Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! - Chapter 414: Bad Luck, Coming Again

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Chapter 414: Bad Luck, Coming Again

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More than thrown into disarray, the plan was completely ruined. If Saohuang could win two matches, then the Lin family had a way to immediately make him the leader of Flying Dragon Unit. The supposed half year limit would be cancelled and they would get him named the leader as soon as possible. That would enable them to deal with the Xi family faster…

But he lost!

Now that he did, there was no reason for them to keep on supporting Saohuang. Lin Yun scolded herself for having placed a bad bet on Saohuang. The man was not as good as he claimed to be.

Saohuang didn\'t sound cowed at all, he replied, "This loss is indeed beyond my expectation but please believe me, this is not my intention."

"The fact is, you lost! You let go of such a valuable opportunity, I\'m hesitant to continue our collaboration if I\'m perfectly honest. Therefore, Feng Saohuang, I\'m giving you one last chance. If you can\'t salvage this situation, our cooperation is over."

A flash of chilliness appeared in Saohuang\'s eyes but it was not reflected in his words. "Miss Lin, please do not worry, I will definitely resolve this problem as soon as possible. Please await my good news."

"You\'d better. Don\'t disappoint us or you know what will happen to you!" With that, Lin Yun hung up on the phone. Saohuang put down his phone slowly, his eyes burning with hatred.

No could threaten him like that, not even the Lin family…

No matter, one day, he would have those slimy people under his feet! For now, he would make use of them to deal with the Xi family first. But before that, he needed with deal with that Xia Xinghe!

As the plan formed in his mind, Saohuang\'s lips curved into a blood curdling smile, the air around him bristling with a bad omen…

After a night of partying, Munan\'s platoon threw themselves back into training. Even after a victory, they didn\'t lax on their training. If anything, their training was much more efficient than before.

Xinghe was still leading the tech team, fighting relentlessly. Just when Munan thought everything was moving towards a positive growth, bad luck struck them so suddenly!

City T\'s police had unearthed yet another case of stolen military munitions. This was supposed to be something celebratory but the police found a certain person\'s name in the lead smuggler\'s secret file...

Back in Munan\'s camp, Xinghe once again helped the soldiers create some new software. The entire team was in a good mood. Their admiration towards Xinghe had increased leaps and bounds.

"Miss Xia, why don\'t you just join the military? It\'ll feel so empty after you leave," someone suggested, a suggestion which garnered many people\'s assent.

"That\'s right. Miss Xia, why don\'t you stay? We can work along each other in the future!"

"Miss Xia, we love working for you! Please stay, we promise to be loyal to you forever!"

Xinghe didn\'t think they would be so reluctant to see her leave. She smiled. "I also enjoy working with you guys but I don\'t belong here. However, I do thank everyone for making me feel so welcomed."

"Why would you say that? No one belongs here more than you!"

"That\'s right, Miss Xia, you should stay…"