Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! - Chapter 477: No Matter How Long

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Chapter 477: No Matter How Long

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Xinghe froze when he said that.

That came out of nowhere.

Mubai seemed to be surprised by his sudden confession as well.

"Did I put too much pressure of you? I\'m sorry…" He laughed to smooth over the awkwardness but then he turned serious. "But those are words from the bottom of my heart. They will not change… ever. Xia Xinghe, I will wait for you no matter how long. I will not give up, no matter what."

With that, Mubai stood up to leave. After he took a few steps, Xinghe\'s voice came from behind him.

"I will also do my best to figure this thing between us out. When the time is right, I will give you an answer."

Mubai froze. He whipped around suddenly and there was joy in his eyes, like he had just been given the greatest gift in the world.

"Okay!" Mubai\'s lips curved up happily, his whole being radiating happiness, "I will wait, no matter how long! Of course, this is not to say that I\'m rushing you, consider everything that you need to, I will wait forever if necessary…"

Xinghe\'s eyes shuddered and she nodded slightly.

It took every ounce of Mubai\'s self-control to not lunge at Xinghe and kiss her. He didn\'t because he knew Xinghe was still considering whether to accept him or not, pressuring her was not going to help his case.

In any case, he believed the best of things needed time to develop and grow. He treated this relationship the same way. He believed his patience would be rewarded eventually.

That was Xinghe\'s line of thought as well. Even though she didn\'t need a relationship in her life, she was not averse to one. However, like everything else, she needed to have confidence in that relationship. She needed time to observe it first.

Xinghe was a traditionalist in this sense, marriage was something permanent, a lasting bond between two people. Her broken marriage to Mubai was an exception, because she wasn\'t really her then.

In the end, she might end up choosing Mubai, but until then, she was not going to take this relationship lightly. Her cautiousness might cause her to miss out on a great relationship but she wasn\'t going to change herself for the sake of nabbing a man.

Therefore, it fell to Mubai to have the patience to wait for her to come around.

She didn\'t expect he would really do that. He chose to see it from her perspective and respect her decision to wait.

Even though, they didn\'t cement their relationship as a couple that day, it was a start. Xinghe had started to treat their relationship seriously. Mubai, on his part, tried his best to stay by her side and to accompany her.

Perhaps from other people\'s perspective, there wasn\'t anything intimate going on between them but they knew internally that their relationship had reached a deeper level. They shared a spiritual bond, one that was more rewarding than any carnal satisfaction…

Of course, this didn\'t mean that they had stopped working. Both of them were action-orientated individuals.

In terms of relationship, they might have a spiritual communion, but in real life, they hurried on with their plan. Nothing, not even relationship issues, could stop them from moving forward.

The next day, they started searching for IV Syndicate\'s base, throwing themselves fully into the operation. After they located the base, Xinghe could hack into their server to siphon any information they needed.

However, at that juncture, a video appeared suddenly online.

The video showed a fully naked woman cowering in the corner of a room. No men were on screen, but one could hear their salacious laughs behind the camera. It gave the impression that the men were going to ravish that poor, naked woman.