Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! - Chapter 475: A Big Investment

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Chapter 475: A Big Investment

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Philip laughed. "Scary? If I was fearful of these kinds of people, I wouldn\'t have reached the position I have today! This organization must be demolished because their very existence is a threat to this country!"

Charlie and the rest were silent. The General was right because this organization was a major player in the war currently raging in Country Y. They smuggled and sold military munitions, causing the rise of insurgency groups, making the whole country descend into chaotic madness. Without them, the country would have been a lot more peaceful.

"In that case, I will lend as much aid as I can!" Charlie promised determinedly, no matter the outcome, he wanted to give it a try. He wanted to save his country.

"We will try our best, too, it\'s time IV Syndicate meets its match!" Sam added with fiery determination. Everyone else nodded. At that moment, they were burning with nationalistic pride and fervor.

Xinghe nodded satisfactorily. "Don\'t worry, our hard work will not go to waste. We will definitely see this organization destroyed."

The Xi family and her destiny was tied to this IV Syndicate. They would survive only after this organization was taken down. Therefore, they had to decimate this IV Syndicate no matter what!

Just like that, the whole room became united by one goal: destroy IV Syndicate.

After they left, Mubai told Xinghe about Philip. "I found his cooperation not only because he was an influential general but also he had an unhappy history with IV Syndicate."

"What kind of history?" Xinghe asked.

Mubai explained in a whisper, "Philip\'s parents were both killed by IV Syndicate and the organization is currently holding his wife as hostage to prevent him from attacking them."

"Is that so?" Xinghe nodded in thought. "This organization must have dirt on many people then. Or else they wouldn\'t have grown to such strength."

Mubai nodded. "It is so. They threaten or remove those that they can\'t pull into their midst. One of the reasons this country is so chaotic is because it has been corrupted from within."

"Then, can we trust Philip to help us with IV Syndicate?" Xinghe asked with concern.

Mubai smirked. "Of course, only by taking out the IV Syndicate can he climb to the top and take over this country completely."

Xinghe understood then. Philip needed them to remove this syndicate to strengthen his influence and position. In such a rocky climate, the person or party who could instill peace would have the support of the people and the military. Philip would have the absolute support of Country Y\'s citizens if he took down IV Syndicate. Furthermore, he had several personal reasons to hate IV Syndicate so they could trust him as an ally.

Xinghe was impressed. "It\'s incredible that you managed to contact him and make him cooperate with you."

Mubai gave a wry smile. "I gave him an offer he couldn\'t refuse; that\'s why he is willing to support me."

"How big was that offer?"

"Very big."

Xinghe nodded quietly. Philip might have the influence but the military was always in need of monetary support. Money speaks, that\'s the iron rule, especially in a war-torn country like Country Y.

Therefore, she could attempt a guess at the offer number. It must have been astronomical!

Xinghe, who was not good at consoling, awkwardly said, "No matter, you will earn it back sooner or later."