Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! - Chapter 443: Fulfil Your Dreams

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Chapter 443: Fulfil Your Dreams

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There was a deep resolve behind Xinghe\'s eyes and Ali\'s group had heard every single word she said. There was only one question on their minds: Is she kidding? She wants to help us turn our lives around?

That was a pipe dream in Country Y, actually, that was a pipe dream anywhere in the world. People were born with a certain destiny, they just had to learn to live with it; there was no changing of destiny.

"Xinghe, what are you talking about?" Ali asked with a curious expression.

Sam laughed. "Your words are pleasing to the ears but you\'re the one who needs the most help at the moment."

Wolf continued expressionlessly, "Sam\'s right, you\'ve been targeted by Barron and while you do know some self-defense skills, it\'s not enough. You need us to protect you, we can talk about the rest when this danger\'s over."

Cairn smiled good-naturedly. He also thought that Xinghe was just consoling them with empty words.

Xinghe noticed their reluctance to believe her but she didn\'t explain. She asked Ali, "What do you wish for now?"

Ali was even more confused. "Why do you ask?"

"Just humor me, what is your dearest wish at this moment?"

Ali answered, "Naturally a safe house, we need some place we can call home."

Xinghe nodded and asked Sam the same question. They decided to play along.

"I want weapons, lots of them because they\'re the only thing that matters in this country."

"What about you?" Xinghe turned to Wolf. His reply was, "Vehicle, the best armored car!"

Without waiting for Xinghe to ask him, Cairn answered directly, "I want money, because with money, everyone can get everything they wish for."

"Nicely said, I will fulfil your dream first," Xinghe stared at Cairn and said. Cairn was speechless with disbelief.

"Bring me to exchange gold bars now," Xinghe said calmly; the group felt a great presence behind her flat tone. With a suspicious attitude, they took Xinghe to an illegal private bank. Along the way, they couldn\'t shake the feeling that Xinghe was pulling their leg.

"Xinghe, you know that you\'ll lose half of your money if you exchange gold bars in this country, right?"

Xinghe nodded slightly.

"Therefore, even if you\'re loaded, you can\'t possibly exchange a ton of gold bars."

Xinghe nodded again.

Sam asked, "Xinghe, do you know how much money is required to buy everything we wished?"

Wolf answered for her, "At least several millions worth of gold bars."

"Several millions, Xinghe, are you really sure about this?" Cairn asked with a tone laced with concern.

"I\'ve made up my mind, are we there yet?" Xinghe asked.

"We are, it\'s that building over there," Sam said seriously.

The private bank was located underground. Xinghe followed them into a building and took the elevator down to the basement. The bank was huge, and was filled with people who\'d come to make trade. There were also attendants in uniform posted in the bank.

One of them saw them walk in and asked politely, "Are sirs and madams here to exchange gold bars?"

"That\'s right." Sam nodded. He might\'ve been in a simple attire but it did nothing to hide his imposing presence.

The attendant was used to people like him, he could recognize Sam\'s group as people who lived by the blade. These people were usually poor, but if they had certain marketable skills, they would come across a windfall once in a while.