Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! - Chapter 438: Valiant Women

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Chapter 438: Valiant Women

Translator: Lonelytree Editor: Millman97

Things turned chaotic fast. Since Ryan\'s men had started the offensive, there was no reason for Sam\'s gang to hold back. Sam\'s gang had a disadvantage in terms of numbers but each of them was very well-trained, they could take on more than a handful each. That evened out the battle.

Ali pulled Xinghe back as she kicked away an opponent. She advised her loudly, "Stay close to me, I\'ll protect you!"

As she said so, five guys came at them.

"F*ck!" Ali cursed as she charged into the fray. However, she was ultimately a woman, and she was slowly getting overwhelmed. One of the men snuck up on her with a bat and when Ali noticed him it was already too late.

As the bat came down on Ali, suddenly a machinegun smacked at the man\'s head, knocking him out. Ali looked at the assailant with surprise and saw Xinghe with her usual calm demeanor.

"I\'m not as defenseless as you might think," Xinghe said as she leaped into a jump kick, injuring another man. This shocked Ali even more. She broke into a smile. "Xinghe, I had no idea you\'re so kick ass! Come on, let\'s kick some butt together!"

Xinghe smiled at her and they both started to cooperate.

Sam watched the both of them and laughed. "We really have found ourselves a heroine. Good, at least Ali has a friend to watch out for her now."

Cairn also snuck a look at the both of valiant ladies and a light smile appeared on his face.

"Hey, no calling dibs okay?" Sam sidled up to Cairn and whispered in his ear. Cairn gave him a side glance before continuing to fight with more determination than before. Sam didn\'t want to get overshadowed and joined in soon after. Very soon, the situation started to tip in SamWolf\'s favor.

The Grey Rats were bloodied and bruised. However, as if unafraid of death, they picked themselves up and charged into the fray again.

"F*ck, you bunch of dirty rats are seriously stubborn!" Sam cursed, annoyed by the bunch of ruffians, "Comrades, let\'s show them what we got! Teach these rats a lesson they\'ll never forget!"

"Since they\'ve crossed into our territory, there\'s no reason for us to hold back!" Wolf growled. Cairn and the rest followed his lead, all prepared to skin these rats alive.

Sam tackled Ryan and rained a hail of punches on him. Ryan cried out like he was being slaughtered.

"Murder, the SamWolf people are murdering innocents—" Ryan screamed.

Sam pulled out a dagger and pointed it at Ryan. "Since you ask for it, I\'ll give you a murder!"

"What are you doing?" Ryan asked with fear as his eyes fixated on the gleaming dagger.

Sam purposely scared him. "Killing you of course!"

As he prepared to plunge the dagger into his target, a gunshot fired into the sky!

The sudden shot brought everyone to a halt like someone had pressed a pause button. Following that was a series of footsteps, signaling the arrival of an army unit. The one who fired the shot was the leader.

The leader still held the gun in the air and ordered coldly, "Surround all the people and confiscate all the weapons!"

"Yes, sir!"

Sam and the rest was quickly surrounded by the soldiers. Any movement was rewarded with a gun barrel to the head.