Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! - Chapter 450: Stunned

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Chapter 450: Stunned

Translator: Lonelytree Editor: Millman97

That\'s right, the weapons and grenades in Ryan\'s men\'s hands once belonged to SamWolf. Those were salvaged from the house that belonged to them. The fact that their haul had fallen into Ryan\'s hands irked them greatly. They were chased away from their own house and were now being attacked by their own weapons; it made their hearts burn. However, there was nothing they could do. Their opponent had the number\'s advantage and grenades; they didn\'t dare to act flightily.

"Ryan, do you intend to kill all of us?" Sam asked him in a measured tone.

Ryan offered a slimy smile. "Don\'t be so melodramatic. As long as you leave the reward money and weapons, I swear I will let you people go. Trust me, I\'m a man of my word."

"Only an idiot will believe you!" Ali scoffed with derision.

Ryan laughed. "What choice do you have? Either you leave the gold and weapons, or you leave everything behind, including your lives!"

"I think that was your plan from the very beginning," Sam said with a cold sneer.

Ryan smiled and dropped his pretentious façade. He admitted, "Fine, the plan is to claim your lives and take the gold. When I saw it was you people, I was overjoyed because I\'ve been waiting to kill you people for a very long time!"

"So, you have no idea where Charlie really is?" Cairn asked quickly.

Ryan\'s eyes shifted ever so slightly. He used the butt of his gun to scratch his head. "Actually, I will give you a free information, I do know where Charlie is but I will not tell you. No worries, he\'ll soon meet you down there after you die."

"Since we\'re going to die soon, why not give us the satisfaction of knowing Charlie\'s location?" Sam egged him on but Ryan was too cunning to fall for that.

"I will not give you bunch of people any satisfaction. You\'ll die never knowing where Charlie is. However, I promise your group will congregate down there! Men, aim and…"

Before the last word could get out of Ryan\'s mouth, someone had already fired. The sudden shot made Ryan swallow his words and froze the atmosphere for about half a second. The next second, Ryan started wailing.

"My leg!" He crumbled to the floor suddenly, his eyes wide looking at the wound on his right leg. A bullet had shot through his leg!

"Who was it? Show yourself!" Ryan\'s flustered men shouted. Everyone turned around to check for enemies hiding in the dark. They fired aimlessly into the dark, not caring whether the bullets hit their target or not.

This was a fatal mistake but now they had exposed their backs to Sam\'s group. Sam\'s group moved into action immediately. While Ryan\'s men were shooting blindly, they took down the few people carrying the grenades.

When Ryan\'s men turned back to deal with Sam\'s group, this time their weakness was exposed to the people who ambushed them earlier.

The shots rang incessantly. In almost a blink of an eye, two-third of Ryan\'s men were dead. Clouded by panic, a few of men even fell under friendly fire.

Eventually, only three of Ryan\'s men left. They stared at the bodies piled around them in stunned silence.

What just happened‽

A few seconds had passed but almost all of their men had died!