Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! - Chapter 442: Damn Everything, Looking for Change!

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Chapter 442: Damn Everything, Looking for Change!

Translator: Lonelytree Editor: Millman97

The group stared at Xinghe. Sam warned her, "Xinghe, you have to be careful. Women that Barron sets his sight on don\'t end well."

"The man\'s a disgusting pig; the women he takes away never receive good treatment," Ali added.

Wolf consoled her, "But don\'t get too worried, we\'ll protect you. You\'re one of us now; we won\'t leave you stranded."

Cairn nodded. "That\'s right, you\'re one of us now; you can always rely on us."

Xinghe was curious. How has this group of people retained their sense of trust in this war-torn country?

They\'ve only known me for two days and they already treat me as one of their own.

Regardless, their sincerity touched Xinghe.

"You have nothing, how are you going to protect me?" Xinghe asked softly.

This stunned Sam and the rest…

She was right, they had lost everything: their home, their weapons and even their money. They were basically just refugees.

"We will find a way to earn money and get ourselves some weapons," Sam stated confidently.

Ali excitedly suggested, "I can go back to my old job as a bartender, at least food will not be a problem."

"I can too…" Before Cairn could finish, a gang robbed a nearby store.

The owner rushed out and yelled, "Thieves, help me catch them!"

Sam and the rest moved to pursue reflexively, but the gang leader turned back to fire a shot, yelling, "Scream some more and I will not miss next time!"

That shut the owner up. Sam and the rest also stopped…

They realized that giving chase was pointless, they didn\'t have weapons. In this dangerous climate, going about without weapons was akin to suicide. However, firearms were expensive, not accessible to everyone.

A low hum in the air signaled a low flying combat jet. Before Xinghe could react, she was pulled away by Sam. They started running. Before long, a series of explosions occurred behind them. Xinghe finally realized it was an airstrike. Sam dragged her into hiding. The plane dropped a few more bombs before leaving.

Xinghe\'s clothes was covered with a layer of dust, the original street was now a ruin. People were openly crying on the streets and there were bodies lying around.

Ali patted the dust on herself and asked, "Xinghe, are you alright?"

Xinghe looked at the bombing casualties and shook her head. "I\'m fine… but does this kind of thing happen often?"

"You mean the airstrike?" Sam nodded. "Yup, it\'s a common occurrence. You\'d think we\'d have gotten used to it by now, but the sights…" He sighed.

Xinghe had no clue that, on this wonderful planet, there were places such as this. In comparison, her old life at City T was like heaven on Earth. She realized for the past two months, Mubai had been conducting his research on that illegal organization in such a country. He was in mortal danger every day…

Xinghe didn\'t want to die, and she also wanted to give her newfound friends a new beginning, away from the war. Therefore, she needed to find Saohuang\'s proof of criminality as soon as possible, locate Mubai, and leave the country!

To do that, she needed to strengthen her influence first.

Xinghe turned towards Ali and the gang and said, "From now on, I will help every one of you turn your life around and change this god forsaken reality!"