Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! - Chapter 440: Charlie's Sister

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Chapter 440: Charlie\'s Sister

Translator: Lonelytree Editor: Millman97

"But…" Ali wanted to say something but Xinghe tugged on her sleeve. Ali turned back with a confused look. Xinghe shook her head slightly, telling Ali not to do anything. For some reason, Ali decided to heed Xinghe\'s advice. Sam came to the same conclusion: staying would only put them in worse fate. Even though they didn\'t want to lose the house, their lives were more important.

"Okay, General, we will leave now, but please allow us to collect our stuff and can you please return our weapons?"

"Leave everything behind!" Barron rejected him outright.

Sam was stunned. "Everything? Our weapons…"

Barron stared hard at him and yelled, "Not only your weapons, everything has been confiscated by the military; this is a lesson for you lot! If you dare to oppose my orders again, I will confiscate your lives, understand?"

Sam\'s expression darkened. Beside him, Wolf tensed up…

They\'d given Barron an inch and now he was taking a mile. This was stretching the limit of their patience. The atmosphere became serious. Barron\'s soldiers read the situation and every single one of them pointed their guns at Sam\'s group. Ryan was feeling happy inside, he wanted Barron to kill them all.

If Sam did anything, they would definitely be killed. A few seconds later, Sam took a deep breath and said with a smile, "Alright, then we will leave now."

With that, he turned to order Wolf and the rest, "Let\'s go before things take a turn for the worse."

Wolf and the rest saw the pleading in Sam\'s eyes. They didn\'t voice the anger, melancholy, and helplessness in their hearts. They couldn\'t do anything but leave quietly…

Just as they were going to leave, Xinghe who was last was stopped by Barron.

"Wait…" Barron scanned Xinghe with a salacious smile and asked Sam, "This one is new. What\'s her name?"

When that happened, Sam and the rest\'s faces shifted.

Sam quickly rushed to stand in front of Xinghe and said with an obsequious smile, "General, she is Charlie\'s sister, but she just returned from overseas."

"Charlie\'s sister?" Barron questioned with a laugh, "You people think I\'m an idiot?"

He shoved Sam away and grabbed Xinghe by her waist. With a lewd smile, he said, "Give me the woman and you can have the house."

Of course, Barron harbored lustful intentions toward Xinghe. Xinghe was an exotic beauty, a rare find in their country. Furthermore, Barron was a known womanizer; they should have known this will happen.

Sam was afraid Barron would forcefully take Xinghe away so he quickly pulled Xinghe out of his grasp. He said with unmovable attitude, "General, she is really Charlie\'s sister! We promised Charlie that we would protect her with our lives."

"That\'s right, we swore on our lives to protect her!" Ali also stepped forth to add. Wolf and Cairn nodded in quick succession as well.

Witnessing their determination, Barron\'s conviction faltered. Could she really be Charlie\'s sister?

He squinted his eyes in contemplation, alternating between suspicions.

"General, can we go now?" Sam asked in a low growl but his eyes were shining with resolve.

Barron could see if he forced the woman to stay, they would really fight to the death to protect her.