Martial God - Book 1 - What Is A Genius - Chapter 78 - What Is A Genius

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A shout suddenly escaped from Lin Taoli’s mouth. At the same time, his hands again formed that same impenetrable imprint.

He Yiming’s expression slightly faltered. However, he didn’t stop his fist immediately, and instead, let it gently brush against the imprint- feeling the subtle transformations occurring within due to the contact of the two distinct Internal Energies. He then pulled his fist back while retreating.

After steadying himself, he threw a skeptical glance at Lin Taoli. However, inwardly, he wished nothing more than to escape somewhere in solitude and digest his gains.

He wondered what bizarre transformation this technique would produce when used with his four different types of primary techniques.

Of course, in front of Lin Taoli and even the rest of these people, he couldn’t use this technique. If they were to found out that he’d actually schemed to secretly study former’s imprint, even if they would be scared to death, they would first kill him in the name of devil.

Lin Taoli also retreated a few steps. Looking at He Yiming with a grave expression, he said, “Brother He, just now during the feast, Lord Master Cheng- while making introductions- said that you are the number one expert in Tai Cang county’s young generation- the biggest this county has seen in the past century. I didn’t care about it much then, but now, I know….” He paused, his face revealing a bitter smile, “I admit that I looked down on you.”

A faint red color appeared on He Yiming’s face. Although he’d already become habitual of being under countless gazes, this was the first time he’d received such praise on the stage in front of everybody.

He thought for a bit. Not finding any appropriate words to reply with, he could only bow and say, “Young master Lin, you praise me too much.”

Lin Taoli faintly shook his head and said, “I’ve never praised someone in vain. However, I’m convinced that you will definitely count among the top geniuses of our Jadeting region.”

The people in the main hall had already been aware of He Yiming’s hidden strength. A fifteen -year-old, eighth-layer cultivator who had excelled the metal type techniques’ essence- this evaluation from Lin Taoli was not out of their expectations. If even such an expert couldn’t obtain such an evaluation, wouldn’t the rest of cultivators be same as trash?

However, this was the beginning of astonishment for the ordinary people who were distantly watching the battle.

In the minds of these people, although He family’s sixth young master was quite formidable being the number one young expert of Tai Cang county, when did he become a Jadeting region’s genius as well? This had indeed exceeded the scope of their understanding.

For a moment, complete silence reigned over the arena. Not even whispers flew around.

He Yiming bitterly smiled, then looked at his old man outside while thinking how to deal with such a situation.

Apparently, father and son understood each other as He Quanming, after seeing his son looking at him, loudly said, “Yiming, young master Lin has just given you pointers, you are still not thinking young master Lin?”

He Yiming delightedly bowed towards the latter and said, “Many thanks, young master Lin.”

After fighting with Lin Taoli, he’d more or less understood the imprint. Although he was not confident in reconstructing it perfectly, it would still bring an enormous benefit to his cultivation. This moment, Lin Taoli had truly turned into a great man for him.

Lin Taoli faintly smiled and lightly waved, “It’s nothing. Brother He, do you know why I suddenly asked to stop?”

“I couldn’t imagine.”

Lin Taoli’s smile started to disappear as he said, “Your metal type Rolling Boulder Fist has already been cultivated to peak. This technique is already at its maximum might. Ordinary battle skills no longer contains any value for you. However, even for me, breaking your battle skill is in no way, easy,” He paused for a bit, and his face started to become solemn, “However, I have cultivated a battle skill which contains an extremely strange might. Once I use it, even I wouldn’t be able to perfectly control its might,”

Although his words were quite haughty and faintly implied that the fear to act was the reason he’d asked to stop, nobody present doubted him at all.

Instead, if the young master of Lin family didn’t have a frightening battle skill with him, that would have felt suspicious.

He Yiming’s eyes suddenly shined. He cried out in surprise, “Ah… Young master Lin, you say battle skill….but just now you used this…” He patted his hair, then extended both his arms, forming an imprint. Under his meticulous care, this imprint only revealed eighty percent similarity to the original in appearance. Furthermore, it wasn’t imbued with Internal Energy at all. It was just a prototype that shared a similar appearance with the original.

Astonishment flickered in Lin Taoli’s eyes. Although the defensive power of this imprint was unparalleled, the difficulty of actually learning it was too much- so much so that the in the entire Lin family, those who had managed to learn it could be counted on fingers. He never expected that the youngster in front his eyes could form a prototype of it by just touching it a few times.

