Martial God - Book 1 - What Is A Genius - Chapter 75 - Prostrate Imprint

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Continuous whizzing sounds exploded from the arena.

A battle between two top level experts- both exhibiting their complete strength.

Lin Taoli looked at ease, but this didn’t mean his cultivation technique was relatively special.

Regardless of how difficult the situation might be, this technique required one to possess a mountain like temperament, which was faintly evident in Lin Taoli’s display. Under the constant oppression of Xu Right, Lin Taoli could although preserve, he’d no chance of pressing back.

Fortunately, Lin family’s technique was quite extraordinary as well. If the latter wished to focus solely on defence, Xu Right wouldn’t be able to do much.

It seemed as if the two sides could continue to engage in a deadlock forever.

And this situation was the best Cheng Zhusheng and the rest could hope for. If neither of the two could determine a clear victor for a while, they could interfere and call it a draw.

Furthermore, the presence of tenth layer expert, Xu Yinjie, also couldn’t be overlooked. At a critical junction, he would also not sit idle.

Although water and fire were mutually restrictive, for cultivators of such high level, the probability of settling the outcome in a short duration didn’t seem high. Even if Lin Taoli could gain cumulative advantage and press for victory, it wouldn’t be happening in a short duration.

However, at this moment, Xu Right, who had been berserkly attacking, suddenly stopped and retreated.

Lin Taoli, wishing to grasp the opportunity, was about to push back. However, the next moment, his complexion transformed before he lifted both his palms in air and quickly moved them to form a profound and mysterious seal.

This seal lay vertically across his chest. However, in the eyes of others, this sign seemed to have transformed into a lofty, impenetrable mountain.

Others might not now, but Lin Taoli was well aware that this was one of his clan’s mystical techniques- Prostrate Imprint.

Once the imprint formed, it could be employed to concentrate all of the body’s power onto a single point without any delay. It was considered as one of the strongest kinds of defensive techniques. Unfortunately, he didn’t cultivate in earth type techniques. Otherwise, after cultivating this imprint to the extreme, he could even borrow strength from the ground under his feet- attaining the eternal realm.

The reason he’d abandoned offense and immediately pulled out his strongest defensive move was he’d just felt a burst of chill that had penetrated to his bones.

In his front, Xu Right had already retreated to a corner of the arena- his eyes shade of deep red and body faintly stopped low. A strange red color layered on the skin of his whole body. Especially his lifted palms, which were a shade of bright crimson, blood color.

An intense aura erupted from his body, carrying a hint of insanity. The clothes on his body started to wither- unable to preserve for a second longer.

After continuously attacking for a long time without success, Xu Right finally had enough and had employed Blaze technique to the extreme. Combining it with a fire type battle skill of his clan, he wished to deliver the ultimate strike.

If He Quanming or the rest had been exchanging moves with Xu Right, the latter wouldn’t have behave in such an almost crazy manner.

However, his opponent was a young man. Although this young man was from Lin family, he was too young. So much so that he’d successfully sparked the envy in Xu Right’s heart. Ususally, the latter would have been able to push down the envy in his heart through reason like other people in the main hall.

However, amidst fight, his heart had already turned chaotic. The surrounding silence seemed no different than countless sneers to him- causing the fierceness in his heart to erupt.

In the main hall, Xu Yinjie’s both eyes had completely opened. Traces of anxiety and graveness appeared in his seemingly indiscernible eyes. His body faintly trembled, but he ultimately restrained himself. However, he didn’t close his eyes again and calmly watched.

With a loud shout, Xu Right’s fists intertwined before he rushed forth looking like a harbinger of blazing torrents.

Lin Taoli’s imprint rose and a bizarre energy erupted from it, rigidly obstructing Xu Right’s final strike.

The berserk flame seemed to have received a resistance. It turned even more berserk- burning with all its might and wishing to burn everything in its path down to ashes.

However, against flames….seemed to be the ash itself. Regardless of how powerful flames are, against ashes, which contains no combustibility, it could do nothing but die out eventually.

Lin Taoli’s palms seemed to be spinning like a windmill, in accordance with which, his hand seals changed. The Prostate Imprint became increasingly bigger. All the surrounding flames seemed to have been completely blocked.

Contained, waned, and exhausted.

Xu Right’s final attack eventually couldn’t continue, and it showed a momentary gap.

It was only the time required to breathe before his strength could come back up.

However, right at this moment, Lin Taoli’s both palms suddenly intertwined, and at the same time, the imprint at this front scattered away. That impenetrable and invincible imprint instantaneously turned non-existent.

Xu Right faintly started, still unable to think clearly why he’d followed the path of his own destruction in such a manner as he felt an intense heaven-shrouding aura descending upon him.

