Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! - Chapter 415: Found Your Name

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Chapter 415: Found Your Name

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"The military will definitely treat you well."

"In future, you might be recruited into the nation\'s highest committee," someone said confidently. From their perspective, Xinghe did have the capability to do so. Therefore, if she stayed, her future would be bright. Xinghe understood their kindness but this was really not where she belonged…

At that moment when she was overwhelmed by their enthusiasm, Munan walked into the room with a few people.

"Please follow me, something\'s happened," he told Xinghe seriously. She saw the solemnity in his eyes and her heart pounded from a bad feeling.


She left without asking any question. The moment they departed, the room started speculating.

"What happened, looks like it wasn\'t something good?"

"Could it be that something bad really happened?"

"Who knows…" Shu Mei replied softly but her tone was laced with glee. She prayed that something bad had truly happened to Xinghe!

"What is it?" Xinghe asked Munan when they left the tech building.

Munan said through clenched teeth, "Something bad! Big Sister Xia, you have to prepare yourself because the problem\'s big this time."

"What\'s wrong?"

Munan stopped and stared at her as he said, "Yesterday the police captured another case of stolen military munition but in the leader\'s secret file, they found… your name."

Xinghe widened her eyes in shock. "My name?"

"Yes! The secret file has a list of internal staff and you\'re in it. Of course, I know you have nothing to do it but your name is really there."

"Where\'s the leader then?" Xinghe asked after she calmed down.

"Dead, he was killed with a shot to the head during the operation."

"That means there\'s no witness."

Realization struck Munan. "That\'s right, so you think this is a set up?"

"Most likely and it\'s by Feng Saohuang." Xinghe\'s eyes narrowed. "The group\'s internal security is very well done so the only person who can verify that list is the dead leader. In other words, suspicion about me won\'t be cleared that easily."

"F*ck!" Munan cursed angrily, "What is this Feng Saohuang up to? Why is he coming after you? I\'m his competition, why didn\'t he put my name?"

"That wouldn\'t work," Xinghe attempted a guess, "The leader has no idea about Saohuang\'s identity as well. If he put in your name, the leader might get suspicious but a civilian\'s name like mine won\'t raise any eyebrows."

"What\'s the point of framing you?"

"I\'m related to the Xi family."

Munan was stunned. She was right. Xinghe was obviously related to the Xi family and she was in the military due to the Xi family\'s influence. If something happened to her, the Xi family would be dragged down by it as well.

Now was a critical period, if something happened to Xi family, then he would lose the chance to become the leader of Flying Dragon Unit. Saohuang\'s scheme hit two birds with one stone.

He could get rid of Xinghe and implicate the Xi family…

He operated all of this from the dark. Munan\'s heart burned with fury thinking about how despicable this Feng Saohuang was. He was ready to rush into his camp to murder him!