Martial God - Book 2 - Fame Spreads - Chapter 57 - Grievous News

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In a small town, there was usually only a single group in the best inn. They lived free and unrestrained, and the courtyard that the rich resided in was further and also the only one.

When two rich families encountered each other in such a place and neither was willing to back down, some struggle was to be ensued.

This moment, on the roadside before the inn, two bare-handed individuals were amidst a fierce confrontation. One among the two was naturally Yuan family’s sponger Zhong Puyan- a cultivator of the eighth layer. With his cultivation, he could receive a fine treatment in any influential family whatsoever. However, because of receiving great kindness from Yuan family in childhood, he willingly served Yuan family. Even in the current escort squadron, he was the expert with the most brilliant cultivation base.

The other individual was a middle-aged man in a skin tight outfit. He had exceptionally slim and narrow shoulders, long arms, long legs, and two long, chunk-like arms that dangled outside the sleeves.

However, his Internal Energy had also surprisingly attained eighth layer. Moreover, this person’s actions were vicious. His two long arms were like spider legs, every time they streaked in the air, a burst of strange air-cleaving sound whizzed through the air, seeming as if his arms were his weapon.

Zhong Puyan was evidently quite apprehensive about the middle-aged man’s arms. However, when he acted, his movements seemed light as a feather without any strength and was able to evade every time at the crucial moment.

Although both sides had begun, they seemed quite restrained and hadn’t truly gone for the kill.

Both of them could see that the opponent certainly had some origins. Under such circumstances, nobody was a fool that would kill his opponent without fearing the consequences.

To pull out a blade and kill somebody on the road due to a small verbal spat was not a feat that any cultivator could do.

Perhaps the horse bandits who acted willfully could do it, perhaps a Xiantian cultivator like He Yiming could do it, but absolutely not such people who had their limits and didn’t have enough strength to be placed above the law.

At the side, Yuan Lixuan and other individual exchanged a glance. Their faces looked quite unsightly, as if they didn’t truly wish to see a conflict break out but since swords had already been unsheathed at this moment, taking them back would be difficult.

Although Yuan Lixuan’s Internal Energy was merely at the fourth layer, standing by his side were at least five experts of the seventh layer. Furthermore, the stream of continuously walking out men from the inn with vicious expressions and weapons in their hands were giving an enormous pressure to the other side.

The atmosphere gradually started to tense.

As the men standing behind Yuan Lixuan kept increasing, the few opposing individuals evidently became somewhat uneasy. Especially the middle-aged man who was fighting against Zhong Puyan. His actions were finally beginning to become fierce.

If fact, anybody who saw the number of opponents gradually increasing would involuntarily think of dealing with the opponent at hand first and leave the rest for after the event.

Moreover, based on his recent inspection, he’d determined that Zhong Puyan was the only eighth layer expert among these people. As long as he could take care of him first, the remaining people could be easily dealt with.

At the very least, even if they couldn’t win, they would be able to escape with ease.

Sometimes, the effect of an expert’s control factor far exceeded that of a big group made of low level cultivators.

As the middle-aged man started to turn serious, Zhong Puyan immediately felt an enormous pressure.

The middle-aged man was clearly using rarely seen metal type techniques, at least half of which focused on his arms that were far longer compared to ordinary people. His waving arms seemed like a big sword streaking across. Furthermore, the edges of his palm indistinctly glowed with a golden light. This was evidently a special kind of metal type technique, which had been further cultivated to a certain degree.

Currently, under the fanatic charge of that man, his palms were getting more and more closer to the golden light. The intensity of the palm strikes was increasing every moment. Merely the fierce wind-cleaving sounds could frighten somebody.

Yuan Lixuan and the others all had anxious faces and were unwittingly moving closer to the fight.

Upon seeing such a might from an opponent, nobody would dare lower their guards. They all had decided that if the situation didn’t look good, they would all immediately jump in.

As fierce as the middle-aged man was, in the end, he was merely one eighth layer cultivator. If more than a hundred people jumped him at the same time, he could only escape for his life.

