Martial God - Book 2 - Fame Spreads - Chapter 56 - Night Conversation

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Sparrows flew across, white clouds undergoing countless transformations drifted in the blue sky. The green fields under their feet dyed the lands with shades of dark and emerald green.

Several days had passed since they left Yuan family.

When they had arrived, it was close to Chinese new year. In order to rescue Yuan family, they rushed to the Yuan residence, madly steering their horses. By the time they reached it, seven of the horses had already given up.

Currently, it was already the third month of spring. They had to spend two whole months in Yuan family to tidy up everything.

Upon returning, they didn’t merely have eight horses and four people.

Fifty thousand gold taels gifted by Yuan family had been properly stacked into five big carriages. Every carriage was carrying a weight of about five hundred kilograms. Of course, the carriages were stacked with some random stuff on top to fool prying eyes.

In addition to all this, Yuan family even sent a combination of over hundred servants, attendants, and spongers as an escort squadron.

Of course, be it the members of He family, or they themselves, all were well aware that this so-called escorting was nothing more than an act. At most, they would be able to perform some odd jobs and keep watch.

Even if they were to encounter some ignorant horse bandits, not to mention a strong Xiantian expert like He Yiming, even He Quanxin and He Yitian would have no trouble taking all the bandits by themselves.

After all, from here to Heaven Sieve, then to Tai Cang county, was a long official road.

Even though Atai county was littered with unparalleled horse bandits, they wouldn’t dare carelessly dispatch a big group here. Otherwise, they would be forcing the authorities in Heaven Sieve country to use force on them.

As long as no big group was seen here, these people would absolutely not put small fries in their eyes.

The whole squadron consisted of ten carriages. Apart from the five that were loaded with gold, three more had various chests, which would be the dowry of two girls of Yuan family. As for the last two, they were obviously reserved for the two girls.

However, being away from home, they felt quite lonesome, and as fellow sufferers, they decided to ride together and squeezed in a single carriage.

The lead of the caravan belonged to He Quanxin. His face had a faint discontentment. Although he didn’t look gloomy, he didn’t look happy in any way either.

Although He Yitian was quite delighted, he didn’t have the guts to show his smirking face to his father. Moreover, he couldn’t laugh and chat with that individual in the carriage either, making him feel quite depressed. Thus, his complexion also didn’t look good either.

However, this expression of his unexpectedly helped He Quanxin dispel his doubts regarding the former. Otherwise, with his temper, even if He Yitian could escape a beating, he wouldn’t have avoided a lecture.

The sun gradually shifted towards the west. Yuan Lixuan, who was in the front, reined his horse back and said, “Uncle, the sky has already turned dark. Ahead is a small town, it will be better if we rest for today there.”

Although Yuan Lixuan wasn’t Yuan Earnest’s blood-related son, after he gained favourable impression of He Yiming and He Yitian when he’d assumed the responsibility of entertaining them, his status in Yuan family had risen like a boat rising along with a tide, directly becoming a part of Yuan family’s core disciples.

Furthermore he’d never disappointed Yuan Earnest and the rest, nor made He Quanxin and rest feel any discomfort. Running back and forth, all the arrangements he’d made were regular and thorough.

With his friendship with the He brothers, contributions, and witty conduct, his future prospects would certainly be bright upon returning.

He Quanxin gazed into the distance and said, “Alright, we’ll rest here.”

With his approval, the group entered the small town and took hold of the biggest inn inside. Especially the backyard, which was completely cleared out for He Quanxin and He brothers along with the two girls.

This time, the money Yuan Earnest had laid down could indeed take care of all road expenses of the group. Even if every one of them resided in the most luxurious of the courtyards, it wouldn’t be a problem at all. Unfortunately though, in this small town which was even far smaller than the Tai Cang county town, even finding a decent courtyard would be difficult.

Upon entering the backyard and sorting it out a bit, some people naturally brought some food. Yuan Lixun and Yuan Liwen took the initiative to make arrangements for their dinner.

Yuan Lixun’s movements were exceptionally smooth, seeming quite proficient in such tasks. However, Yuan Liwen seemed rather out of place. Though under the cover of Yuan Lixun, she wouldn’t be discovered unless somebody paid close attention.

After making the arrangements, they immediately took their leave from He Quanxin. Such proficient actions made He Quanxin quite satisfied as well.

Watching them leave, He Quanxin said, “Yiming, Yitian, in another two days, we’ll be in the Tai Cang county, and at most in three to four days, we’ll be back home.”

He Yitian quite excitedly said, “Father, this time we’ve been away for two months. Grandfather will certainly be quite concerned. I wonder what would be his reaction when he finds out that the sixth brother has already entered the Xiantian realm.”

He Quanxin’s let out a faint smile. As he thought about the dumbstruck expression on his father’s face, even he felt somewhat expectant.

However, as his vision went outside the building and entered the building right across, his smile immediately somewhat dulled.

He Yiming and He Yitian exchanged a glance, both bitterly smiling inwardly.

“Eldest uncle, are you too discontent about my decision?” He Yiming cautiously asked.

