MMORPG: Martial Gamer - Chapter 1379 - Hiding When Prepared, Striking When Unprepared

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Chapter 1379: Hiding When Prepared, Striking When Unprepared

“Fearless, shall we head to Saga City now? Sanguine Alliance is not done for yet right?”

Wang Yu had repeated the same sentence thrice in an hour.

It wasn’t as though Wang Yu hadn’t scammed anyone in the past. However, he was just an accomplice and the people they scammed were mostly strangers.

It was different this time around, because Sanguine Warflag was close to Wang Yu. Moreover, it was Wang Yu’s idea to give away the City Lord’s Seal. He did not think that it would cause them to be at the risk of being caught in a disaster.

If Sanguine Alliance were to be obliterated because of him, Wang Yu would be extremely guilty.

In face of Wang Yu’s relentless questioning, Fearless got very annoyed and said, “Brother, Sanguine Alliance is one of the top guilds in the nation after all, and those Japanese will have to take at least a month to completely wipe Sanguine Alliance out with those lousy players of theirs. Stop underestimating their ability!”

“I’m not underestimating them.” Wang Yu continued, “The thing is I don’t know what kind of moves Black Dragon Guild might use against them. What if they were ambushed at the resurrection point?”

“Haha!” Fearless laughed, “Sanguine Alliance is there to seek revenge. Not only have they done their preparation for war, all of them are in great spirits. It will be a stupid move to ambush them now. I’m afraid that they won’t even dare to show up… Wait…”

Fearless paused as he talked and continued talking after he thought of something suddenly, “Oh no! I neglected something!”

“What is it?” Boson asked.

Fearless muttered, “If Black Dragon Guild decides to abandon their city, I think Sanguine Alliance won’t even last one round!”

“Ah?” Vainglory looked confused and continued, “Fearless, what kind of joke is this?”

“He is not kidding.” Spring Halo said calmly, “Do you guys know what it means to hide when the opponent is prepared and strike when the opponent is unprepared?”

In the age of cold arms, the resources that were used up the most was manpower and hence the soldiers’ fighting spirit was the deciding factor for the victor.

Therefore, when faced with troops that had great spirit, abstinence of war would make sure that the soldiers’ fighting spirit wore off. When that happens, the soldiers will become lazy.

Hence, an ambush then could turn the situation around completely.

It was the same in the game. Black Dragon Guild had many local players, which gave them a big advantage. The first round of battle would decide the Sanguine Alliance’s fate. If Sanguine Alliance could not get past the first round, their fighting spirit will fall to rock bottom and the rest of the rounds would be useless.


After Spring Halo talked, Wang Yu exclaimed, “Oh no, let’s go back to the city!”

He took out the return to town scroll as he spoke.

The others took out their scroll as well.

Sanguine Alliance was a top guild, and the players they had averaged Level 52.

At this level, the players were not amateurs and had a fair understanding of the game. It was fast for them to be integrated into a new environment.

Within an hour, the small Saga City was explored to its darkest corners.

After familiarising with their main city, all of them did not rest and went out to train or conquer dungeons, going back into their normal lives very quickly. Although they could not contact their friends on the Chinese server, they did not feel lonely because they had each other.

Very soon, the training area outside Saga City was filled with Sanguine Alliance players.

All of them were, of course, being watched closely.

Meanwhile, Black Dragon King received a message, “Boss, those players have gone out of the city to train!”

“Good job!” Black Dragon King smiled at the information that his scout brought as he sent another message to Lava Teeth, “How is it going at the Yamatai Valley?”

“Everything is normal!” Lava Teeth replied.

“Okay! You guys can advance now! Don’t let the Chinese players notice you,” Black Dragon King said.


Lava Teeth replied with excitement and ordered his men to advance.

All Saga City players in Black Dragon Guild went past Yamatai Valley and surrounded Saga City from all directions.

Not everyone in Sanguine Alliance knew one another. Even though the training area in Saga City was not as big as the one in Twilight City, it was not considered small either. All of them were spread out around everywhere which made it easy for Saga City’s players to slip through unnoticed.

In the City Lord’s Mansion, Sanguine Warflag was not aware of the danger that was approaching and was still enjoying his time on the seat of the City Lord.

City Lord was a position that Sanguine Warflag had wanted even in his dreams. Now that he had achieved his dream, it was normal for him to feel a little complacent.

Sanguine Asura was also in all smiles. The taste of power was indeed the downfall of some people.

The only one feeling uneasy was Sanguine Stormbringer… Although Sanguine Stormbringer did not have the ability to predict the enemy’s move like Fearless, he was a cautious person. His senses were telling him that now was definitely not the time to relax.

“Why do you look so sullen, Stormbringer!” Sanguine Warflag had also noticed the expression on Sanguine Stormbringer and asked in a bad mood, “Are you not happy because I became the City Lord?”

“No!” Sanguine Stormbringer was speechless, “You are our Boss, and our value will increase with yours. How can I be unhappy with that?”

“Are you still thinking of giving the city to the Japanese dogs?!” Sanguine Asura tested.

Sanguine Stormbringer was too tired to deal with Sanguine Asura’s nonsense so he reminded Sanguine Warflag once again, “Our players are all out of the city and I am worried about the emptiness in this city. Do you think that the Japanese will ambush us?”

“Don’t worry!” Sanguine Warflag said with confidence, “We are now Twilight CIty’s affiliated city, and the teleportation formation in the other five main cities in Immortal Island cannot reach here. This island only has two cities, and they would have attacked us way earlier if they wanted to, why would they abandon their city and wait to attack now?”

“Even so!” Sanguine Stormbringer said, “I just sense something amiss. Should we get those outside of the city to come back here?”

“This…” Sanguine Warflag’s expression did not look good.

He was already so clear with his words, why was Sanguine Stormbringer being so persistent?

Sanguine Asura continued talking down on Sanguine Stormbringer, “Look at your gutless self! I don’t believe that they will attack us at this point!”

Just as Sanguine Asura stopped talking, a system notification appeared in Saga City’s sky.