Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! - Chapter 467: Focus on Him

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Chapter 467: Focus on Him

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However, he could tell that it was definitely a lot of people, and that was not counting the helicopters in the sky. Barron didn\'t think he would have such a large number of reinforcements.

Stunned out of his mind, he waved excitedly in the air. "General, it\'s me, Barron!"

After the yelling, Barron could see a group of people walking towards him through his squinted eyes. Barron could make out the one walking in front was Philip, beside him was the man in hat and behind them was a row of trained soldiers armed with rifles.

Barron\'s go-to response was to pander to Philip, "General, why are you here? I didn\'t think you would be here; this is such a coincidence!"

Philip gave him a side-eye and said matter-of-factly, "I heard reports of gunfire coming from this area so I came to look."

Barron was shocked but quickly recovered with a smile. "General, it was my men chasing after a group of fugitives. They broke into the military camp to break out one of the important convicts inside. However, they have now been surrounded; it\'s just a matter of time until they surrender!"

Barron didn\'t notice the aura of the man in the hat dropping several degrees after he said that. Philip noticed the change in Mubai so he asked, "How many people are there in this group?"

"Six but they, as I\'ve said, are surrounded; they will not hold on much longer!" Barron said proudly, "General, don\'t worry, I will detain all of them as soon as possible."

"Tell me everything about them," Philip pressed. Barron thought that the General was just going through the motions, so he hold him everything truthfully.

"This group has always been rowdy but they crossed the line by attempting a jailbreak. That is punishable by death so I\'ve given the orders that if they still refuse to surrender within five minutes, my men will kill them all!" Barron said seriously and solemnly.

Philip didn\'t show any observable response. "Lead me to go see them."

"General, that\'s not necessary, it\'s dangerous."

"Lead me now!"

"Yes, sir!" Barron had no choice but to follow his orders. However, he was also overjoyed because this spelled the end of Charlie\'s group. Philip would have them killed. Barron quickly took them to meet with Charlie\'s group.

Wolf, who had been observing the turn of events, said seriously, "Looks like the new arrival is someone important, he appears to be higher ranking than Barron."

Xinghe scurried out from behind the rock to steal a look at the new arrivals. Her eyes instantly zeroed in on the man in the hat!

Xinghe\'s eyes focused on him closely, unable to move away. However, since he was a distance away, she couldn\'t see his face clearly no matter how hard she tried…

"General, they are just ahead," Barron said as he pointed at the rock Charlie\'s group was hiding behind, "They are behind that rock. We don\'t dare to act too recklessly since they are armed with explosives."

"Is that so?"

"That\'s right, but that is not a problem now, since we have so many soldiers with us!" Barron said happily, his eyes sweeping over the helicopters circling the sky.

"General, you can order the helicopters to attack them from the sky but we\'ll have retreat to somewhere safe first."

"Well, you sure have thought everything out," Philip said softly.

Barron didn\'t hear the sarcasm in his words, he replied, "This is all thanks to General\'s opportune arrival. If not for General, I probably wouldn\'t be able to take them down so successfully."

"That\'s right, if not for my arrival, you would have killed them all instead," Philip said suddenly.