Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! - Chapter 417: Being Good Is also a Sin

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Chapter 417: Being Good Is also a Sin

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"Their digital footprints have always been well taken care of, we believe Xia Xinghe is capable of doing that."

After Xinghe heard that, she nodded. Gu Li and Yan Lu were confused by her gesture, but Munan understood it. Saohuang had considered everything when framing Xinghe. If Xinghe were just a normal civilian, leaving her name on the list would be nothing but things were different if she also happened to be good on computers…

Her suspicion would be even harder to explain. Furthermore, the Xi family was once suspected of the same crime and Xinghe was related to the Xi family. They implicated each other.

"Therefore, please follow us obediently, don\'t force our hands," the leading officer said coldly.

Munan argued, "Xinghe is innocent until proven guilty, you people can\'t arrest her based on suspicion, we will get her a group of lawyers! Our Xi family will personally guarantee that she is innocent."

The leading officer gave him a look that was equivalent to a shrug and said, "No matter what, she has to follow us."

"Then, I\'m going with her."

"Perfect because we have some questions for you as well."

That was how Munan was roped into the investigation.

Munan had no issue with that, he looked at Xinghe and said determinedly, "Come on, let\'s go."

Xinghe nodded and they left in the police car. The Xi family was highly efficient because when they arrived at the precinct, around ten lawyers were already there. Even Munan\'s father, Jiangnian was there. Due to their presence, the police didn\'t dare to do anything out of line against Xinghe but the interrogation had to go on.

Xinghe was fully cooperative, she answered everything the police asked. However, no matter how hard she argued for her innocence, even after she surrendered her personal computer to be scanned, it was no use. This was because she was too good, the police believed firmly that she could manipulate the internet without leaving a trace. Xinghe had no clue that, one day, her own ability would be her biggest downfall. Being good at what she did was also a sin!

"In other words, no matter what I say or what proof I provide, you people will not believe me?" Xinghe ask.

The interrogating officer asked in return, "Do you think we should believe?"

"You should, but I can only tell you, I\'m being framed."

"Who framed you? What\'s the benefit of that?"

"Who knows," Xinghe answered with a shrug. She couldn\'t say Saohuang because that would add another charge to her name. In other words, she had to find a reason and proof that she had been framed before she could clear her name…

In the other room, Munan was also giving his statement. "Someone is definitely framing Xinghe. The person\'s purpose should be to target our Xi family. Last time, I was framed the same way but the person\'s plan ultimately failed so this time they tried to do the same to someone related to our Xi family because this will implicate our Xi family in the process."

"Then, does Major Xi has any idea who would do something like that?" the police officer asked.

Like Xinghe, Munan knew who was doing all this but they couldn\'t say.

"I will not say anything without proof, but it should be someone who has a bad history with our Xi family, that should be your line of investigation."