Although this prototype seemed laughable in his eyes, just this much perceptive power was enviable in itself.

Faintly nodding, Lin Taoli profoundly said, “This technique is called Prostrate Imprint- a defense type battle skill of our Lin family. But if I wish to break your Rolling Boulder Fist, I need to use a different sort of imprint technique.”

He Yiming’s heart suddenly jumped intensely before immediately pouring out joy. Originally, he thought that being able to study one type of imprint was already an excellent fortune, but he never imagined that he would be able to study another type of imprint too.

His heart, which had just calmed down, began to throb again.

He wouldn’t obtain such an opportunity again.

His vision sharpened as he suddenly bowed and said, “Young master, please excuse my rudeness, but I wonder if I can experience this imprint…”

After saying these words, he lifted his head and solemnly looked at Lin Taoli.

“Yiming, don’t create trouble.” Outside the arena, He Quanming’s back broke out in cold sweat.

The counterpart had already said that he wouldn’t be able to control his technique, which implied high chances of injury. Even under such circumstances, He Yiming had taken the initiative to continue- wasn’t this simply following the path of one’s own doom? Even if he were to be beheaded on the spot, he would have no one but himself to blame.

He Yiming didn’t falter in the slightest as he continued to calmly observe the counterpart. However, his mouth opened, “Father, this is a rare opportunity. Son cannot give up…”

Lin Taoli’s brows slightly creased. He first thought that He Yiming didn’t trust his words, believing him to be boasting, and had thus issued this challenge. However, looking at the current expression of He Yiming, he slightly started.

This was an extremely clear expression. In the latter’s two profound eyes, nothing except longing could be seen. This sort of expression…he’d seen it before and had a profound impression of it.

His principal wife had given birth to his child before, and he loved the latter dearly. He clearly remembered the expression with which his child would look at him to express his desire to eat. It seemed the same as He Yiming’s, except for the former, it would be accompanied with a loud weeping.

Gradually, a faint and gentle smile appeared on Lin Taoli’s face.

“Uh…whatever, I guess I will help you, “ Lin Taoli said in a clear voice, “However, you have to be careful. If you suffer a serious injury, you can’t blame me for going too hard.”

He Yiming excitedly nodded his head. From his appearance, one could easily refrain from believing that these two were actually talking about going to battle.

Lin Taoli slowly stretched out his two hands and warped them around each other.

This time, the warping of the two arms seemed starkly different from that of before. If one were to say that the transformation before seemed like an impenetrable existence like the earth itself, this time, it seemed a bizarre and mysterious one- shrouded in mist.

He Yiming’s gaze turned sharp as he committed every moment and every detail performed by his opponent in his memory. However, he also knew that this merely made this imprint’s cover. If he truly wished to get his hands on its essence and comprehend the transformation, he must personally test this imprint’s ferociousness.

Even if this meant unpredictable dangers, it was unavoidable.

He had felt an extremely dangerous feeling coming from the seal the moment it formed. He could clearly tell that Lin Taoli’s words were not exaggerated at all.

Lin Taoli glanced at He Yiming as his aura soared.

Eight layer, eight layer’s peak, however, he still didn’t seem to have any intention of stopping.

It was not that he didn’t wish to stop, rather he’d not completely mastered this imprint’s power. Once it was unleashed, it would automatically arouse all of his Internal Energy.

Although it couldn’t possibly imitate He Yiming’s stunning strike at that time, where all of latter’s Internal Energy had been consumed to the last bit, one could still see the ferocity of ninth layer Internal Energy.

Of course, inwardly, Lin Taoli had already decided that he would point his strike a bit off-target since the splash itself would be able to deal with the opponent.

However, he once again found himself to be astonished. Even though his Internal Energy had attained the ninth layer, in terms of aura, he had not suppressed his opponent in the slightest.

This fifteen-year-old youngster, He Yiming, as if a gigantic rock in a river, didn’t even budge in front of his aura.

Right at this moment, even Xu Yinjie couldn’t help but stand up in astonishment.

The most important details that one needed to attend to at all times in order to train in Withered Tree technique- which was one’s heart must be of wood- had been tossed far away at this moment.

“Ninth layer, it’s actually ninth layer…”

The almost inaudible mumbles of the old man fell with extremely clarity in the ears of those around him.

He Quanming’s eyes wide opened before his lips started to tremble, ‘Yiming’s cultivation isn’t at the eight layer, but the ninth layer….”


As of now, this very instant, a single thought occupied everybody’s mind.

What is a genius?

(End of Book 1)