However, at this moment, a calm voice came from behind, “All come back, and watch.”

As this voice sounded, the anxiety from Yuan Lixuan and other’s faces immediately dissipated. Everybody let out a sigh a relief and retreated a few steps, opening up a distance from the battle.

Because they all knew that this voice belonged to He Yiming.

Although He Yiming’s age was only sixteen, he was the Xiantian expert of legends. During recent times, these spongers and attendants of Yuan family had heard of He Yiming’s deeds countless times.

In their minds, He Yiming had almost turned into a legend.

Since he was spectating the battle from the sidelines, what did they still need to fear?

Although these people retreated back, the middle-aged man battling Zhong Puyan and the few people on the other side suddenly felt a chill in their hearts.

A moment ago, even though so many people circled in seeming quite terrifying, even if they couldn’t beat the latter, they felt certain that they would at least be able to escape.

However, the voice that came from inside caused these people to obediently back down, and even more terrifyingly, the faces of these people didn’t have a trace of resentment. Instead every one of them actually showed a bit of anticipation and excitement in their eyes.

These all were experienced people. They immediately knew the identity of the speaker.

The speaker was an extraordinary character who could suppress these hundred bulky men and had gained their full approval.

As of now, they felt terror. If they were to provoke this mysterious character, they would probably not have a good outcome.

Their leader was even more regretful, denouncing himself on why he had to fight over this courtyard. If he’d known earlier that these people would turn out to be so much trouble, he would have agreed to live in the upper rooms, or simply leave.

Upon hearing He Yiming’s voice, Zhong Puyan’s spirits suddenly rose. He let out a soft shout, and his palm technique began to turn softer and gentler.

The technique he used was that of water type. Although this technique was probably not top class, it was not too lacking either.

His two hands unceasingly drew strange circles. After the completion of every circle, a vortex grew immediately at the center of the circle, rebounding the middle-aged man’s two arms.

Although he’d yet to meet the middle-aged man head-on from the beginning of the fight and he seemed to be somewhat disadvantaged from the looks of the zfight, he was just like gum; once stuck, it wouldn’t be possible to take it off easily.

After the battle had continued for a few more minutes, a light shout sounded from the other side, “Li Fuzhou, no need to drag it out anymore. Settle it quickly.”

That middle-aged man’s brows faintly creased, but he still sounded his agreement.

Zhong Puyan felt furious inwardly, ‘We both are eighth layer cultivators. Even though your cultivation base is somewhat higher than mine, if you want to take care of me quickly, I’m afraid it won’t be that easy.’

However, as he was feeling furious, the middle-aged man suddenly retracted his arms back and retreated a few steps back.

He’d been occupying an advantage. Thus, if he wished to retreat, he could easily retreat. There was no issue.

Zhong Puyan started. He felt skeptical inwardly, being unable to decide whether he should immediately follow up with a counterattack or not.

However, during the instant he hesitated, Li Fuzhou had already raised his arms. The two exceptionally long arms joined together in a strange manner, and the two hands evenly stretched out. The two palms were also a lot bigger compared to that of ordinary people.

At this moment, his ten fingers were intertwined, surprisingly taking shape of a bizarre hand seal, which seemed as if ten fingers combined together in the form of a dragon. The two big thumbs were protruding out from in between the fingers, exposing two long, white fingernails.

For some reason, as Zhong Puyan looked at this hand seal, his face involuntarily changed somewhat. This seal actually contained a strength that he was simply incapable of comprehending. Moreover, it was exceptionally dangerous, making him feel as if he’d been closely stared by a viper.

At this moment, inside a dark corner of the inn, He Yiming suddenly cried out in surprise, “Eh, do I know these people?”

He Quanxin and He Yitian faintly started, inwardly having the same thought, “Could He Yiming have met these people last time he’d ventured outside?”

He Yiming’s eyes swept through their bodies. Faintly smiling, he said, “Eldest uncle, eldest brother, look at their clothes.”

