Martial God - Book 1 - What Is A Genius - Chapter 77 - stealth Study

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The two Internal Energies momentarily touched and separated before He Yiming jumped and shot backward. However, as soon as his feet landed on the ground, he pounced at Lin Taoli again.

However, being on guard this time, Lin Taoli would obviously not hold his position like an idiot.

His feet moved rapidly as he moved about the ten-meter wide arena in a bizarre manner.

He Yiming’s metal type technique seemed quite strong since he’d understood the true essence of this technique. However, regardless of how strong of an attack he could bring out, it would be useless if he couldn’t land a hit.

He Yiming was not anxious. He withdrew his palm- Internal Energy contained but also being constantly employed.

He then started to rain down Rolling Boulder Fists- the fist technique he felt most familiar with.

Outside the arena, He Quanming and He Quanyi exchanged a glance with astonished and joyful expressions.

Although they had been optimistic about He Yiming, they never thought that this child’s talent was far beyond what they had imagined.

The essence of metal type that emerged with that one palm strike, as if a gigantic boulder, crashed into their heart-river, giving rise to billowing waves.

They involuntarily swept their vision through surroundings, taking in others’ shocked, envious, and even danger-implicative expressions in their eyes. They were already eager to narrate He Yiming’s display to the Lord Master who would probably be even more excited than them.


Following the increase of He Yiming’s fist technique’s might, both side’s movements were becoming increasingly dangerous. However, nobody knew why they both still seemed at ease under such circumstances. They didn’t seem to be engaged in a life-threatening battle at all, instead seemed as if taking a casual walk in a garden.

These two had already attained a frightening control over their strength, not one bit of which was being squandered.

Suddenly, Xu Yinjie’s eyes suddenly snapped open with a momentary glint flickering in them, “Nephew He Quanming,”

He Quanming faintly started and immediately turned his head, docilely saying “At your command, Senior Xu”

Unless Xu and He family decided to shred all the pretense and turn against each other brazenly, their relations would always remain in a peaceful order. Therefore, upon hearing Lord Master Xu’s call, He Quanming had so deliberately paid attention to courtesy.

“He family is indeed a family that produces geniuses. After He Yitian, another individual has turned out to be dragon among men, it’s praiseworthy indeed.”

He Quanming waved his hands and said, “Many thanks for your praise, Sir, but Yiming, this child, has merely achieved some success, that’s all.”

Xu Yinjie faintly shook his head and said, “I only wish to know whether your son has already attained the eighth layer?

As soon as these words were uttered, everybody’s ears erected. Even He Quanyi was no exception.

Battling Lin Taoli, He Yiming had not only not shown any weaknesses, he’d even turned the tables and gained an advantage.

Although people knew that Lin Taoli had not aroused his Internal Energy to the ninth layer, even this much of a feat caused people to feel an endless shock. This had caused many to think whether his cultivation was actually at, as per rumors, seventh layer’s peak or not.

Of course, people were merely skeptical. Because nobody seemed to believe that a fifteen-year-old youngster could cultivate to the eight layer.

He Quanming waited for a few moments while looking at the fight in the arena which was becoming increasingly intense. He suddenly realized that even if he wished to conceal this matter, it would be out for the display of everyone at any passing moment.

Heavily nodding towards Lord Master Xu, He Quanming proudly announced, “Senior Xu, Yiming is indeed a bit of genius. Half a year ago, he broke past the bottleneck of the seventh layer and attained the eighth layer.”

Although his voice was not loud, in the ears of people present in the main hall, his sound was akin a thunderclap- almost crushing their beliefs in entirety.

Especially the few members of Xu family’s young generation. They looked at each other; their eyes blank.

He Yitain’s seventh layer Internal Energy was already pushing down on their hearts like a mountain, making them feel discouraged to even try and surpass the former. Now knowing that He Yiming, a fifteen-year-old youngster had the cultivation of eight-layer since half a year ago, they could only see their future completely dull and devoid of any light.

Lord Master Cheng and other members of Cheng family also exchanged a glance; the shock and awe in their eyes quite evident. This moment, they felt glad that they had decided to establish marital relationship with He family.

