his best to suppress his killing intent.

The woman saw the hatred in his eyes and smiled coquettishly. "Looks like you\'ve seen the video leaked onto the internet. Philip, why are you still so stubborn? If you don\'t cooperate soon, you will cause Kelly\'s death."

"Internet?" Philip caught the word she used.

The woman\'s brow raised with interest. "You\'ve not seen the videos online? Well, I did manage to recognize the woman in the video as Kelly."

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Chapter 479: Shameless Woman

Translator: Lonelytree Editor: Millman97

Philip\'s face immediately changed and the words were almost squeezed through his teeth, "The video is online as well‽"

His eyes were burning with the desire to kill!

The woman sensed the change in him and smiled slightly. "That\'s right, it was posted online as well. I guess the whole country has seen it by now. But don\'t you worry, they don\'t know Kelly personally so they won\'t know that\'s your wife."

Philip pulled out his gun, pointed it at the woman and interrogated, "What is the meaning of this? Didn\'t I warn you guys not to do anything or I will crush your organization?"

The woman was unfazed. She stared back at him and said, "We didn\'t do anything, we just made a video. However, I can\'t promise what will happen next if you still refuse to cooperate. Philip, why would you be so stubborn for a woman like Kelly? She doesn\'t deserve to be by your side; only I do. If you cooperate with me, this whole country will be ours. Now you might lose everything you have because of Kelly; ask yourself, is it really worth it?"

Philip smirked as his eyes filled with derision and contempt.

"Aliyah, I\'m doing this not only because of Kelly but also because of my parents!"

"That was an accident; there will always be casualties when two great forces clash. You shouldn\'t blame the organization but your parents for standing in the way," Aliyah retorted naturally like she was in the right all along.

The gaze that Philip had become increasingly disgusted. "You\'re here only to tell me all this?"

Aliyah smiled thinly. "Of course not, I\'m here on IV Syndicate\'s behalf to advise you to cooperate with them if you\'re planning to join the upcoming election. If you don\'t, I can\'t guarantee what will happen to Kelly but I\'m sure you can make an educated guess. Therefore, I advise that you cooperate with them."

Philip couldn\'t help but laugh at the absurdity of it all. They had killed his parents in cold blood and had detained his wife, how could he cooperate with them?

He couldn\'t do it no matter what. But if he didn\'t, what would happen to Kelly?

The thought made him turn murderous again. Aliyah looked at him and said gently, "Philip, why don\'t you work together with them? Look at me, there\'s no losses, only gains. Work with them and you can even save Kelly. Of course, why would you do that? She is not a good match for you from the beginning and now such a video about her has leaked. She is no longer worthy to be your wife." Aliyah stepped close to Philip and brushed her body against his. "Philip, why must you choose the hard road? Get together with me and we can claim the whole world together, isn\'t that the better choice?"

The whole room froze when the woman said that. Just how shameless this woman had to be to suggest such a thing in front of them to Philip?

Sam and the rest\'s opinion of this woman had dropped to rock bottom so it must feel worse for Philip who was directly involved in it.

"Aliyah, you listen to me." Philip stared into her eyes and declared, "Even if I choose to cooperate with them, I will not get together with you because you are worth less than Kelly\'s pinkie finger!"

"You…" Aliyah\'s features were twisted by anger and jealousy. "Even if Kelly was mounted by so many men, you still want to stay with her‽"