He Quanxin faintly shook his head, “Yiming, you’ve already become a Xiantian cultivator. Taking your cultivation base into consideration, not to mention one concubine, even if you were to take seven or eight concubines, I’ve no complaints at all.”

He Yiming coughed, evidently quite embarrassed.

He Quanxin’s face eventually revealed a trace of smile, “Since you’ve the courage to raise this request, you should also have the courage to back it up. Haven’t you met with lady Lixun and like her? If someone has a problem, deal with it yourself.”

He Yiming bitterly smiled and said, “Eldest uncle, what are you saying? He Quanxin’s smile gradually vanished, and he said, “Yiming, although I don’t oppose you taking a concubine, you shouldn’t have done the same for Yitian. He doesn’t have your talent and he can’t match you no matter what. If his cultivation suffers because of a woman, I’m afraid he wouldn’t be able to achieve anything in the end, not even breaking through the seventh layer’s peak.

He Yitian’s face slightly changed, even standing as he said, “Father, please be at ease. Son will put even more effort in cultivation and break through the seventh layer soon.”

He Quanxin waved his hand and said in a displeased voice, “Talking nonsense. How could seventh layer’s peak be so easy to transcend? Be it your second uncle or third uncle, both spent almost ten years at the seventh layer before being able to breakthrough,” Glancing at He Yiming, he continued, “You think you’re Yiming? He….”

At this point, He Quanxin stopped because he suddenly discovered that he simply couldn’t describe He Yiming’s ability to clear bottlenecks as if he having meal.

Shaking his head, as he was about to speak, he heard He Yiming’s laughter, “Eldest unlce, if you’re concerned about this issue, I can assure you, eldest brother will certainly not disappoint you.”

He Quanxin’s eyes involuntarily shined as he said, “How do you know?”

He Yiming said, “Eldest uncle, you should’ve remembered that when eldest brother left the manor and arrived in Yuan family, his cultivation base was around mid section of seventh layer.”

“Right.” He Quanxin faintly nodded. He was He Yitain’s father and was the most concerned about his son, and thus, was extremely attentive of his son’s cultivation progress. He Yiming was different. Since his performance was too odd, He Wude commanded to not interfere with his cultivation. This was the reason everybody had been kept in dark regarding his true strength.

“Eldest uncle, you should also have remembered the result of battle between eldest brother and Fan Vastsun.”

He Quanxin immediately felt quite moved. He could never forget that battle. However, only in the hindsight was he able to discover that the reason for such a result was the Essence gold core which was given to He Yitian by He Yiming.

“Yiming, you’ve more Essence gold cores?”

“Correct, not just me, even eldest brother has a few more gold cores.” He Yiming said with a chuckle.

He Quanxin immediately turned his head and asked with a discontent face, “Yitian, why didn’t you tell me?”

He Yitian’s face turned slightly red as he said, “Father, sixth brother originally gave me four Essence gold cores. One I’ve already consumed. But I thought since these gold cores have been obtained by sixth brother, they should of course be given to second uncle. So…”

He Quanxin nodded his head in satisfaction and said, “You were intending to give it directly to second brother?”

“No.” He Yitian resolutely said.

He Quanxin’s started, then asked as his face sank, “Then what do you intend to do?”

“Son intended to have Yixuan consume one, then give the remaining two to second uncle,” His voice calm and without hesitation, seeming extremely sincere, “If second uncle directly receives them, I’m afraid Yixuan might not have a share.”

He Quanxin’s face gradually eased. He lightly snorted and said, “You, pack of little devils, are starting to not put us elders in your eyes more and more. Making your own decisions all the time, humph…”

Although his expression was quite fiendish, his eyes brimmed with satisfaction.

The third generation of the family cared for each other, and nobody was willing to monopolize any benefit. This indeed comforted his old heart. Especially after witnessing the internal strife in the Yuan family which escalated to both sides unsheathing swords on each other, he’d begun see the importance of this even more.

He Yiming’s spiritual sense was exceptionally sharp. Immediately discerning his eldest uncle’s feelings, he said, “Eldest uncle, believe in your nephew. As long as the Essence gold cores work their magic, not to mention eldest brother accepting one concubine, even seven or eight are not an issue.”

After saying these words, he stared at his eldest uncle with a dead serious expression, though the craftiness in his eyes was evident.

He Quanxin shook his head and said, “Yiming, you…”

Suddenly, a clamor came from outside. Although the noise was not too loud, how could it go unnoticed past He Yiming and He Quanxin.

A few moments later, He Yiming’s brows creased as he said, “It’s our people.”

Almost at the same time, He Quanxin’s voice also sounded, “It’s Yuan family’s people.”

Although the words they had said were different, the implied meaning was the same. Outside, there were some people arguing with the Yuan family members.

He Yitian’s face slightly changed. He lifted his head.

The three exchanged a glance, all astonished inwardly.

This was after all an official road. There were no big horse bandit groups here, and even a group of hundred people here would be a rare sight.

In the absence of certain strength, how could one have casually assembled such a big group?

Moreover, this time with Yuan family’s intention of flattering them, the attendants and spongers they had sent were all excellent.

