Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! - Chapter 463: Finally Found Her

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Chapter 463: Finally Found Her

Translator: Lonelytree Editor: Millman97

Xinghe\'s group tried their best to escape and a high-stake car chase took place within the darkened jungle. At the same time that was happening, Mubai finally found the message that Xinghe left for him.

Xinghe had used the money from their secret account and had left him a message on the phone number that was tied to that account. However, Mubai\'s phone had been destroyed in the crash so he had idea that she\'d done such a thing. Thankfully, he had the sense to check the account or he still wouldn\'t have known. He didn\'t check the account earlier because he didn\'t think Xinghe would\'ve had the need to use it, but she did!

Mubai was overjoyed because the account transaction was local, which meant that she was in the country, possibly even in the same city!

Using Xinghe\'s message, Mubai immediately called her number but her phone was off. He couldn\'t reach her. Mubai tried to trace her paper trail. He found out she had done trade with an illegal private bank.

Philip was happy when he was told. "This is perfect. If she\'s dealt with a private bank, we can find out more about her very soon. I know the bank\'s people, I\'ll give them a call soon."

"Call them now," Mubai urged.

Philip nodded understandably. "Of course."

As he promised, with one phone call from Phillip, they found out everything about Xinghe. After she cut a deal with the bank, she bought a house, cars, and weapons and hired some mercenaries through the bank. However, she\'d left the city that night. According to the mercenaries, she and her group of friends were targeted by the military so they had headed to another city.

When Mubai found out, he told Philip firmly, "Philip, I need to ensure her safety, use every resource you have at your disposal! We have to save her now!"

"She is hunted by the military? What could she have done?" Philip asked curiously.

Mubai\'s eyes narrowed. "Is that important? You can ask her yourself after we secure her safety!"

"Alright, I understand. Let\'s move out now!" Philip arranged for his men to launch a rescue. Mubai naturally followed. No one could have stopped him from getting involved.

The cars behind them wouldn\'t stop giving chase. Xinghe\'s car was already riddled with holes after being fired at so many times. If not for the armor on it, it would have died a long time ago. However, the car wasn\'t far from reaching that state either.

Wolf and Sam fought back, trying their best to buy time. Cairn was driving the car at maximum speed but he still couldn\'t lose the cars tailing them. Their opponents hounded them relentlessly like a pack of hyenas. If not for the fact that explosives would burn the forest, they would have used grenades. However, sooner or later they were going to get caught if this was allowed to go on.

"Don\'t give up now! Wolf, cover me!" Sam yelled as he leaned out the window to shoot at the tires of the cars behind them. Wolf tried his best to protect Sam from being shot.

Finally, with Sam giving it his best, he managed to pop the tire of the car that was right at the front.