Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! - Chapter 458: Where's the Woman

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Chapter 458: Where\'s the Woman

Translator: Lonelytree Editor: Millman97

Before Charlie could finish, he was subdued by two soldiers. None of them struggled…

Barron nodded satisfactorily. He took them all in with his eyes and laughed smugly. "Don\'t worry, Charlie, I will not kill them as long as you\'re willing to cooperate."

Charlie knew Barron had him then, he would have to talk.

Barron didn\'t waste any more time and ordered, "Lock them all up and watch over them carefully. Don\'t hesitate to rough them up if they dare act defiant! Bring Charlie away with me!"

"Yes, sir!" The soldiers answered.

"Barron, where are you taking Charlie?" Sam demanded. The answer he got from Barron was a punch to the face. The punch almost broke Sam\'s teeth; he spat out blood.

Barron stared at him like a scorpion. "Who are you to demand anything from me? One more word out of you and your people die!"

Sam gritted his teeth and glared at him. Barron started laughing again. He took count of them and asked with a salacious smile, "Where\'s the other one? Where\'s the woman? If any of you are willing to tell me, then I might consider sparing the torture."

"Don\'t know!" Wolf answered coldly, there was no fear in his eyes.

Barron\'s smile turned frigid. "I will ask you again, where is the woman?"

"We don\'t know what you\'re talking about." Sam smirked. "Barron, we are captured so we\'re prepared to die!"

"We\'ll see about that." Barron ordered, "Chain them up and get the woman\'s location out of them no matter what!"

"Yes, sir!" The group of soldiers brought them away. Barron laughed, satisfied. Then he realized he was needed elsewhere. After all, the group was already in his captivity; he had lots of time to work through them. Now, he needed to focus on getting Charlie to cooperate with him in front of Philip.

Sam\'s group was chained to the pillars in the dungeon. What awaited them was endless torment…

Xinghe was still looking at the surveillance. After Sam\'s group was caught, she uncovered everything she could about Barron. She hoped to find some dirt on him.

Her last words to Sam\'s group before parting were, "Hang in there, I will find a way to save all of you!"

Sam\'s group felt hopeful hearing her words, but they didn\'t dare hold too much hope. Their only wish was that she didn\'t get captured as well or else it would truly be over for them…

Philip\'s men stood guard outside the large drawing room. Other than Philip and the mysterious man, the room was posted with quite a sizeable number of able-bodied soldiers. Even though this was a military camp, Philip\'s security wasn\'t lax.

"You just recovered, there\'s no need to rush with these things, why not rest for a few days first?" Philip advised the man.

"I\'m fine," the man said as he operated on a laptop, "I need to find her as soon as possible."

Philip nodded. "Don\'t worry, I\'ve sent my men out to look for this woman. I\'m sure she\'ll turn up soon enough."

The man nodded as he continued working on the laptop. He was searching for online clues.