Martial God - Book 1 - What Is A Genius - Chapter 76 - Essence Of Metal Type

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After a momentary silence, a strange atmosphere permeated throughout the main hall.

Everybody could see that Lin Taoli’s invitation to He Yitian didn’t have any malice and was merely meant to demonstrate his support for Cheng family.

If He Yitian had accepted, although he wouldn’t be a match for the former, no one would have looked down on him.

After all, Lin Taoli had already defeated Xu family’s fourth lord- an exceedingly high level expert.

Not even the craziest of men would think that He Yitian had the slightest chance of victory.

Therefore, in everybody’s opinion, He Yitian would have suffered defeat, then the ceremony would have continued. This was the supposed route. Even if they had some faith in He Yiming, they didn’t believe that he was a match for his enemy. Moreover, they didn’t quite understand that why He Yiming, who usually behaved quite steadily, would behave in such a crude manner.

“Yiming, what are you doing, come back quickly.” He Quanming sternly said.

He Yiming’s brows faintly creased. The reason he’d acted was not to create trouble, but because Lin Taoli’s imprint had caught his interest. He’d a strange feeling that if he could study that symbol up close, it would greatly assist him in producing that frightening strike without losing consciousness.

This was merely his conjecture. However, once his thoughts took such a path, he couldn’t repress his desire. Otherwise, it would only grow like weeds multiply after spring rain.

Seeing He Yiming’s display, He Quanyi lightly coughed and said, “Yiming, young master Lin merely wish to test Yitian. You are conflating things, come back.”

As He Yiming’s father, He Quanming could naturally stern his tone as much he as he pleased. However, considering He Yiming’s strength and position in the clan, He Quanyi- his uncle’s voice contained a faint consultative tone.

A peculiar glint flickered in the eyes of Xu family and Cheng family’s elders. He Quanyi’s tone made one thing clear. This He Yiming’s position in the He clan was no small matter. At the very least, it was hardly any different than that of He Quanyi. This indeed was reason the two had wholeheartedly agreed on He Yiming sitting among the principal seats. It held no exaggaration at all.

“Ha ha, this truly is a problem,“ On the stage, Lin Taoli laughed, “Little brother He, since you wish to come, then come…let’s play”

If any other person had acted as such, Lin Taoli perhaps would have felt some discontentment. However, facing a fifteen year old seventh layer peak cultivator, he felt some curiosity as well.

He Yiming’s face immediately revealed a joyful expression. Inwardly, he was itching to exchange moves with his opponent and study that Prostrate Imprint up close. To accomplish his objective, he felt so urged that he was willing to pay almost any price.

He felt an indescribable certainty that this sort of art wasn’t limited to this move only, and this art would only bloom fully in his hands.

At this moment, the frantic desire of exploring martial daos hidden in He Yiming’s heart had been aroused.

His figure faintly moved two times before arriving at the edge of the arena. Subsequently, slightly stamping his feet, he immediately jumped inside.

These movements were not quick at all, but seemed as natural and graceful as flowing water- emanating a pleasant aura.

“All right..”

Thunderous cheers echoed from the distant crowd.

He Yiming’s fame had thoroughly spread in the whole Tai Cang county. Not a single individual in the county had not heard his name.

Last year, at the arena in the streets, when he’d sent Xu Yucai flying with a single punch, his fame had already outstripped He Yitian’s, and he’d been crowned as the number one expert among young generation of the combined three influential families. Although nobody felt he would be able to match Lin Taoli, his presence on stage still attracted countless applauds.

Perhaps, somewhere in their hearts, they also hoped that He Yiming would be able to defeat this external person.

On the stage, Lin Taoli’s hands were placed behind him as he calmy looked at He Yiming. In his eyes, although this youngster was good, it was only good, nothing more. However, after running into such a genius at such a place, he felt no harm in testing the latter. If the latter truly possessed future prospects, he could represent his clan to recruit him.

With Jadeting region’s Lin family’s fame, these small clans ought to be overwhelmed by the favor, no?

After entering the arena, He Yiming deeply bowed to Lin Taoli and resolutely said, “Young master Lin, please instruct me.”

The words he said were completely sincere, but only he knew what he meant, ‘Please take out your imprint, so I can learn it.”

