Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! - Chapter 430: Death in Xinghe's Hands

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Chapter 430: Death in Xinghe\'s Hands

Translator: Lonelytree Editor: Millman97

"Sh*t, I\'m going to kill you b*tches!" the toppled man cursed angrily.

The short-haired woman straddled his body and rained down punched on the man. "You\'re the one that\'s going to die!"

They started tussling, however, the woman was at a physical disadvantage and she was knocked off the man. The man took the opportunity to grab at the gun that had fallen away during tussle…

However, someone else picked up the gun first. The man was stunned, he raised his head slowly to see the dark end of a gun barrel aiming right at his head. It was the woman who first tackled him holding the gun. Xinghe\'s eyes were cold and completely devoid of emotion. The man held up his hands in surrender.

"Hey, put down the gun, don\'t be crazy."

The man stood up slowly, his eyes scanning for a lapse in Xinghe\'s concentration, attempting to grab the gun away from her.

"Shoot him!" the short-haired woman screamed.

A flash of anxiety crossed the man\'s eyes and he said with a smile, "Babe, you don\'t want to take someone\'s life. Murdering is bad, so put down the gun, or better yet, give it to me, I\'ll keep it safe…"

He reached out towards Xinghe cautiously. Xinghe\'s smiled. "Fine, here, take this!"

With that, she fired a shot. The shot tore through the man\'s body, making it convulse unnaturally. He stared at the gaping wound on his chest that was leaking blood. All the women in the room were shocked, they didn\'t think that she would fire so suddenly. Even the short-haired woman was stunned because it was her impression that normal women didn\'t have it in them to operate a firearm…

The man who\'d been shot was the most surprised. He didn\'t think he would die at the hands of a woman who they had been treating as livestock. How is this possible?

"You…" The man glared at Xinghe with bloodshot eyes. Xinghe\'s expression was calm, so calm that it was frightening.

"You should feel honored to be the first man to die by my hand. Goodbye!" Xinghe fired another shot at the man without blinking an eye. The man crumpled to the floor in a heap, his eyes still wide open from disbelief and regret.

"Nice shot!" the short-haired woman praised.

Xinghe nodded as she scanned the room of women and said, "Now is the perfect chance for us to escape, follow me if you want to live."

She then turned to look out the door to check their surroundings. She had no idea who had attacked the base but all the guards had been dispatched to deal with the attackers. There were gun shots all around and the sound of rushing footsteps.

Xinghe looked to the short-haired woman and after they had confirmed that there was no one around, they rushed out of the room. At that moment, a large man came running their way. Xinghe\'s expression shifted and cocked her gun subconsciously.

"It\'s a friend!" the short-haired woman said happily. She waved at the man. The man saw her and increased his pace.

The short-haired woman grabbed at the man\'s arm and asked excitedly, "Wolf, the group\'s here to save me?"

The man called Wolf nodded. "That\'s right, Ali, are you alright?"

"I\'m fine, we have to go now before reinforcement comes."

"Wait!" Wolf\'s brows furrowed in consternation as his eyes fell on the group of women behind them, "We\'re escaping with so many people?"

"They were all captured and placed here, so of course we have to escape together," Ali said.