Martial God - Book 1 - What Is A Genius - Chapter 74 - Ninth Layer Battle

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In the arena, Lin Taoli and Xu Right cupped their fists at each other, then retreated a few steps away from each other.

The atmosphere suddenly tensed. Even the people who had nothing to with this matter couldn’t help but feel a chill in their hearts.

Cheng Lord Master and Cheng Shine were the most tense. They never anticipated such an event occurring today.

Their vision turned towards the only woman among the principal seats, Cheng Yanjuan.

In the Heaven Seizing country where the martial wind blew- not to mention the principal seats, a woman capable of entering just the main hall would be considered an extraordinary one.

Of course, if this woman forged her way relying on her own strength, it would be a completely different matter. Looking at her sweet, charming appearance, anybody could tell that even a nobody from the young generation of the three influential families would be able to beat her with ease. However, accompanying her was Lin family’s Lin Taoli. From the evident affection between the two, nobody dared to challenge her authority to sit on the principal seats.

Seeing that her two elders were looking at her, she sweetly smiled and gently said, “Taoli is aware of the propriety, please be at ease.”

The father and son faintly smiled and nodded, feeling quite assured. If she hadn’t affirmed, they could have only believed that this young master of Lin family had come to deliberately create trouble.

Xu Yinjie swept his glance over her beautiful face and immediately understood with a crystal clarity the reason Lin Taoli had gone to the arena- it was completely due to her instigation. After hearing the disappearance of the thousand year blood ginseng, she must have inquired her old man. Subsequently, due to the lack of a clear suspect, all the blame had been shifted to the Xu family.

He inwardly sighed. This was what they call as ‘undeserving calamity’. However, he was certain that even if Right suffered a loss, they could not look for retaliation at all.

In the arena, the two people stood far away from each other. Formidable auras began to gradually spread from their bodies.

After a few moments, all knowledgeable people had their expressions completely transformed

He Quanming and He Quanyi exchanged a glance; both could see the appalled expression in each other’s eyes. He Quanyi moved his hands under the cover of table and made a ‘9’ gesture.

He Quanming faintly nodded; his expression grave, lacking the slightest bit of the previous smile.

It could be even said that Xu Right had raised the fame of Tai Cang county. He was indeed one of the rarely seen ninth layer expert in the county. He was definitely among the top ten experts throughout the whole county.

The moment he held his ground, the aura that burst out from his body caused everybody who was moving towards the arena for a closer look to have trouble breathing.

The people surrounding the arena were crammed towards the vicinity of the arena. However, this moment, all of these people simultaneously began to retreat. Even the servants who were in charge of maintaining the order and calm were no exception.

Xu Right had not acted yet. However, his aura had already maintained the dominance.

However, his opponent, a young expert from Lin family, had his hands behind his back. As if he didn’t even put the opponent in front of him in his eyes.

Moreover, even though Lin Taoli’s aura had yet to erupt, he stood firmly and seemed unshakable.

Xu Right’s face had a heavy appearance. He originally thought he’d gone a bit extreme too early. Under his father’s instructions, he was to cook a half-hearted move. However, when the two of them stood facing each other, he realized that he’d underestimated this guy. Even when his aura attained eighth layer’s peak, he couldn’t shake his opponent at all.

Although this man was young, the cultivation of his body was no small matter and was not inferior to his already.

Sucking in a deep breath, Xu Right’s both eyes suddenly shined with a fiery radiance. His aura suddenly exploded forth to extreme, enveloping everything in the surrounding.

Although this was an invisible and untouchable force, under its effect, the retreating people suddenly accelerated. Even in the main hall, a few people seemed to have been affected by it.

Complete silence reigned over the arena. This was the effect of frightening expulsion of the complete might of a ninth layer expert.

Lin Taoli’s expression also eventually turned grave as an equivalently formidable aura rippled from his body before gradually spreading around.

If one were to say that Xu Right’s aura was like blazing fire, Lin Taoli’s aura was endless and incessant like that of river’s water- one wave one top of another. Although it was not fierce, it seemed inexhaustible.

