Martial God - Book 1 - What Is A Genius - Chapter 60 - A Miraculous State

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Bone Transformation technique: Wood Type Supplementary Technique.

He Yiming faced upwards and sighed deeply, ‘Could this really be the will of heavens?’

Ever since he’d attained the sixth layer, every time he selected a technique, it would always turn out to be that of supplementary type.

Not to mention primary techniques, he’d not even selected a single battle skill.

If it had been one or two times, it could be passed off as nothing but a chance. However, four times in a row….

Even though he didn’t believe in ghosts and spirits, He Yiming couldn’t help but feel somewhat queer.

After pondering for a bit, He Yiming decided to place the book on the table. He didn’t make another selection. If this truly was fate at work, he would silently oblige.

Of course, inwardly, he was aware that this was nothing more than a series of lucky coincidences. However, this luck of his was indeed too weird.

Neatly spreading the scripture on the table, He Yiming moderated his frame of mind and began to make copies.

While making copies, one couldn’t afford the slightest bit of distraction.

Although this was only a supplementary technique, it represented a deep comprehension of a senior figure. Every letter written on the scripture represented blood and sweat of the former. If he made an error due to slight negligence on his part, it would lead to a disaster while cultivating.

However, going by He Yiming’s cultivation realm and inconceivable tenacity of his channels, an insignificant supplementary technique wouldn’t be able to inflict fatal injuries. However, nobody looks for trouble deliberately- even more so when the matter concerned Internal Energy cultivation.

Indescribably, He Yiming’s complete attention concentrated solely on the tip of the brush in his hands.

He’d not done this intentionally, rather had unwittingly entered a realm which he himself couldn’t comprehend.

It seemed as if he’d forgotten the scripture on the table, the brush in his hand, and even his entire being.

At this moment, he’d a strange feeling. He seemed to have faded away, and replacing his existence was his grip on the brush.

When all of his energy concentrated on the brush, it seemed as if the brush had become alive. It seemed as if miraculously, his life force and wisdom had been imparted to the brush, invoking life in it.

If someone watched this scene, he would report his finding to be alarming.

He Yiming’s wrist seemed as steady as a mountain, and the brush in his hand seemed to be moving by itself. Moreover, the drawings and the characters he copied were the exact, carbon copies of the original scripture. Even the slightest bit of difference couldn’t be seen.

If a scholar wished to accomplish such a feat, in addition to a practice worth of several decades and matchless determination, he would require a heaven-defying talent.

Such a bizarre transformation occurring on He Yiming’s body seemed quite mysterious.

While He Yiming’s spirit lay in this mysterious state, in the two side halls, both He Quanxin and He Laibo were jolted awake simultaneously.

Their Internal Energy had attained the ninth layer’s peak. They could faintly perceive the turbulence in the air flow.

At this moment, they suddenly felt a pure, dense aura coming from the main hall.

This aura held no provocation towards them, rather it seemed to carry a sort of omnipresent, all-inclusive, mysterious force.

Both of them simultaneously had the same feeling as if they had suddenly arrived in a beautiful scenery made up of mountains and lakes shrouded in white mist and found themselves unwilling to revert back.

After a few moments, their bodies faintly trembled before escaping away from the delusion. However, they were inwardly stunned and felt strange.

Simultaneously, they walked out of their residences and stepped out of the courtyard.

They obviously knew who was in the main hall. However, they had no idea what actually happened inside.

However, the state just now didn’t bring them any negative effects. Instead, they felt as if their spirits had undergone some sort of cleansing. Moreover, when they wished to leave that state, they felt no resistance whatsoever.

Under such circumstances, even an idiot could understand that what happened just now was anything but bad.

The only two ninth layer cultivators of He family exchanged a glance. Both of them could see astonishment, elation, horror, and many other emotions in the other’s eyes.

He Quanxin made a gesture with his hand and said as quietly as possible, “Uncle bao, did you see….”

He Laibao firmly shook his head and said in an equally low voice, “Don’t disturb him.”

