Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! - Chapter 428: Take Their Lives

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Chapter 428: Take Their Lives

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They were wearing civilian clothes and not a military uniform; they didn\'t have the mannerisms of soldiers. Xinghe darkened her eyes because she realized these men were definitely not good Samaritans!

Then again, in a country like Country Y, the military wouldn\'t all be good people anyway. Xinghe\'s prediction was proved right soon after…

"Hey, she\'s still alive!" The men ran to stop in front of her. The first thing they did was not to apply first aid but cheer that she was still living.

"An eastern beauty, why would she be here?"

"You heard the plane explosion, right? She must have fallen from it."

A dark-skinned man squatted down to inspect Xinghe\'s body. "Her wounds are not that serious; she might have some uses. Quick, pack her up before the military arrives."

The few men quickly hauled Xinghe onto the car and then they sped away. They kept throwing her questions but Xinghe remained quiet like she couldn\'t understand what they were saying. The men were curiously looking at her calm countenance.

"How come it feels like she is not afraid of us?"

The other man laughed. "Perhaps she thinks we\'re here to save her."

"Haha, I think you\'re right, but even so, she should have given us an appreciative smile."

"Probably still in shock from the rough tumble."

"Such a shame then," the man tutted and his fingers teased Xinghe\'s chin. "A gorgeous face, if not for the fact that she will fetch a good price, I wouldn\'t mind doing her here and now."

"Hey, get in line, me first…"

"Last time, you got the first taste, this time it\'s my turn."

"Stop arguing, we\'ve caught quite a few, everyone will have their chance, no one will be left hanging dry." After the man finished talking, everyone burst out laughing salaciously.

Xinghe lowered her vicious gaze as the unsavory words drifted into her ears. She was not afraid of these men, if anything, she was plotting to take their lives!

She would never show kindness to the scum of the Earth, especially those that bullied women. Even if these people hadn\'t come after her directly, she wouldn\'t have let them go so easily. Little did Xinghe know that the chance to decimate this group of scum would arrive faster than she\'d imagined.

The car drove until the night fell and they had reached a secluded base. The base was small, guarded by twenty to thirty men. They were overjoyed when they saw the car had a woman in it.

The fat leader scanned every inch of Xinghe\'s body and nodded satisfactorily.

"This one is not bad; this type of Eastern beauty always fetches a good price. Auction her tomorrow. Well done, this time you guys have done a good job!"

A thin man who had been salivating on Xinghe on the car ride over asked lecherously, "Boss, can the boys have a little taste before the auction?"

The boss rejected him outright, "No, her body is too frail. Are you going to pay if she gets broken? However, there are some that are in quite serviceable condition, your whole gang can take your pick! But remember to not overdo it."

"Thank you, Boss…" The group of men cheered.

After that they grabbed Xinghe and pushed her into a room roughly. They shoved her to a corner. Then, like a pack of hungry wolves, they jumped on the other women in there.