Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! - Chapter 418: Paying Her Bail

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Chapter 418: Paying Her Bail

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After giving their statements, Munan was free to go but not Xinghe. Her suspicion was the biggest so the police wouldn\'t let her go, she still had to endure multiple interrogations. The ten lawyers were by her side at all times, they would take turns representing her. Munan returned to his family to figure out a solution. It was not easy for the Xi family to shake off the earlier suspicion, being slapped with another so soon was making everyone more than a bit jumpy.

After thinking that his grandfather would sacrifice Xinghe, he said directly, "Grandfather, Saohuang is targeting us. Sister-in-law Xia is a complete innocent, we cannot leave her to fend for herself, we have to save her. Only after she\'s safe we\'ll be free from implication."

Grandfather Xi looked at him and said authoritatively, "You cheeky lad, what kind of person do you think I am? Do you think I would sacrifice her to save our own hides?"

Munan quickly placated, "That\'s not what I meant, grandfather. You\'re the best and the most kind person, I know you will not leave sister-in-law hanging dry."

"She\'s still not your big brother\'s wife, what kind of impression are you giving others by calling her sister-in-law left and right?"

Munan shrugged. "She\'s the ex and soon-to-be, what\'s the difference?"

"Mubai really cares for her. I\'ve contacted him and he\'ll be home soon," Jiangsan said seriously.

Grandfather Xi harrumphed, "What\'s the point of him coming back? He should have focused his energy on finding proof of that Feng\'s criminality."

"The organization is too powerful and mysterious, whoever gets too close is silenced if they\'re not careful, therefore, progress has been slow."

"I\'m afraid we\'ll crumble before they do if the progress continues at this speed," Grandfather Xi\'s face was drawn, "The fact that Feng boy dares to openly challenge us like this means that he has fully prepared. I suspect he has some kind of deal with the Lin family that we don\'t know about."

"Definitely! They must have ganged up on us," Munan agreed.

Grandfather looked at him and said, "Munan, I fear that leadership position is not yours to have anymore."

Munan\'s eyes shook for a little bit. "What grandfather means is that the post will fall into Saohuang\'s hands soon?"

Grandfather Xi nodded, "Most likely, the Lin family will help him get there as soon as possible. The only reason they\'re helping him is to use him to get to us. Now that we\'re implicated, the post will not be yours anymore… unless we distance ourselves from this mess fully and completely."

"We cannot do that!" Munan quickly objected, "Grandfather, I would rather lose the position than have sister-in-law take the fall because of us! She\'s in this mess because of us to begin with and she has helped us a lot, I cannot silence my conscience and be ungrateful."

"Grandfather cannot either. Therefore, if we are to save her, you must be prepared to lose that post."

"I\'m ready to give it up," Munan said directly, there was no reluctance in his tone. There was no objection from other people, they were all silent.

Grandfather Xi nodded and said, "Then good. Let\'s focus on getting her out first."

The Xi members answered in unison. "Yes!"

Even though the Xi family was implicated, their power and influence was still there. With their full intervention, Xinghe was finally given bail. Not only did the Xi family try their best to save her, even Gu Li and Yan Lu used every connection they had.

Xinghe was surprised that she received help from so many people. After all, Saohuang only came for her alone.

If they wanted to save themselves, they could have left her to die.