Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! - Chapter 461: Miss Xia Is Waiting

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Chapter 461: Miss Xia Is Waiting

Translator: Lonelytree Editor: Millman97

After their cars left the camp, Barron immediately arranged to let the people go. Sam\'s group heard everything through their ear-mics. They found it very hard to believe that Xinghe managed to force Barron to let them go.

"Watch yourself when you\'re out there, and if you come for me again, I will not hesitate to kill all of you!" Those were Barron\'s parting words.

Sam\'s gang nodded insincerely. However, they were captured so they had to cooperate until they were relatively safe. After they walked out of the camp, a car was already waiting for them. The door opened and the mercenary within said, "Get in, Miss Xia ordered me to pick you up."

Sam\'s group quickly hopped into the car. The car drove away into the night quickly.

"Sir, are we going to let them go just like that?" Barron\'s adjutant asked nervously.

Barron\'s eyes held on to the disappearing car and smirked, "Of course not. Don\'t worry, I\'ve prepared a trap to reel them all back into my grasp!"

"Sir, you\'re so clever!" The adjutant was fast to lick Barron\'s boots. Barron smirked darkly, he would make those who threatened him pay dearly!

The car seemed to know Barron\'s plan as it sped far away from the city.

"Where are we going?" Sam asked.

The mercenary who was driving replied, "As far away from here as we can. Miss Xia is waiting not far ahead, this place is not safe, we cannot stay here anymore."

"He\'s right, Barron will not let us go so easily. He will find the opportunity to kill us all if we stay," Charlie added in agreement, he was very familiar with Barron\'s cold-blooded ways. Furthermore, they had dirt on him now, he had more reasons to kill them because only the dead wouldn\'t tell.

Inspecting the wounds on Charlie\'s body, Sam said through gritted teeth, "When we\'ve recovered, we\'ll find a way to take him out!"

"Definitely!" Wolf added seriously. They had to remove Barron as a threat eventually but they didn\'t expect that Barron would be so many steps ahead of them…

The car soon reached the countryside. Xinghe was indeed waiting for them there. She stood in front of a car. Under the cover of the night, Sam\'s group felt they saw her eyes glowing. She seemed to draw them in with her allure.

"Xinghe!" Ali leaped out of the car to give her a hug. She held her hands and said appreciatively, "Thank you, you\'ve saved us again."

Xinghe\'s eyes scanned the length of her body and asked, "Are all of you alright?"

"We\'re fine, it\'s just a flesh wound." Ali shook her head but her tone betrayed her fear. "If you didn\'t come to our rescue, things would have been much worse."

Ali remembered the torture devices that were in the dungeon and her heart still shivered from fear. Thankfully, they were released before anything irreparable happened.

"You\'re Xia Xinghe?" Charlie walked towards her with Sam and Cairn\'s help.

Xinghe nodded. "I am, nice to meet you, Mr. Charlie."

Charlie smiled lightly. "Nice to meet you. You\'re exactly as Sam and the rest described, an impressive woman. Thank you for your help this time."

"You\'re welcome. Let\'s get into the car now, I\'m afraid this is not over yet."


They quickly hopped into one of the cars there while the rest were occupied by mercenaries.