The two auras threatened to erupt in confrontation, causing an uproar in the spectators once again.

This moment, everybody knew that this twenty-seven, twenty-eight-year-old male actually stood as equal before Xu RIght. He was an expert whose Internal Energy had already attained the ninth layer.

Among all the techniques, the cultivation of Internal Energy was the most difficult. It required step by step advancement while the difficulty increased with every step.

It was unlike many battle skills which only required a moment of enlightenment for a substantive progress. No shortcut existed in the cultivation of Internal Energy.

He, Xu, and Cheng- the combined members of the young generation of these three families easily amounted to more than a hundred. All of these had begun the cultivation of the Internal Energy from the age of five. However, to this date, those who could break through the sixth layer and attain the seventh layer had only been two.

Among the second generation, those who could break through to the ninth layer were only two. Moreover, both of these individuals had to cross the age of forty before taking this step. However, these two were still seen as the future cores of their respective clans.

However, at this moment, looking at the man on the stage who had yet to turn thirty, everybody felt all sorts of emotions welling up inside.

This man had actually attained the ninth layer before the age of thirty. What monstrosity was this…..

He Yitian was only slightly smaller than the former in age. However, by the disparity of the seventh layer and the ninth layer, these two couldn’t even be considered in the same class.

Compared to this man, the three influential families seemed utterly mediocre and worthless.

He Quaming and He Quanyi glanced at He Yiming and felt a little comfort.

He Yiming was currently fifteen years old. Although no one could say for sure whether he would be able to attain the ninth layer within the next ten or so years, just his existence constituted a hope- the sole hope of contending Lin Taoli.

On the stage, Xu Right eventually hissed loudly, which accompained that fiery aura.

His both feet faintly stamped before he instantly covered a distance of more than ten meters and arrived directly before Lin Taoli. While confronting an expert that was of the same rank, he’d already discarded all caution and apprehension. If one held back against such an enemy, it would be just following the path of one’s destruction.

His both palms fluttered about. His every fist contained the maximum possible strength. The entire strength of his body had exploded forth.

Moreover, his both palms began to gradually turn red, and his surroundings also emanated bursts of scorched air.

He family’s He Yihai was also a fire type cultivator. Just now, he’d shown his might and defeated several members of Cheng family’s young generation- gaining admiration of everybody. However, compared to Xu Right this moment, he seemed like a apprentice showing his tricks before a wizard. It was not worth fart.

As Xu Right released his Internal Energy and employed his battle skill, his entire being seemed to have turned into a gigantic fireball. Wherever this fireball went, everything turned a shade of pitch black.

The shoes under his feet had already been destroyed- being unable to endure the heat. However, the clothes on his body were still completely intact. This was because he still held back a part of his strength and the clothes were made of special material. They couldn’t be easily damaged.

On the stage, many pitch black pathways could be seen along with footprints which seemed as if they had been deeply engraved in the ground. However, on top of every footprint, bits and traces of black could be seen. These were the residual traces formed after exhibiting the Blaze technique to the extreme.

Furthermore, the air itself felt sort of scorched. Everybody had to exert a lot more effort than normal in order to breathe. Moreover, the inhaled air also brought a scorching sensation to the lungs, making people extremely uncomfortable.

However, although Xu Right seemed as mighty as a god, he was unable to do anything in front of this youngster.

The latter’s face had remained serene. Regardless how powerful Xu Right’s aura became, as soon as it entered one meter around his body, it vanished like smoke in air- incapable of influencing him at all.

The air surrounding his body actually seemed to ripple like flowing water. The restraining effect of water type techniques on fire type techniques was being exhibited thoroughly and vividly.

In this manner, neither slow nor fast- as if training in solitude- he began to exhibit moves of his battle skill. This unhurried and steady to the extreme display completely discarded Xu Right’s Blaze technique.

The experts who were watching all had unsightly looks on their faces. If a member of young generation possessed such skill, then about Lin family’s first generation?

At this moment, everybody seemed to have felt the insignificance of Tai Cang county. Facing this colossal entity from Jadeting city, even Cheng father and son duo felt immense trepidation.