Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! - Chapter 454: Saving Charlie

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Chapter 454: Saving Charlie

Translator: Lonelytree Editor: Millman97

"F*ck, we\'ll go kill him now and save Charlie!" This time it was Sam who lost his cool. As he said so, the other four moved together with him.

Xinghe stood up and said, "What are you people doing? Stop right there!"

Sam turned back and said chillingly, "Miss Xia, we have to save Charlie. This is our problem so please keep yourself out of it; we don\'t want to cause you the trouble."

Ali also nodded. "That\'s right, we cannot wait anymore. We will not allow Charlie to continue the suffering!"

"He is way too important to us!" Cairn concluded. Xinghe saw the determination in their eyes.

"If you go just like this, you\'ll just get captured," Xinghe reminded them with a sigh.

Wolf smirked. "We are not afraid of that because we cannot allow Charlie to die in front of our eyes and do nothing about it. He is like our father, you don\'t understand how this feels to us."

Xinghe nodded. "I do, if this happened to any one of my family, I\'d be the same way."

"So, you should understand why we must do this," Sam said firmly. Xinghe was reminded of the time they rushed into a base that grossly over numbered them to save Ali. Their single goal was to save Ali, they didn\'t consider anything beyond that…

It was the same for them now.

"I\'m not saying that we shouldn\'t save him but we need to plan first…"

"We cannot wait anymore, we must save him tonight!" Sam said in a voice the brooked no argument. On the screen, Barron was still whipping Charlie.

Ali\'s eyes were red. "Xinghe, we cannot wait anymore or Barron will whip him to death!"

"Take your ear-mics, I will give you the directions. Take more weapons and be alert!" Xinghe said with a solemn nod. Sam\'s group was shocked but quickly broke into smiles.

"Xinghe, thank you!" Sam walked to in front of her and said seriously, "If this mission is a success, please consider me as your boyfriend, I\'m serious this time."

"…" For certain reasons, part of Xinghe wished for him to fail…

Without waiting for her answer, Sam and the rest went off to prepare. They were prepared to save Charlie or die trying. However, they still retained a certain degree of rationality to listen to Xinghe\'s arrangement through the ear mic. Night quickly fell.

Xinghe had already tweaked the military camp\'s surveillance. Sam\'s group would not appear on screen. With Xinghe\'s help, Sam\'s group snuck into the camp successfully. Xinghe was operating more than a few computers, her fingers flew over the keyboard and she rattled off her directions in a hurry.

"There are two men guarding the jail entrance and I\'ve changed the video. However, you only have five minutes to get in and get out before the other guards get suspicious."

"No problem!" Sam whispered back before leading the rest into the jail. The moment they walked in, they stumbled across the two guards. Before the two men could react, they leaped forward and snapped their necks.

"Change into their clothes as a disguise," Xinghe ordered. Cairn and Sam did exactly that while Ali and Wolf hid the bodies away. They continued to push towards Charlie.

The surveillance video was switched back to normal by Xinghe.