At this moment, everybody understood that a super genius lurked in He family. Once this genius matured, he could easily transform the three-influential-families phase of Tai Cang county.

This would be even more significant if this genius could advance into the Xiantian realm.

Cheng Shine’s eyeballs swirled- already thinking of a scheme to find a suitable female in Cheng family’s young generation. If he could establish ties of marriage with He Yiming as well, Cheng family’s position would be iron-clad in future. However, the next moment, his brows faintly creased. Firstly, Cheng family didn’t have a female of suitable age. More importantly, going by He Yiming’s age and cultivation, he himself found it hard to imagine that He Quaming would agree to He Yiming’s marriage so easily.

However, the thoughts of people had no effect on the battle going on the stage.

With He Yiming’s punches, Rolling Boulder Fist’s might was coming out bit by bit. This technique’s important feature was that it allowed one to continuously accumulate strength. As long as one’s Internal Energy could support, the might would continue to build up and smash apart anyone in its path.

Not only this, as He Yiming battled, he seemed to have an innately sharp sense of every transformation occurring on the battlefield. Every time Lin Taoli’s technique showed a weakness, the latter would be met with a ferocious attack and had already been forced to use that mysterious imprint skill several times.

Constantly brushing against this technique, He Yiming had already formed a general understanding of this technique.

He was almost certain that this technique was not limited to this one form. However, he didn’t know why Lin Taoli would only use this one form again and again.

He didn’t know whether the latter had only been able to comprehend this one form or disdained to use other forms against him. However, this one form was already sufficient to offset the might that was being constantly accumulated by He Yiming’s Rolling Boulder Fist.

Every time he brushed with this imprint, his understanding would increase by a bit and become more profound. Like a trained chef- when he tastes a rare dish, he will silently ponder how the dish was made. The more times he eats that dish, the more his understanding will increase.

Although He Yiming’s strikes were becoming increasingly rapid, inwardly, he was feeling more and more refreshed. Furthermore, he also knew that he would only obtain this one opportunity to study this imprint openly, without tricks. Therefore, his strikes were becoming increasingly compact, not giving his opponent any chance to break free.

Lin Taoli was becoming increasingly anxious. So far, he’d not managed to take the initiative to strike a single time.

When was battling against Xu Right before, although former’s Blaze technique seemed incredibly magnificent, under his water type technique, he could easily defend and easily retreat.

However, under this Rolling Boulder Fist- a technique much inferior to Blaze technique, he’d to painstakingly defend, and he wasn’t able to retreat at all. He felt rather helpless.

He realized that relying on the seventh layer’s realm, he wouldn’t be able to break free.

His face turned faintly red. Although he didn’t wish to thoroughly suppress his opponent, if the situation continued to progress in this manner, he would only lose more face.

He suddenly shouted, and his aura immediately exploded out.

With the promotion of Internal Energy, his acting potential increased by several folds. Simply speaking, his strength increased, speed quickened, reactions became nimbler, and bones turned as solid as steel. He was not a human anymore.

Suddenly, with the backing of eighth layer technique, even a water type technique seemed to have become awe-inspiring. After being suppressed for so long, Lin Taoli suddenly seemed like a dragon that had come to life.

However, this feeling only remained for a few moments before completely disappearing.

Because he suddenly discovered that along with his technique’s upgrade, He Yiming’s Rolling Boulder Fist also seemed to have received a corresponding upgrade.

This upgrade seemed quite lukewarm. It didn’t create some heaven-shattering disturbance, but this lukewarm upgrade was yet enough to suppress him again.

Eighth layer. He suddenly realized that this had to be eighth layer’s strength.

His eyes knitted. This fifteen years old youngster- he is actually not at the seventh layer’s peak but an expert of the eighth layer.

Suddenly, he felt a huge rolling boulder rolling about near him, emanating an unbreakable, impenetrable, and immovable feeling.

Such a feeling of restricting one’s opponent was usually enjoyed by water type cultivators. However, this moment, it was being perfectly demonstrated by a metal type genius.

Suddenly, his heart pumped out a bitter feeling. In Lin family, he was admired as a genius. However, today, he discovered that this insignificant Tai Cang county sheltered a genius who was not one bit inferior to him.