The depths of a clan with a hundred year legacy was far above that of the current He family. Not to mention all of these spongers had a cultivation base of sixth layer or above, even the most ordinary of the attendants had a cultivation base of fifth layer or above.

Although this was still not comparable to those millenium clans, wherever one were to put this squadron, it would certainly be classified as an elite one.

However, this moment, there were actually some people in the inn who were arguing with them. This was too abnormal.

He Yitian promptly stood up and said, “I’ll go take a look.”

Originally, by seniority, He Yiming should have been the one to handle this affair. However, as of now, be it He Yitian or He Quanxin, none dared to take He Yiming as an ordinary member of third generation any longer. Therefore, the responsibility of this task naturally fell on He Yitian’s shoulder.

He Yiming hesitated a bit and said, “Eldest brother, Yuan Lixuan still hasn’t shown up.”

He Quanxin faintly nodded, “That’s right, wait a little bit.”

During the journey this time, all the arrangements made by Yuan Lixuan had deeply gained him their trusts. If they were to handle this matter by themselves when he hadn’t shown up, his recently established prestige would take a huge hit.

He Yitian naturally didn’t object. However, after a few more minutes, the noise didn’t seem to be going down, instead it seemed to be developing bigger and bigger. Moreover, He Yiming’s brows creased in dissatisfaction. Even He Yitian could feel the powerful aura from his sixth brother’s body that could make one palpitate.

Of course he also knew that this was already the suppressed aura of his sixth brother. If the latter were to completely unleash his aura like during the battle with Lu Xinwen, it would be enough to terrify anybody.

He Quanxin suddenly let out a cold snort and said, “How preposterous.”

He Yitian faintly started and said, “Father, what’s happening?”

Although his Internal Energy was at the seventh layer, it was still not enough to discern anything from the indistinct noise coming from outside.

He Yiming tugged him and said, “Eldest brother, there are a few newly arrived people outside, demanding the best place to stay in the town,” His face revealed a sneer as he said, “They are saying, they will pay twice the amount.”

He Yitian also snorted in disatisfaction. Anyone encountering such an affair en-route would not be happy.

“Moreover, Yuan Lixuan has also shown up. He hasn’t gone aggressive on them and only told them that there are already people living there and also women. Therefore, he is willing to open up the best guest room in his courtyard.” He Yiming continued

He Yitian asked in wonder, “When did he become so polite? This seems too impossible.”

He Quanxin couldn’t help but laugh, “It’s not that he’d become polite, rather we’re here and we’ve a lot of precious stuff. Therefore, he is not willing to create unnecessary troubles. Furthermore, this is not Gold Forest after all. Their Yuan family’s influence here is quite low. The other side is being so domineering, so they must have some origins,” Saying until here, He Quanxin faintly nodded and said, “Lixuan, this kid is indeed not bad. He can definitely be cultivated.”

If Yuan Lixuan had known that this action of his had unexpectedly gain He Quanxin’s favorable impression, he would have certainly thanked his good luck.

He Yiming’s face slightly sank, “A fight has started.”

He Quanxin and He Yitian started, then heard the commotion outside becoming bigger and bigger, followed by a few cries of surprise.

Both father and son were aghast inwardly. He Yiming had such a grasp on the situation from so far away that even before the fight had started, he made the correct prediction.

At this moment, He Quanxin and He Yitian had more of an understanding about the abilities of a Xiantian cultivator by firsthand experience, and their revere towards He Yiming increased even further.

He Quanxin stood up and said, “Let’s go out and take a look.”

The two brothers simultaneously sounded their agreements. This issue had aroused due to the backyard. If they still pretended to be oblivious to it, that would be simply inexcusable.

As He Yiming was about to leave the courtyard, his gaze lingered on the side building for a moment.

Two big, bright eyes were watching them leave from a small opening in the window. Abruptly meeting gazes with He Yiming, after a momentary startelement, the two eyes immediately resumed their normal appearance and slowly went hidden.

He Yiming turned around and inwardly laughed. He quickened his pace for an instant and silently arrived beside his eldest brother. Neither He Quanxin nor the latter discovered anything.

Inside the building separated by a wall, Yuan Lixun’s eyes seemed somewhat annoyed. As she looked at Yuan Liwen who was wholeheartedly concentrating on the embroidery task, she felt quite envious.

If she could also have the former’s calm, she wouldn’t have peeked out of curiosity and ended up being discovered by He Yiming.

As if feeling her gaze, Yuan Liwen lifted her head. Smoothly moving her wrist and making a few stitches, she said, “Younger sister, what’s up with you?”

Yuan Lixun hesitated a bit, then said, “Elder sister, why have you been sitting like this throughout the journey?”

Yuan Liwen looked at her in astonishment, seeming as if considering something. She eventually said, “Elder sister is sitting like this because she has no longer a path to retreat.” After saying these words, she again lowered her head and engrossed herself in the embroidery work in her hand.

Yuan Lixun gaped. She didn’t say anything, only questioned herself,

‘Do you have a path to retreat….?’