Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! - Chapter 466: Such a Large Army

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Chapter 466: Such a Large Army

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He didn\'t expect them to have bombs as well. That made removing them a bit harder. Barron took a cautious step back and still threatened, "Charlie\'s group, you still have five minutes left, surrender or I\'ll grant all of you a horrible death!"

"Come if you dare, we\'ll all die in a massive explosion!" Sam yelled back with condescension.

"Barron, don\'t be rash…" Charlie opened his mouth to say, "There must be a better resolution that doesn\'t involve death for both of us."

Barron smiled smugly again thinking he had managed to scare Charlie.

"Surrender if you still value your lives. You still have four minutes left to consider. Don\'t waste your energy resisting, this place has already been surrounded by the military; there is no way you\'ll escape!"

"Barron, there\'s no need for things to end this way." Charlie tried to drag things out. Everyone was waiting for the signal from Xinghe. Xinghe knew that it was crunch time but she couldn\'t find any trace of Mubai online…

If she had mistaken that mysterious man\'s identity then it would be over for the lot of them…

"Xinghe, are you ready?" Ali asked anxiously.

Xinghe was their polar opposite. She was calmer when things went awry. "Give me some more time, I\'m going to focus on getting to that General now." Maybe I can get to Mubai through him!

As Xinghe prepared to investigate Philip, a booming engine sound signaled the arrival of another fleet of vehicles. They could then hear the sound of helicopters in the air…

At least ten helicopters circled the forest they were in and the search lights lit up the forest like it was daylight.

Sam and the rest tilted their heads upwards with a sorry expression. "What\'s happening now?"

Charlie\'s face turned pale. "I didn\'t think Barron would mobilize such a large army to deal with us!"

"It\'s over!" Ali hugged the bomb and said with determination, "We have to make a last stand. To die fighting with all of you, I have no regrets!"

Everyone nodded with same determination. They knew this was really the end for them, how could they escape from such a large army‽

Xinghe also lifted her head to the sky, a flash of resoluteness appeared in her eyes. She would not give up. She would not surrender until the very last moment!

Xinghe used her fastest speed to go through Philip\'s information. However due to Philip\'s unusual identity, it would require a bit more time to hack through his confidential information…

"What\'s going on?" Unbeknownst to Xinghe\'s group, Barron was also surprised by the sudden appearance of this new army.

His men were equally confused. "Sir, it doesn\'t seem to be our men, they appear to be from another military unit."

"Go and find out who is it then!" He ordered immediately.

"Yes, sir!"

His soldier came back with a happy grin on his face. He reported, "Sir, it\'s General\'s Philip army!"

Barron was shocked. "Why is the General here?"

"No clue, his men wouldn\'t say."

"Make sure they don\'t run away, I\'ll go and meet the General!" Barron rushed to meet Philip after that. He clambered over the rocky and slippery jungle floor. Suddenly, he was hit in the face by more than a few glaring headlights.

He shielded his eyes from the light, unable to tell how many people Philip had really brought.