Both nodded, aware of what the counterpart was thinking. Two individuals moved far away from each other and began to keep an eye on the whole courtyard.

They had already understood that Yiming inside was experiencing some miraculous event, and this event meant nothing but good for the latter. As such, they would try each and every means to let He Yiming experience that miracle as long as possible.

After a while, He Yiming let out a long sigh and set aside the brush in his hands.

The brush in his hands had seemed to be moving as fast as lightning before he had copied down the entire scripture in one breath.

Although he’d cultivated Breath Restraining technique, while employing this technique, he couldn’t have made too many movements and he wouldn’t have been able to enter that mysterious state.

If one fought while employing Breath Restraining technique, it would be precisely what they say digging up one’s own grave.

Although He Yiming just now had not been fighting, the energy he’d consumed while copying this scripture was no small matter. However, still, he had not breathed out before completely copying the entire scripture.

This one breath seemed to contain all the impure air in his body and seemed everlastingly long.

After eventually letting out this breath, he raised his head as his consciousness returned to his body.

At the same time, the strange force and aura that permeated throughout the entire courtyard completely vanished.

He looked at his hand, then the brush in his hand before feeling puzzled. His memory of the recent few minutes seemed unclear.

Although he could faintly remember that he seemed to have entered a strange state, to him, this state was, yet again, same as seeing not the moon itself but its reflection in the lake, and it annoyed him endlessly.

“All right.”

A loud voice came from outside. Although this voice was somewhat unfamiliar, He Yiming immediately guessed whom it belonged to.

After thinking for a bit, he went forward and opened the door.

His eldest uncle He Quanxin and old servant He Laibo were standing side by side. That voice just now had originated from He Laibo’s mouth.

Regarding this old man who enjoyed a high reputation in the clan, He Yiming didn’t felt the slightest negligence. He promptly bowed and said, “Grandpa Bao, sorry for disturbing you.”

He Laibao’s face was covered in smiles as he waved his hand and said, “Sixth young master, you are too polite.”

During his whole life, he never married and always stayed by He Wude’s side, eventually retiring in the He manor itself.

For him, this descendant of He family was no different than his own grandson. The more He Yiming’s strength grew, the happier he would feel.

He Quanxin, however, slightly raised his eyebrows and said, “Yiming, what were you doing just now?”

He Yiming had no intention of hiding since he himself had no idea either.

“Eldest uncle, I was just copying a scripture.”

“Copying a scripture.”

He Quanxin and He Laibo exchanged a glance, and both quickly glanced at the table in the middle of the hall.

On the table, there was indeed a scripture surrounded by a few papers. Furthermore, the ink on these papers had yet to properly settle down.Just a look was enough to tell that someone was indeed making copies just now.

Both individuals simultaneously frowned, what on earth could have happened while making copies?

Especially He Laibao. He’d guarded this place for several decades. Furthermore, all the scriptures placed here had been copied by him. Something this strange had never happened before.

After pondering for a bit, He Quanxin asked, “Yiming, while you were making copies, did something happen?”

He was completely incapable of putting that mysterious feeling into words.

He Yiming repeatedly nodded his head and said, “Eldest uncle, while making copies, nephew felt something strange was going on. However, when nephew stopped, this feeling was gone.”

He Quanxin astoundedly asked a few more questions to ascertain that this situation was truly connected with He Yiming. However, it turned out to be something that He Yiming had no control over and was achieved by the latter involuntarily, which caused him to sigh with regret.

After giving a few pieces of advice, the two elders withdrew. He Yiming, unreconciled inwardly, placed the original scripture of Bone Transformation technique back to its position, took out the Rolling Boulder Fist’s and Silk Palm’s scriptures, and began to copy the content pertaining to their tenth layers.

While copying, He Yiming tried to concentrate his spirit onto the brush once again. However, unfortunately, he never once succeeded throughout the whole process.

Helpless, he could only return back to his residence with the set of copies.

However, he had a feeling, sooner or later, he would enter this state again, and at that time he would completely grasp it, definitely.