Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! - Chapter 444: Exchange One Hundred Million!

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Chapter 444: Exchange One Hundred Million!

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Therefore, the attendant was wise enough to force a smile. "How many gold bars do sirs and madams intend to exchange? If it\'s over one hundred thousand, we will provide some exchange rate benefits."

Sam looked to Xinghe. He had no idea how much she was going to exchange either. "How about one million?" Xinghe asked.

The attendant was shocked but he still answered politely, "Naturally, there will be better benefits. For one million, you can exchange six hundred thousand\'s worth of gold bars."

"What about ten million?"

"If I remember correctly, that will get you seven million worth of gold bars."

"What about one hundred million?"

The attendant widened his eyes in shock, "You want to exchange one hundred million?"

Impossible, they don\'t look like they have so much money.

"Just asking," Sam stepped in to explain; he also didn\'t think Xinghe had so much money.

The attendant\'s face returned to normal. "If it\'s one hundred million, you can get eighty million worth of gold bars. In any case, the greater the amount you\'re willing to exchange, the better the exchange rate. The most we can exchange in one transaction is one billion but you have to book at least a month before that. The rest, we can exchange on the day itself but we have limited daily stock, we will close when the limit\'s reached."

"Then, lead us to exchange one hundred million," Xinghe said softly but it was enough to shock everyone in earshot. Ali\'s group looked at her with gaping mouth. What is she saying? Exchanging one hundred million? Does she know how much that amount of money is?

The attendant also looked at her with disbelief. He stuttered, "You, you want to exchange one hundred million?"

Xinghe looked at him. "Is that a problem?"

"Of, of course not…" We have no problem but the problem is... do you have so much money or not‽

However, since Xinghe had said so, the attendant chose to believe her.

The attendant quickly led them to the VIP room. Ali and the rest were fidgeting following behind her. They were frazzled with nerves. If Xinghe didn\'t have the money to exchange, they would be thrown out. In other words, they were preparing themselves to get thrown out.

However, their imagination couldn\'t stop straying. If Xinghe really had that much money, what could they do to prevent eighty million worth of gold bars being stolen or targeted? If they had known Xinghe was really planning to exchange so much money, they would have come with disguises. They also looked around with guarded expression, afraid the world knew that they were going to stumble literally into a pot of gold.

The calmest was definitely Xinghe. It was as if exchanging such an amount of money was a daily business for her. The attendant looked at her and already believed she was really that rich. Only someone loaded could have the serenity she possessed.

"Miss, do you wish to go in alone?" The attendant pushed open the VIP room door and reminded her. After all, he didn\'t know what kind of company she kept.

"That\'s alright, we will all go in." Xinghe strode in directly. Sam and the rest hesitated before following her.

The VIP room was lavishly designed. In such a political climate, there were still such luxurious pockets of heaven. It looked like the owner of the illegal private bank had a unique background.

Xinghe and the rest sat on the real leather chairs and waiters in black suits came to service them, ready to satisfy their every whim.

A manager who sat opposite them, operating a computer, asked Xinghe with utmost deference, "Nice to meet you miss. May I know what your name is?"