Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! - Chapter 432: Impressed by Her Resolution

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Chapter 432: Impressed by Her Resolution

Translator: Lonelytree Editor: Millman97

The surveillance footage was also stuck at a few constant locations. As she operated the computers, Xinghe realized that the surveillance crew was sloppy; they didn\'t know how to make use of the videos and blind spots. Even now, they had abandoned their post, making the purpose of a surveillance room pointless. However, this was a godsend for Xinghe. Thankfully, there were surveillance cameras posted all over the base, so Xinghe found the thing she wanted soon.

"This is… the weapon storage room!" Ali looked at the screen and exclaimed.

Xinghe nodded. "That\'s right, I\'m assuming this will be useful for your friends."

Ali suppressed the excitement in her voice. "It is. There might even be explosives in there. I\'ll go and check now!"

"No, I\'ll go, you help guide Cairn and the rest." Wolf heard them, tossed Ali his ear-mic and ran out the room. Ali assumed her new role quickly. Xinghe operated both computers at the same time, she helped Ali look out for hiding enemies on one and help Wolf check out for traps and ambushes on another.

Ali was part of the group and had spent plenty of time fighting alongside the men so they cooperated well, what surprised her was how well she cooperated with this stranger. When enemies were on the move, she would change the footage seamlessly, it was as if the video was on motion control. Ali\'s commands even had difficulties catching up to her. She tried her best to keep up; she didn\'t dare to slow down.

On the other side, with Xinghe\'s help, Wolf successfully infiltrated the weapon\'s storage after taking down a few enemies. There were plenty of weapons within but they weren\'t really that advanced. However, Ali was right, there were explosives as well!

That was probably the most valuable thing in the base, it was kept locked within a large steel chest. Wolf shot the steel lock and moved plenty of explosives into his backpack.

Ali saw that and exclaimed, "Great, we have the explosives!"

To her surprise, at that moment, Xinghe tossed her a gun. "Someone\'s coming!"

The screen showed a man approaching the surveillance room, he probably felt something went wrong so came back to do a check. Ali gripped the gun in her hands and smirked, "Perfect, I\'ve been itching for some action myself!"

Ali tossed Xinghe the ear-mic and went to prepare for an ambush. Xinghe naturally put on the mic and assumed the reign of command. Thankfully, Wolf and the gang had already heard Xinghe\'s voice in the background when Ali was talking so they weren\'t surprised by the change.

Xinghe didn\'t concern herself with the approaching man, she focused on commanding and operating the computers.

The man outside heard Xinghe\'s voice and came in brandishing his gun. He yelled at Xinghe with his gun pointed at her but was kicked in the stomach by Ali who was hiding. He fell to the floor and before he could get up was shot three times by Ali. She stopped shooting when he stopped moving.

"Are you okay?"

Ali turned to check on Xinghe but was shocked what she was saw. Xinghe was as calm as a mountain, she didn\'t look like she\'d even flinched. It was as if the altercation that happened behind her didn\'t concern her.

Ali was impressed by her resolution. She realized Xinghe was also better than her at commanding. She not only told Wolf and the gang where and how many enemies were near them but also gave them tactical suggestions on how to proceed.