Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! - Chapter 464: Die Together!

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Chapter 464: Die Together!

Translator: Lonelytree Editor: Millman97

The car skidded before crashing into a tree. Unable to stop quickly enough, the cars behind it all slammed into it, causing a serial car crash…

The fleet of cars chasing them finally stopped. Cairn made use of the opportunity to escape. However, their enemy was equally lucky as one of their shots also took out Xinghe\'s car tires.

Cairn pressed down hard on the brake to stop them from careening into a tree trunk.

"F*ck!" Cairn cursed under his breath. He picked up the machinegun beside him and said, "We\'re going to have to fight our way out!"

"Get away from the car, I will cover you!" Sam yelled as he kicked open the car door and squatted behind it, using it as a shield. Wolf joined him and they both shot at their pursuers. Xinghe hauled a large chest of weapons from the car while Ali supported Charlie, Cairn provided covering fire as they rushed towards a large rock not far away from the car.

Sam and Wolf followed soon after but they had no place to retreat to after that. They needed to rely on the geological advantage provided by the environment to prevent their enemies from getting close. However, more and more enemy reinforcements continued to arrive…

Barron, who received news that they were cornered, sent in more men to deal with them.

Sam was more than a little agitated witnessing the increasing number of men. "We can\'t hold on much longer! There are too many of them, staying put is not going to do us any good!"

"Leave, Sam and I will cover your retreat," Wolf said firmly.

"No way!" Xinghe and the rest replied in unison, they couldn\'t leave the two of them behind.

Ali replied determinedly, "I\'d rather die than leave any one of us behind!"

"That\'s right, either we survive this together or we die together, we leave no one behind!" Cairn echoed.

Sam leaned out from behind the rock to fire a few more shots before adding, "You have to go now or it\'ll be too late. Be rational, Cairn lead them away now!"

Cairn pretended that he didn\'t hear Sam as he also fired at their enemies. Ali was beside herself with turmoil. "I\'m not leaving, I will not leave any of you behind!"

"Charlie is not going to hold on any longer!" Sam looked straight into her eyes and said.

Ali turned to Charlie who leaned weakly onto the rock. His breaths were coming slower and thinner. Charlie shook his head with resolve. "Don\'t care about me, I\'m already half dead, all of you go… I will cover your backs!"

Everyone replied in unison, "No!"

Charlie pulled himself up with the aid of a machinegun and wheezed through clenched teeth, "Go now, leave me be!"

"None of you are getting away!" Suddenly, Barron\'s words cut through the woods. He hid behind his car and threatened, "Charlie, I advise that you surrender now, because if you do, I might spare your lives!"

Sam spat on the floor with derision. "Only an idiot would believe him!"

"He will kill us no matter what. If that\'s the case, we might as well make him perish together with us," Wolf said solemnly. Ali and Cairn nodded in agreement.

Suddenly, Xinghe said softly, "There are still some explosives here, we can use them."

The group was stunned. Is she going to stay and fight?

"Xinghe, you have to go now; we don\'t want to drag you into this. You might be able to find some help on your own," Sam told her softly, trying to trick her away from certain death.

Xinghe shook her head. "I couldn\'t even if I wanted to. I\'m not afraid of death, plus this is not a dead end for us yet."