Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! - Chapter 433: Leaving with Them

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Chapter 433: Leaving with Them

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Other than that, she would reveal to them where the enemy\'s blind spot was and how long it would take for reinforcements to arrive…

This precision shocked even Wolf and the others. They were already experienced mercenaries, but with Xinghe\'s commanding skill, they were unstoppable. The battle didn\'t exhaust them but only made them more spirited. Especially for Wolf who held a bunch of explosives on his back. He would shiver from sheer excitement every time he lobbed an explosive!

He used the explosives like they were free, which in a way, they kind of were. Even if he was facing off against only one enemy, he would give his opponent a grenade. Faced with a one-man explosive army, the men in the base either died or fled. In the end, the base was pockmarked with explosive craters and bullet holes…

Wolf and gang was overjoyed at winning a landslide victory, the women hiding in the jail cell were overjoyed as well. Ali quickly arranged for the women to evacuate. "There\'s an empty car in the courtyard and plenty of weapons in the weapon storage room; take some to defend yourselves and leave as soon as possible!"

"Thank you so much, thank you so much…" There were thankful tears in the women\'s eyes but they didn\'t waste any more time. Each picked up a gun and some grenades before leaving in the jeep.

Wolf and the rest also piled their own vehicle high with weaponry.

Of the four, a man called Sam called out to ask, "Where\'s our heroine?"

He hadn\'t seen Xinghe but was already impressed by her leadership skills. Without Xinghe\'s help, they wouldn\'t have been able to destroy the base so easily, and leave with such excellent rewards. Xinghe was already a hero in Sam\'s eyes.

"She is still in the surveillance room…"

The moment Ali said that, Xinghe walked out from within.

Ali stared at her and asked, "What were you doing?"

Xinghe answered softly, "Shutting down this place\'s internal system."

The group understood finally. Even though they had cleared the base but there would be evidence in the computer server. If the men returned with reinforcements, they would hunt Wolf\'s gang down using the surveillance footage. Xinghe was helping her cover their tracks.

"Well done, you\'re even more thoughtful than our Ali." The young man praised Xinghe while giving her a thumbs up.

Ali wasn\'t not insulted, if anything she felt happy for Xinghe. She turned to Xinghe and asked with concern, "Why don\'t you come with us? It won\'t be safe for you to travel alone; it\'s much safer to stick with us."

Afraid that she might get the wrong idea, Wolf added, "Don\'t worry, we won\'t harm you in any way. Plus, as you can imagine, we could use someone with your skill in our group, so this is a give-and-take relationship."

Xinghe accepted quickly. The only reason she helped them was because she hoped they would take her along as well. She knew this was not a place she could survive on her own.

She decided to place her trust in Ali\'s group. Xinghe had shown them that she had something to contribute, she would be an asset to their group so they wouldn\'t sell her short for no reason. Xinghe agreed to travel with them because they might be able to help her find Mubai, or even better, they could help her find out more about that illegal organization.