Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! - Chapter 426: Your Contribution Will Be the Biggest

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Chapter 426: Your Contribution Will Be the Biggest

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Xinghe nodded, thinking it was simpler than she thought. "Looks like, if everything goes according to plan, we will be able to take care of them very soon."

Mubai smiled. "This is all thanks to you, because you\'re the play maker. Without you, this would take a lot more time because if we can\'t take them down with one fell swoop, they might go into hiding or worse, retaliate."

Xinghe nodded with understanding. "Therefore, my work is basically to siphon away all their internal information in one go without tipping them off?"

"That\'s right, it\'s quite a difficult task, are you up for it?" Mubai asked concernedly.

Xinghe nodded confidently. "You don\'t need to worry about that. Unless their internal system is better defended than our country\'s highest intelligence unit\'s, it\'ll be no problem. However, even if it is, I\'m more than willing to give it a try."

Mubai knew she would say something like that. He replied happily, "Alright, we\'ll depend on you then. If this is a success, your contribution will be the biggest."

Xinghe looked at him and said softly, "I don\'t think that\'s true because you must have also faced a lot of difficulties when you were at Country Y."

Or else, he wouldn\'t have taken so long to look into the organization.

Mubai indeed had been through a lot. Country Y was in its most rocky time and he had no influence there so he had to watch his every step. One wrong step could mean death. Several times, when he was out looking for information, he had attracted the attention of the wrong party. A few men that he brought along with him had even been killed in the line of duty. He had brushed by Death\'s embrace many times before finding his footing and getting the collaboration with this important person from County Y. He did all that in two months, an impossible feat if carried out by anyone else.

The reason Mubai could accomplish so much so soon was because of two things, his brains and his money. In an unstable country, money could open many lips and doors. It was also because of money that he managed to secure cooperation to take down the illegal organization so soon.

In other words, Mubai had set up everything for Xinghe. Her job, albeit technically demanding, was free from danger. Mubai was satisfied with this arrangement because no matter under what circumstance, he was not willing to put her in harm\'s way.

However, the thing that gladdened him the most was her giving him such a degree of understanding…

Of course, Mubai spared her the details, he said with a wicked smile, "I didn\'t do much because, at the end of the day, we still need to rely on you. You\'re our trump card."

Xinghe rolled her eyes at his modesty but she didn\'t say anything more, she only promised, "Don\'t worry, I will give it my best."

Mubai nodded. At the same time, he swore to do his best to ensure her safety, to clear all the obstacles that came her way. The only thing she needed to do was to swoop in at the last minute and shine her brightest!

However, things didn\'t go according to his plan!

Fate just had to throw them a curve ball. Something unpredictable happened.

The moment their plane entered Country Y, they were attacked. Anarchy had erupted and war was tearing through Country Y!