He Quanxin and He Yitian were astonished. They carefully observed. Their clothes seemed to be somewhat familiar, only the two were unable to recall at the moment.

He Yiming softly said, “Eldest brother, the day of your marriage ceremony.”

He Yitian’s two eyes eventually brightened, “I remember. They are members of Jadeting’s Lin family. This attire is the special outfit of Lin family’s attendants without a doubt.”

He Quanxin faintly nodded. In order to invite He Yiming, Lin Taoli once made a personal visit to He manor. Though, he’d come in high spirits, ultimately he returned with disappointment.

For the scene after the battle between He Yiming and Lin Taoli to leave a deep impression of their clothes was only inevitable.

However, the two didn’t know that the reason why He Yiming could recognize them was not due to their clothes, but due to the hand imprint used by Li Fuzhou.

Although this imprint was neither Prostrate Imprint nor Rain Cloud Imprint, with He Yiming’s exceptional visual prowess, he only needed a glance to tell that the technique of this hand seal had the same origin as that of Lin family’s Xiantian imprint technique.

Though in comparison to Lin Taoli, the imprint currently employed by Li Fuzhou was undoubtedly a lot weaker in terms of might. One could even say that it was simply a level below.

It could be due to him being not as proficient, or the imprint’s capability being finite in itself, in any case, such might wouldn’’t move He Yiming.

However, even though He Yiming could disregard it, Zhong Puyan couldn’t.

His two eyes were wide opened, and face unprecedently grave. The Internal Energy inside his body was circulating at its quickest, and his strength had been pushed to the peak.

The opponent’s imprint beared down on him with an enormous pressure, making him thoroughly understand that this was perhaps the most powerful opponent he’d fought throughout his life.

Li Fuzhou suddenly issued a soft cry and stepped out. At the same time, the imprint smashed at Zhong Puyan like a sledgehammer.

Indeed. He’d opted to smash, from top to bottom. Aggressive and overbearing, basically leaving nowhere to dodge for his opponent.

Zhong Puyan swiftly retreated. However, he immediately discovered that the opponent’s imprint had maintained the same posture since the beginning. Regardless of where he escaped to, he wouldn’t be able to avoid being resolutely hit by this blow. He felt appalled inwardly, ‘What type of battle skill is this, giving such a terrifying feeling?’

Actually, if he were told that this battle skill had been developed from a Xiantian battle skill, he wouldn’t have felt so dispirited.

Xiantian battle skill; how powerful of a existence this was? Even if it was a mere simplification with only thirty percent of the original power, how could he with his ordinary Houtian cultivation evade it so easily?

His legs stopped. Since he could not evade, he would simply fight.

With a loud cry, his two hands raised high up to go against the opponent’s imprint.

However, right at this moment, he saw at the corner of his opponent’s mouth curling into a faint sneer, as if the latter believed he overestimated his ability.

Zhong Puyan’s center back immediately soaked in cold sweat, regretting his decision. However, at this moment, he was a shot bow and could no longer go back.

All the Internal Energy inside his body concentrated as he pushed forward as if his life depended on it.

However, his eyes suddenly blurred. Somewhere along the line, an individual suddenly appeared before him.

His two palms had already struck out. He absolutely couldn’t stop his arms as they resolutely stamped on the back of that figure.

He was extremely astonished. Where did this figure come from, appearing like a ghost, and rendering him completely incapable to react?


A voice sounded. Zhong Puyan felt quite strange This voice didn’t seem to be coming from the person’s back, rather it was coming from the front.

He inwardly wondered, ’What’s going on? Could I have unwittingly mastered the mystical technique of striking from distance? Hitting at the back, but the damage is dealt at front?’

However, he only indulged in such thoughts momentarily since he knew such a feat was not possible.

As he tilted to side, he clearly saw.

In between him and Li Fuzhou was precisely He Yiming.

As soon as he saw He Yiming, he immediately understood. Even though the power in his palms was not light, to hurt this person would simply be wishful thinking.

