Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! - Chapter 476: I Would Die Without You

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Chapter 476: I Would Die Without You

Translator: Lonelytree Editor: Millman97

"With your ability, you\'ll be able to regain everything you\'ve lost."

Mubai was shocked by how serious she was in comforting him. He found her awkward attempt at comfort irresistibly cute…

He couldn\'t help but smile. Mubai looked into her eyes and said, "You have that much confidence in me?"

Xinghe nodded, her face genuine.

The humor in Mubai\'s eyes increased. "But I have no confidence in myself. What if this will end up a huge blow to my financial condition and I\'m not as rich as I once was?"

"You\'ve really lost a lot?" Xinghe frowned, why else would his confidence be so low? This was so very unlike him.

Mubai nodded. "That\'s right. The offer is equal to this country\'s yearly capita."

The amount is so high‽ Xinghe had no clue Mubai would sacrifice so much just to find Saohuang\'s proof of criminality. She was at a loss.

She thought about it and came up with a weak encouragement, "Wealth is not that important. At least from my perspective, no matter what happens to you, you\'re still you."

Therefore, even if he was dirt poor, he was still that Xi Mubai. Mubai understood her meaning and purposely added, "You might say so but what if I don\'t want to lose everything that I have?"

Xinghe replied instantly, "Then I will help you earn back everything you\'ve lost. My business skills might not be as good as yours but they\'re worth something."

"You\'re going to help me?" Mubai was taken by surprise. Xinghe nodded slightly.

Mubai\'s voice was coarse thinking about the possible implication. "But why would you help me?"

Xinghe looked at him curiously. "Didn\'t you say you don\'t want to lose anything? Then, I will help you earn it all back."

"But don\'t you think it\'s very not worth it for you to hand me every single cent of your earnings?"

Xinghe had really not thought about that. She gave it some thought and shook her head. "There is no question of worth because I\'m willing to help you voluntarily."

Therefore, she didn\'t mind giving him every penny she earned. After all, money didn\'t mean much to her. What she valued in life was her will. Since she was willing to help him, that was everything that mattered, everything else was not that important.

Xinghe didn\'t think her way of thinking was weird but it was shocking to Mubai. He didn\'t expect that she would be willing to sacrifice so much for him. Just because he didn\'t want to lose his money, she would help him earn it back.

Not only that, she didn\'t ask for compensation or want him to feel in her debt. She wanted to help him pure and simple.

I will never come across such a woman again in my life.

Mubai suddenly lowered his head and smiled.

Xinghe again looked at him with curiosity. "Why are you smiling to yourself?"

When Mubai raised his head, Xinghe was stunned when she met his pair of bright eyes. She could see the whole galaxy in there, glittering like a beautiful picture of a starry night.

He stared at her both gently and intensely before opening his mouth to say, "I\'m just happy. Actually, this past few months have been the greatest and happiest time of my life, do you know why?"

"…" Xinghe didn\'t answer, she just looked at him silently.

"Because of you… you\'ve brought me immense joy. Xia Xinghe, you have no idea how important you are to me and how much brighter my life has become with you in it, therefore…"

There was a sudden melancholy in Mubai\'s eyes when he continued with a suppressed sob, "Without you, I believe I would die."