Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! - Chapter 446: A Family

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Chapter 446: A Family

Translator: Lonelytree Editor: Millman97

It was an account set up by Mubai to facilitate his business in Country Y. It was not a personal account but corporate one. One couldn\'t trace the account back to Mubai. The only people who knew the account and password were Mubai and Xinghe. He\'d told her about it on the plane.

He was afraid something unexpected might happen so he set it up for Xinghe to use whenever she needed it. It was a bottomless account!

Xinghe was able to transfer one hundred million USD out of it. It was small change for Mubai but it was crucial to Xinghe then. It was her leverage in Country Y, and she might need it to locate Mubai…

After the money was transferred, the manager started working. The house, cars, and weapons she asked for were quickly purchased. Twenty mercenaries were also bought into her service. The gold card was ready and it still had plenty of money within. Xinghe\'s business used less than one-fifth of the total. However, it had completely changed their situation.

Standing in front of the luxurious mansion, cars, and the troop of trained mercenaries, Sam and the gang felt like they were dreaming. They had to be. A few hours ago, they were penniless, but now they had everything! This was a contrast that was hard to stomach.

"Xinghe, is all of this yours?" Sam asked Xinghe with extreme caution like he was afraid it might wake him up from the dream. Wolf and the rest also stared fixatedly at her. They didn\'t know how to treat her anymore. In their eyes, Xinghe was suddenly very large and blinding, like the sun.

Xinghe nodded calmly. "Yes, it\'s mine… but also yours. The cars, weapons and house, it\'s all for you as well."

"For us‽" Ali screamed in disbelief. Sam and the rest also widened their eyes in shock.

Xinghe smiled. "That\'s right, it\'s my present to you. I told you I would fulfil your wishes, didn\'t I?"


"Xinghe, why are you so good to us‽" Ali was beside herself with excitement. No one had treated her so nicely before. Wolf and the rest\'s feelings were complicated. Born orphans in a country as unstable as Country Y, they hungered the most for love and care but at the same time, those were things they didn\'t dare hope for.

The most they had was each other\'s support. Charlie treated them nicely, but he was also in a poor financial position.

Xinghe said seriously, "You guys have treated me as one of your own, right? That\'s why what\'s mine is yours."

The term \'one of your own\' shook Ali and the rest\'s hearts. They let Xinghe into their fold because they didn\'t want any harm to befall her due to Barron, they didn\'t hope for any of this. However, Xinghe had changed their lives.

Xinghe thought she was lucky to have found them but they were the real lucky ones…

Sam and the guy\'s eyes watered for a second before things became rather comedic.

"Xinghe, from now on, we\'ll be sisters, a family; I will not take no for an answer!" Ali announced suddenly.

"No, she\'ll be my sister."

"Mine!" Wolf and Cairn fought to be her brothers.

Sam though shoved them all out of the way. He stared deeply into Xinghe\'s eyes and proclaimed, "Xinghe, let\'s get married!"