He respectfully retreated; his arms automatically dropping down, seeming extremely respectful.

Li Fuzhou’s handprint had resolutely struck at He Yiming’s chest.

It was a vital section of the human body. An eighth layer expert had used all his might, combined it with a top level battle skill and resolutely struck this section.

In Li Fuzhou’s perception, even if this person had nine lives, he should have already lost eight and a half of them.

However, from the smiling face of the youngster, he didn’t seem to have even been injured in the slightest. Li Fuzhou retreated a few steps; his face completely white and looking at He Yiming with a gaze full of fear.

Although He Yiming’s body didn’t have a trace of aura, even if the former had three times the courage, he wouldn’t dare provoke him again.

The faces of the few individuals behind him slightly changed. They had of course witnessed the scene that had occurred a moment ago. They immediately shut their mouths and stopped breathing; their faces no longer containing a trace of arrogance.

He Yiming raised his hand and lightly patted his clothes a few times, as if casually taking care of some stain, “Gentlemen, are you from Jadeting’s Lin family?”

Hearing his mild tone, Li Fuzhou let out a sigh of relief. He turned his head and looked back. The head among those few people came forward in large strides and cupped his fists, “Yes, we are from Jadeting’s Lin family. Tonight, hurrying on the road, we missed our lodging, which lead to the conflict with your side. All of this was an accident, and we’re in the wrong. Please Sir, forgive us.”

He Yiming inwardly sighed. These people immediately discerned that they were not his opponent, and thus, were willing to lower themselves.

“No need to be polite. Since it was a misunderstanding, it can be overlooked once it’s out in the open.”

That man deeply bowed and said, “Myself is Lin Wenkai, one of Lin family’s manager, may I ask…..who are you, sir?”

After witnessing He Yiming’s appearance Lin Wenkai inwardly clicked his tongue in wonder, ‘So young, but still has such an unfathomable cultivation base. Really a wonder how he cultivated.’

He Yiming faintly smiled and said, “Tai Cang county, He Yiming.”

“Tai Cang county?” Lin Wenkai suddenly raised his head; his face full of astonishment.

Not only him, all the other people behind him including Li Fuzhou had the same expressions.

He Yiming’s smile slightly dimmed. In his mind, he indescribably felt an intense, bad premonition. He inwardly quivered. His premonitions had never been wrong.

“Gentlemen, is there something wrong?” He Yiming asked in a lowered voice.

Lin Wenkai hesitated a bit, seeming as if recalling something, and said, “Sir, you are Tai Cang’s, one of the three influential families, He family’s young master, He Yiming?”


“Young master is returning from outside and hasn’t reached back yet?” Lin Wenkai probingly asked.

“Indeed.” He Yiming’s eyes began to sharpen as he asked, “Could it be some accident has occurred at our He family?”

Lin Wenkai bitterly laughed and said, “Young master He, to be honest, seven days ago, the horses bandits of Atai county joined hands and stormed into Tai Cang county town.”


Two figures suddenly flickered. He Quanxin and He Yitian also quickly rushed out; their faces extremely unsightly.

“What happened after?”

Lin Wenkai faintly shook his head and said, “The last message we received was that the county town has already been destroyed. After that, we’re not sure.” Pausing for a bit, he continued, “The family dispatched us to gather information about Tai Cang county. However, these horse bandits are runaways who see human lives as grass. I’m afraid this time Tai Cang county….”

Although he stopped, everybody got the meaning his words implied.

He Yiming’s face sank, and his eyes chilled with an unsuppressable coldness.

“Father, mother,” He Yiming raised his head and softly mumbled. He then sucked in a deep breath and spoke in a loud and clear voice, “Eldest uncle, Eldest brother, I’ll return first.”

Before the sound of his voice had echoed, his being disappeared like a ghost. After a time worth a few breaths, they all heard the sound of horse hooves as if the pounding of drums. They then saw a red shadow disappearing before them…..