Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! - Chapter 445: Surprised by her Generosity

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Chapter 445: Surprised by her Generosity

Translator: Lonelytree Editor: Millman97

"The name\'s Xia," Xinghe answered succinctly. The manager glanced at Xinghe to ascertain her nationality. He asked politely, "Miss Xia, you intend to exchange one hundred million, correct?"


"Alright, but I have to explain something to you first. Due to exchange rate issues, one hundred million USD can only be exchanged for eighty million worth of gold bars. In other words, you\'ll be losing twenty million USD, are you okay with that condition?"

That\'s right, Xinghe was exchanging USD and not Country Y\'s currency, which was why Sam\'s gang was so shocked. The number was astronomical.

"Xinghe, let\'s quit the exchange, it\'s not worth it," Ali blurted out. After all, Xinghe would lose twenty million in the transaction.

Xinghe looked at her and said, "Why should we, I\'ve decided to do the exchange and I will go through with it."


"Some loss is inevitable since we need the money."

"But we don\'t need so much."

"I do," Xinghe answered. Since she had said that, there was nothing more Ali and the others could say even though they still felt that the bank was cheating them. Furthermore, could the five of them protect such a large amount of gold bars?

The thought of that made them both excited and nervous…

Honestly, this was more nerve-racking than killing people. Thankfully, Xinghe had thought of that as well.

"Is there any method I can employ to safeguard my assets?" she asked the manager.

The manager gave his professional smile. "Our bank offers mercenaries as well. They will use their lives to protect your safety and your assets\' safety. Furthermore, you can apply for our bank\'s gold card to store your money and use it whenever you need."

"Your mercenaries can stand up to the military?"

"Naturally," the manager replied proudly. "The military needs to give face to the owner of our bank so they won\'t come after the mercenaries that are affiliated with us. Miss Xia, you do not need to worry about that. However, the price of that service might seem a tad high."

"What if I want to buy some weapons?"

"You can purchase those through us too, plus we can offer discounts."

"What about housing and vehicles?"

The manager nodded with a smile. "Of course, we supply those too. No matter what you need, you can source it through us; it\'s safe and protected."

"Alright, I need a batch of high-tech weapon, a house that can safely and comfortably accommodate at least ten people, five armored cars, and twenty mercenaries. The rest of the money you can store in the gold card. Fix those for me now and you can get ten thousand worth as a tip."

Xinghe rattled off her request without taking a breath. Sam and the rest were shocked beyond words. Even the manager who had been through a lot had to be impressed by her generosity. This kind of customer, frankly, he would only meet less than a handful every year!

"Alright, I will do it now!" the manager said eagerly. "But I wonder, which method does Miss Xia wish to pay through?"

Xinghe looked at him and said, "Find me a laptop."

Even though he had no idea what she was up to but the manager still provided her with a laptop quick.

Xinghe didn\'t have any credit or identification cards to allow her to make a money transfer, but with the internet, she could access her bank account.

Although the account wasn\'t technically hers but Mubai\'s…