Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! - Chapter 457: Cover's Blown

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Chapter 457: Cover\'s Blown

Translator: Lonelytree Editor: Millman97

Ali and Wolf were hiding in the room, ready to jump on Barron. The air had become still with anticipation. Sam soon led Barron and his men to Charlie\'s room. He had his back to Barron and pretended to open the already unlocked door with his key. He shoved open the door and moved to the side with his head bowed.

Barron stood there motionless. He ordered, "Go on and drag the man out!"

"Yes, sir!" Sam answered as his body tensed. How are we going to jump on Barron if he doesn\'t go into the room?

Sam turned around slowly as his mind churned on the ways to attack Barron without getting shot first. They were running out of time.

"Do it now, the cover\'s blown!" Xinghe\'s voice came through the ear-mic. Sam pulled on his machinegun while his other hand grabbed towards Barron.

"Detain them!" To his surprise, Barron was prepared. He leaped out of Sam\'s attack and pulled out his gun. Barron fired without hesitation. Sam gave up on his pursuit and leaped back, narrowly avoiding being shot. Ali and Wolf who were hiding in the room jumped out and fired their machineguns at Barron.

Barron grabbed one of his soldiers to use as a human shield. As the lifeless body of the soldier collapsed, a large troop of soldiers charged to the scene.

"Cease and desist! Drop your weapons now!" The adjutant who ran to the front demanded. The soldiers immediately formed a wall blocking their passage. More than a dozen machineguns pointed right at them.

Other than that, the adjutant pointed his gun right at Cairn\'s head who\'d been captured…

Sam and the rest dropped their machineguns and pulled out their grenades, ready for a final showdown. Barron climbed over his men\'s bodies back to safety.

Finally, he stood upright to glare at them. "Sam, so it is your group! You people are courting death by attempting a jailbreak!"

Sam\'s face was drawn, he didn\'t expect the plan to go so wrongly.

"Barron, you kidnapped Charlie so you can\'t blame us for coming to spring him out!" Sam answered coldly.

Barron smirked. "Then, you can\'t blame me for punishing all of you! I was thinking about a way to deal with your group but you handed yourselves over to me so nicely. Drop your weapons or I\'ll give him a shot to the head!"

Barron grabbed Cairn roughly. He pushed his gun into Cairn\'s temple and made to pull the trigger. Cairn showed no fear. He was telling Sam and the gang wordlessly that they should leave him behind.

However, that was an impossible choice. Even if he wasn\'t captured, they couldn\'t escape easily. This was the whole military they were going up against.

"I\'ll count to three and if you still haven\'t dropped your weapons, I will kill him and then kill the rest of you one by one!" Barron threatened as he started the count down, "One, two…"

"We surrender!" Sam tossed his gun and grenade away before raising his hands in surrender. Ali and Wolf followed suit…

"Cuff them all," Barron ordered with a sleazy smile. The soldiers moved forward and detained the three of them easily.

"Barron—" At the same time, Charlie dragged his weakened body out of his cell. His dark eyes stared at him and said, "If you still want the information from me, you will not touch one hair on them!"