Lin Taoli felt quite pleased with He Yiming’s flattering attitude. However, if could have heard He Yiming’s inwardly spoken words, he would surely have an immediate fall out with the latter.

After bowing, He Yiming immediately straightened as his vison sharpened and body began to emantate a sort of acute aura- an aura like that of a sword which had undergone through countless grindings.

He naturally didn’t bring out either Blaze technique or Withered Tree technique. If he were to truly employ these techniques under the eyes of everybody, he couldn’t even imagine what sort of calamity he would incur on himself. At that time, not only Xu family would become his archenemy, even Cheng family would have to reconsider their marriage arrangements with He family.

However, currently, even if he used Primordial Energy, his strength was not inferior to anybody present.

After perceiving He Yiming’s aura, Lin Taoli’s relaxed appearance altered, and traces of graveness appeared on his face.

He Yiming’s figure suddenly moved. His one hand stretched forward, thumb closed in, and four fingers stuck together like a knife as his figure shot towards his opponent.

This was not a battle skill. This was an attack constituted purely of Internal Energy. With He Yiming’s perfect control over Internal Energy, it did not cross seventh layer’s peak.

Although it was not some battle skill, it brought astonished expressions on the faces of spectators

Body like shaft and fingers as a spearhead bolting forward- his figure emanated an intense unstoppable aura.

This aura permeated his surrounding, and his determination leaked out of this aura.

Regardless of whoever it was, an expert like Xu Yinjie or these ordinary people who had never cultivated Internal Energy, everybody seemed to have been influenced by it.

At this moment, in the eyes of spectators, He Yiming seemed to have disappeared, and what replaced him was a………spear. An awe-inspiring spear capable of toppling heavens and earth.

Lin Taoli’s complexion eventually changed, ‘This aura….it’s actually this aura….”

His both fists intertwined, and a bizarre transformation occurred at his two palms. The mysterious battle skill he’d used to resist the Blaze technique had been brought out instantaneously.

Although He Yiming was only using peak seventh layer Internal Energy, the fist carrying his strike had instantaneously exploded with strongest offensive power of a metal type technique.

In the five phases, the power of metal type techniques was already unmatched. It could pierce anything.

Strong experts of metal type techniques were claimed to be the first under heavens in terms of offensive power. Since the ancient times, once a metal type cultivator stepped on battlefield, he would immediately become a paragon. Regardless of how thick enemy ranks could form, resisting the impact of metal type force was impossible.

In the arrangement of troops, the position of the cone’s tip always belonged to metal-type cultivators.

If He Yiming had used some sort of battle skill and brought such an aura, Lin Taoli and the rest wouldn’t have been so shocked. However, the problem was that He Yiming hadn’t even prepared before he casually struck out with his palm and exhibited the fundamental essence of the metal type power.

Such a feat- not to mention the Tai Cang county, even while considering the whole Jadeting region in the picture, one might not find another such instance.

Capable of displaying the fundamental characteristics of a certain type of force meant that the cultivator had already thoroughly understood the fundamental essence of that type of force. For this person, it could even be said that this force contained no secrets, and cultivating in this force would yield him twice the effects in half the efforts.

Just relying on this one palm strike, He Yiming had established himself as a genius of metal type cultivation.

With a soft rumble, the two individual’s palms, without displaying any fanciness, directly collided with each other.

He Yiming’s palm, which seemed as if it could through any mountain, was roughly obstructed by the Prostrate Imprint.

This extremely complex hand seal seemed to be containing a miraculous strength.

He Yiming’s eyes shined. Although his strike had been blocked by the imprint, his Internal Energy had already entered the imprint and was exploring the marvels inside.

Lin Taoli felt that the opponent’s fist energy was somewhat strange. However, unfortunately, even if he killed his opponent, he wouldn’t be able to find out what He Yiming’s Internal Energy was up to.

By the means of momentary contact, exploring the marvels of counterpart’s Internal Energy circulation- a feat such as this, not to mention nobody present had ever heard it before, it couldn’t even be imagined.

However, this moment, relying on the momentary contact between his thrust and imprint, He Yiming had gained a rough idea of complicated transformations within.