Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! - Chapter 439: General Barron

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Chapter 439: General Barron

Translator: Lonelytree Editor: Millman97

"Stand down or die!" the general ordered again. This time, no one dared to move anymore. Everyone\'s firearms were confiscated. Sam stood up and said, "General Barron, the Grey Rats started this clash first; it has nothing to do with us, we\'re only defending our house."

So, this is the General Barron they were talking about.

Ryan quickly explained himself, "General Barron, I came here to demand the house as you asked but the SamWolf refused to obey your order. They said they\'d rather die than give up the house. I was indignant on your behalf and that\'s the reason behind my group\'s outburst."

"General, this is our house, why should we hand it over to the Grey Rats?" Wolf stood forward to challenge.

"Why should the general explain himself to the likes of you? You only need to know that everything the general does is right!" Ryan was quick to curry the general\'s favor. Ali had to suppress her urge to vomit.

Sam also stared at Barron and asked, "General Barron, what is the meaning of this?"

Barron was tall and imposing. He struck a fine figure of malevolence.

Barron widened his smile and stared back at Sam to ask, "You\'re questioning me?"

"That\'s right." Sam nodded. Even though they needed to get into his good books as well, this was their house, they would not give it up without a fight. This was their only house…

Barron was surprised by his audacity and his presence became more imposing. "Who are you to question your superior\'s decision‽ Pack up and get lost, I\'ve given this place to Grey Rats. I\'m willing to let the lot of you go free because of Charlie. If not for Charlie, I would send all of you to jail!"

The expressions on SamWolf\'s faces fell. Barron was being unreasonable, but he could afford to be so with his power and influence.

"General, this house was your personal present to Charlie, even the name on the proof of ownership is Charlie!" Wolf retorted angrily. "You have to give us a valid reason before you take it away!"

Barron pointed his gun at Wolf\'s head and hissed dangerously, "One more word out of you and I\'ll make sure you never speak again!"

"Wolf…" Sam and the rest took a cautious step forward.

Wolf was a stubborn mule, he glared at Barron and asked again, "General, please give us a valid reason!"

"You f*cker!" Barron cursed and pulled the trigger.

"Be careful!" Sam jumped to push Wolf away as the bullet grazed the right of Wolf\'s face. They didn\'t think that Barron would really fire so their faces were drawn. Cairn and Ali\'s fists were tight.

Sam suppressed his mounting anger and said to placate, "General, please don\'t be mad, this is all Wolf\'s fault. No, this is our fault, please forgive us."

Wolf wanted to add something else but was held back by Sam. Barron looked at Sam\'s attempt at bootlicking and he smirked. "This group is both useless and stubborn, imagine if everyone acted the way you do."

"General, you also know we\'re not all born for greatness so we are, of course, useless in your brilliant eyes."

This greatly satisfied Barron\'s ego.

His face softened and said, "Since you know that you\'re useless then you should be clever and leave this place now, this house already belongs to the Gray Rats. If not, I can\'t say what will happen next!"