Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! - Chapter 427: Will to Survive!

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Chapter 427: Will to Survive!

Translator: Lonelytree Editor: Millman97

After the plane was struck, Xinghe had her first experience of free-falling and how fast it was. It happened so quickly that a normal human wouldn\'t have the reflexes to do anything else but careen down following the plane, pulled by gravity. Of course, Mubai was not someone normal. Xinghe couldn\'t understand how he managed to fit a parachute on her in such a short and high-tension moment. Not only that, he even managed to open the plane door and shoved her out, giving her a chance at survival.

Xinghe\'s thoughts couldn\'t keep up with his actions. She was still reeling from the attack when she was pushed out the door. She didn\'t even have the chance to look at him one last time. Her mind couldn\'t work out the possibility that this might be the last time they saw each other.

Before she knew it, her parachute opened and the sudden air pressure smothered her face, and dried the single tear that fell out of the corner of her eye. However, the winds did nothing to dampen the shock and sadness in her heart.

From her vantage point, she couldn\'t see where the plane went but she could hear the explosion clearly. The plane had exploded!

Is Mubai still alive? The thought tore at Xinghe\'s heart. It was a visceral type of pain, a pain at an intensity that she hadn\'t experienced before. The pain was so overwhelming that it eclipsed her senses as she crashed through the jungle. Her parachute was torn apart by the branches and she crashed into the ground!

Xinghe\'s consciousness faded, but before that, she told herself that she must survive! She must live, she mustn\'t die!

Xinghe eventually did survive. After being unconscious for who knows how long, she opened her eyes in a daze. The sky was no longer blue but an ashen grey. The light filtering through the foliage was weak. Xinghe closed her eyes and she could hear the sound of birds chirping, and the earthly smell of trees and soil around her.

She gripped her fists and breathed in deeply. Good, she was still alive.

As long as she was still alive, she could launch a comeback but before that, she needed to make sure whether Mubai was still alive or not.

Xinghe didn\'t cry or scream. Clenching her teeth through the nausea and physical pain coming from her chest, she stood up and walked slowly out of the underbrush. However, she was deeply wounded; there were bruises all over and she felt she had broken some ribs. Every step was like a step towards death. She was so weak that her senses started to wane, she could no longer hear the sounds around her and her sight was getting increasingly blurry. Her breaths were labored and her throat burned with every breath.

Like a wounded animal, she pressed on with sheer animal instinct alone. The only thing holding her up was her will to survive. Eventually, she walked out of the forest…

However, the moment she did, she collapsed onto the floor. The darkness consumed her for only several minutes this time. Xinghe opened her eyes again because she heard the sound of car engine coming her way. It gave her a burst of strength.

Xinghe lifted her head hopefully but her gaze dimmed when she saw it was a group of men walking towards her carrying firearms on their backs…