Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! - Chapter 437: IV Syndicate

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Chapter 437: IV Syndicate

Translator: Lonelytree Editor: Millman97

Ryan\'s confidence faltered slightly but the realization that Sam\'s men wouldn\'t attack returned his previous smugness.

"Sam, since all of you are here, then listen to me carefully! This house is now mine, be smart and evacuate immediately!" Ryan ordered them rudely.

Sam laughed. "Ryan, have you lost your mind? What, your earlier lesson wasn\'t enough and now you\'re back for more‽"

Wolf aimed his machinegun at their \'guests\' and spat, "We don\'t have any houses we can give you but we have a plenty of bullets, do you want some‽"

Ali and Cairn also cocked their machineguns. Xinghe stood at the back, watching this unfold calmly. Being reminded of his earlier failure made Ryan burn with shame.

"Sam, don\'t think you have won! This house was given to me by General Barron. There\'s too few of you SamWolves, so the general decided to toss you people out. Bottom lickers like your group should leave quietly and not waste the military\'s resources!"

Sam chuckled mirthlessly. "This house is not the military\'s but a place won by Charlie using his own ability. You think we\'re so easily bullied simply because Charlie\'s not here?"

Ryan smiled evilly. "It is not my fault that you want to think that way, regardless, the military has given us this house! If you have any issues, take it up with the general. Plus, Charlie is nothing but a coward that has gone into hiding, I don\'t believe one bit that he is capable of earning this house! This house belongs to the military!"

"Sh*t! The man can lie without blinking an eye!" Ali cursed out loud, "This house is Charlie\'s. If not for him stealing the munitions back from IV Syndicate, Barron would have lost his post a long time ago. This house is the military\'s reward to Charlie, who can argue that?"

Ryan laughed condescendingly. "I\'ll admit that Charlie is a capable man, but so what? He has disappeared; he\'s probably dead. A dead man is of no use to the military, so naturally the military is going to take back this house and not let it waste in the hands of useless maggots like you lot!"

"Who are you calling useless?" Wolf glowered at them darkly.

Even the taciturn Cairn said, "If you think we\'re so useless, then come fight us for it. There is only one way you\'re getting this house and that\'s over our dead bodies!"

Sam also smiled chillingly. "That\'s right, if you have the ability then kill us first!"

"Even without Charlie, we\'re not pushovers! We\'re all Charlie\'s students and we will not lose to a group of ruffians!" Ali huffed with pride.

Xinghe stood in stunned silence.

IV Syndicate…

Isn\'t that the name of the organization backing Feng Saohuang? This means that Ali\'s teacher has had contact with IV Syndicate before!

Excitement rose in Xinghe\'s heart. This meant that locating Charlie would mean them getting closer to finding out the location of IV Syndicate\'s main base. Very soon, she would have Saohuang\'s proof of criminality in her hands!

Sam\'s group and Ryan\'s group had reached a stalemate. Neither party was willing to fight for real since they were both still on the same side. However, neither party was willing to step down, especially Sam\'s group, they would rather die than surrender the house.

Ryan was annoyed by their stubborn. With a grit of his teeth, he dashed at Sam. "Men, charge! Kill them all!"