He was immensely astonished before he inwardly cursed not good. However, at this moment, the situation was already beyond saving. Having no time at all, he immediately struck out with all the strength present in his body while hurriedly retreating.

However, Lin Taoli’s figure, as if a shadow following the host, followed closely after Xu Right while his two palms relentlessly struck, bringing an irresistible pressure.

Although Xu Right was aware that as long as he could obtain a breathful of time, he could once again turn the situation to what it had been just now. However, Lin Taoli had also been waiting for an opportunity to turn the tides since the beginning of the battle. Two figures, as if flying, started to flutter about in the whole arena like two butterflies.

Although the scene didn’t seem too extraordinary and it didn’t left spectators stunned, the inconceivable speeds of the two nevertheless allowed spectators to take a measure of two’s abilities- causing them to shudder inwardly.

Xu Yinjie eventually sighed deeply and said, “Right has already lost, would you please consider stopping, young master Lin?”

Although his voice was quite downcast, it caused the eardrums of listeners to ache.

Lin Taoli heartily laughed, firmed his feet on the ground before cupping his fists, “You let me win.”

Xu Right’s whole face was a shade of deep red- unknown whether because of the loss or something related to Blaze technique. He forced out a greeting in return, then jumped out of the arena without speaking a word.

Lord Master Xu’s expression was extremely vicious. The former indeed couldn’t have win. Leaving the arena was much better than further disgracing himself.

He Yiming, who had been watching the battle, was quite moved inwardly. He was extremely interested in this purely defensive Prostrate Imprint used by Lin Taoli.

In his perception, this symbol would be classified as an earth type technique. However, for some reason, this technique seemed as if it could be used with all sorts of Internal Energy while maintaining an exceedingly strong defensive power.

He’d never heard of such a technique before. If not for seeing today with his own eyes, he would never have thought of such a thing.

‘So, leaving myself out of the picture, this world already has techniques that could allow people to employ distinct Internal Energies,’

After jumping down the arena, Xu Right followed people of Cheng family into the inner hall.

After the desperate fight, his clothes and shoes were already somewhat in tatters, making him look rather pathetic. However, not a single individual dared to laugh or ridicule him.

As for Lin Taoli, he stood smiling as ever on the stage. Not a single speck of dust could be seen on his clothes- as if the battle just now didn’t cause any trouble to him whatsoever.

Cheng Zhusheng lightly coughed and said, “Young master Lin has indeed profoundly acquired Lin family’s inheritance; we old man couldn’t admire you more. Young master Lin, please come down and enjoy a few drinks with everybody.”

Lin Taoli faintly smiled and glanced at Xu Yinjie who seemed to be like a statue. Recalling that voice just now which had dropped like hammer on his ears, he knew that this man’s cultivation was above his. As much guts as he possessed, he wasn’t an idiot. He knew that he couldn’t thoroughly provoke this old man of Xu family.

Waving his hands, he was about to leave when he saw Cheng Yanjuan, on the principal seats, had already stood up. In a charming, twinkling voice, she said, “My Lord husband, today is a rare opportunity, why don’t you test sister’s husband?”

A faint astonishment flickered on Lin Taoli’s body before immediately changing into a tacit smile. He lovingly nodded at Cheng Yanjuan and said, “Ah…Brother, He Yitian, if you want to marry Yanjuan’s sister, you must pass through me.”

Originally, he wished to adress He Yitian directly by his name. However, he then realized that the former was about to marry Cheng Yanli. However, inwardly, he didn’t put the young disciples of these small regions in his eyes at all.

He Quanming’s and rest’s complexion slightly changed. If this had happened before the fight of Lin Taoli and Xu Right, they still might have felt some hope for He Yitian. However, after seeing that ninth-layer strength which even forced Xu Right to admit defeat- what could He Yitian do in front of it?

Cheng Zhusheng faintly smiled and said, “Yanjuan, what are you up to? Don’t tell me you don’t want your sister to get a good husband?”

Cheng Yanjuan faintly smiled and said, “Grandfather, I only have one sister. I can’t let her suffer unjustly. Why don’t you let brother-in-law receive some pointers from my husband?”

Cheng Zhusheng and the rest felt themselves at loss. He Quanming and He Quanyi, however, helplessly smiled. Cheng Yanjuan wasn’t creating trouble at all, rather she wished to tell He family that her younger sister had a backer and couldn’t be bullied in any possible way.

However, asking Lin Taoli to personally act was no less than putting a fine timber to a petty use.

He Yitian slowly stood up under numerous vision. Although he knew that he was no match for his opponent at all, acting as He family’s grandson, he wouldn’t back down from a challenge.

However, before he could advance, a person shrouded his vision.

“Elder brother, today is the day of your wedding. Let your younger brother act on your behalf.”