Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! - Chapter 448: You Guys Go First, I Will Bring up the Rear

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Chapter 448: You Guys Go First, I Will Bring up the Rear

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Everyone was shocked that news would arrive so soon.

"According to the source, they saw Charlie a month ago; Charlie was wearing black clothes and was heading to a location. The source refused to disclose the location until we meet them in person and hand them the reward money," Sam told everyone.

Wolf smirked. "This is such an obvious trap. People will do anything for money."

"It has to be. The person even told us to go with money in tow. Could they be any more obvious?" Ali also added.

Sam disagreed, "I don\'t think so because it doesn\'t sound like the person is lying. They said Charlie is going to some place special, a location he was too afraid to reveal through mail. They are only willing to come forward now because of the reward money."

"Could it really be that something happened to Charlie?" Cairn asked and the atmosphere turned serious.

Ali grumbled, "What if Charlie needs our help?"

"That\'s why we have to meet this person no matter what," Sam concluded. He then turned to Xinghe and asked, "What do you think?"

After two days together, Sam and the gang had begun to treat Xinghe as their strategist. For some reason, they believed in her judgement and rationality. Xinghe nodded. "We should definitely go to this person but not directly. You guys go first, and I will bring up the rear."

They understood what she meant immediately. They smiled in relief. Their request was spread to the public with them being anonymous. In other words, people knew that someone was looking for Charlie but they had no idea who that someone was.

Even their conversation was done through a voice changer. Of course, no one knew things had changed for the SamWolf but there was nothing called too careful.

Just like that, Sam and the gang decided to go meet this person, to check the validity of their news. In the message, the person had them meet at a rural area. Sam and the gang took a car and drove to the destination. Xinghe was on the lookout for them on the computer and followed them at a distance.

Sam and the gang reached the destination around afternoon. When they descended from the car, a group of people walked out from behind the ruined walls.

The leader was Ryan!

Both parties were shocked to see each other.

"It\'s you!" Sam\'s face darkened. "Ryan, you know where Charlie is?"

Ryan didn\'t answer but his eyes swept over the armored car behind them and the weapons they were carrying. There was curiosity in his eyes.

"Sam, it has only been two days since we last saw each other and your gang has changed so much for the better? What, you guys found some influential boss to cling to?" Ryan asked guardedly.

Sam smirked but didn\'t answer. Instead he said, "You\'re the last person I would think was the source. Did you have something to do with Charlie\'s disappearance?"

Ryan laughed. "How is that possible? I just happen to know where he is, that\'s all."

Sam and the gang\'s faces were drawn.

"Where is he?" Wolf demanded.

Ryan\'s gaze shifted and asked his own question, "Where\'s the money? Show me the money and I will tell you everything."