Martial God - Book 2 - Fame Spreads - Chapter 54 - Yuan Family's Girls

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In the Yuan family, the Lord Master’s residence was inside a secluded courtyard towards the west.

Although the courtyard was secluded, the interior was brightly lit with sunlight. Even during winter, sunlight could be seen entering into the depths of the courtyard, creating a lukewarm atmosphere in the winter.

Under persistent persuasion of He Yitian, the two brothers arrived inside Lord Master’s courtyard.

When He Yitian appeared inside the courtyard, he saw a smile blooming on the Lord Master’s face.

As far as the latter was concerned, if he could offer a granddaughter who had born from a concubine to this young Xiantian expert, he and Yuan family would be completely satisfied.

He fervently welcomed them inside, not showing a trace of an elder’s authority. If someone who hadn’t seen them before were to see this scene, he would certainly think that these three had profound friendship between themselves, though the difference in their ages seemed a bit too high.

After the three sat down on seats corresponding to host and guests, Yuan Zeyu made an eye-gesture. There were naturally witty servants who immediately understood the Lord Master’s intentions. After a few moments, two girls entered the main hall.

One of the two was about twenty years old with tall stature. Her hair was smoothly knitted into a bun that hung high above her head, starkly highlighting her elegant face. In between two refined, parenthesis-like eyebrows and slightly high nose, lay embedded a pair of eyes which were exceptionally bright, and which not only increased the brilliance of her smiling face, but even brightened the room as soon as she entered.

The moment she entered the room, He Yitian’s eyes brightened. A gentle smile involuntarily appeared on his face.

The girl first glanced at the Lord Master, then sneakily swept her vision around. When her vision fell on He Yitian, the moisture in her translucent eyes seemed to ripple. Although she immediately restrained her gaze afterwards, her face slightly blushed.

He Yitian glanced at He Yiming, faintly seeking approval.

Upon witnessing such a dubious behaviour between his elder brother and this girl, He Yiming immediately knew that this was the girl his eldest brother had eyes on. However, although this girl was beautiful, she was not stunningly so and might not be comparable to his sister-in-law Cheng Yanli. He wondered what his eldest brother could have seen in this girl, resulting in him being so infatuated.

Such a loving expression in his eyes clearly displayed that he’d no qualms regarding his decision.

Feeling a headache coming, He Yiming looked towards the back. Entering behind this girl in slow steps was a girl that was about his age.

Compared to the former, although this girl’s appearance was somewhat humble, she looked somewhat ripe. However, her bearing reflected an evident elegance and delicacy, emanating a soft and gentle feeling. Her small mouth faintly exuded innocence of a child. Especially her eyes, so clear and deep, shining with vitality.

However, in He Yiming’s perception, this young girl wasn’t s sincere as she seemed. Concealed in the depths of her eyes, there seemed to be some thoughts which only she knew.

Her face was fair and delicate, this point conformed to the norm of a big clan’s well-raised girl. However, He Yiming, who had eyes as sharp as a needle, could clearly see a few patches of callus on her hands.

Although these patches were not eye-catching at all and not many would have paid attention to them, they couldn’t slip past He Yiming’s eyes unnoticed.

In reality, in the first glance, He Yiming was simply unable to sort out his feelings regarding this girl. She felt like a complete stranger to him, unable to enter his heart at all.

However, he knew the purpose of coming here beforehand and also knew the identity of this girl. Therefore, he naturally felt somewhat of a different kind of feeling.

The expressions of the He brothers were completely under Lord Master’s observation. He Yitian clearly hadn’t concealed the loving expression on his face in the slightest. However, the Lord Master’s primary focus was after all on He Yiming.

It could be said that in the absence of He Yiming’s status, even though Yuan Liwen was Yuan Zewei’s granddaughter, he wouldn’t have offered her as a concubine to He Yitian.

However, Lord Master was somewhat disappointed. He couldn’t discern any information from He Yiming’s expression at all.

However, as he thought a bit, he immediately relaxed.

Although He Yiming was young, in the end, he was still a Xiantian cultivator. How could he so easily seen through?

As long as the former didn’t oppose accepting his granddaughter as a concubine, he would be completely satisfied.

“Ah Yiming, come I will introduce you,” The Lord Master said with a face full of smiles, “These are this old man’s two granddaughters, Yuan Liwen and Yuan Lixun.”

As he introduced them, the two girls faintly bowed.

When he introduced Yuan Liwen, he didn’t explain that she was actually Yuan Zewei’s granddaughter, and in the same manner, when he introduced Yuan Lixun, he didn’t explain that she was born from Yuan Earnest’s concubine.

Since he’d acted as such, He Yiming also happily pretended to be oblivious and returned the courtesy with a faint smile.

Although the Lord Master addressed He Yiming directly by his name, his tone was extremely respectful without giving off any authority of an elder. However, such a manner of conduct instead was perfect to convey his friendly as well as respectful intentions to He Yiming. This eighty year old man was indeed quite skilled in dealing with such interactions.

A few lines were exchanged in the main hall. The old man continued to maintain a kind, smiling expression. After a few moments, the old man stood up and said, “I’ve really turned old. I’ll go take a short rest, take care of our guests for me, you two.”

After the Lord Master left, He Yitian lightly coughed and said, “Sixth brother, I’ve to discuss a few things with lady Liwen. We’ll leave first.”

Yuan Liwen’s face immediately turned red and expression also turned somewhat awkward and uncomfortable. However, this red face exuded a beauty that could seduce one’s heart and soul.

He Yiming also faintly started. His eldest brother had always been quite calm and steady. However, the latter’s behaviour today brought a strange feeling to him.

He lightly coughed and said, “Eldest brother, little brother wants to exchange a few words with you, is it possible?”

He Yitian hesitated a bit and said, “Alright,” He turned around and said, “Ladies, please sit for a few moments, we brothers will come back right away.”

The two brothers left the building side by side and began to chat before the Lord Master’s yard.

Although this was not their home, all the servants in the Yuan manor were aware of their identities. As soon as they saw the two brothers, they immediately issued a salute from distance. Who dare approach and question them?

“Eldest brother, you seem to have somewhat changed,” He Yiming said with a grave face, “This is not like you.”

He Yitian’s face slightly changed, “Sixth brother, I know I’m really being impulsive and also creating trouble for you.”

Feeling a headache coming, He Yiming shook his head, “Eldest brother, we are brothers, what are you saying these things for? Besides, as far as I’m concerned, these things aren’t necessarily trouble. However, your state of mind doesn’t seem to be right. This is not good.”

He Yitian pondered, muttering inwardly. After quite a while, he bitterly smiled and said, “Sixth brother, you’re still young. There are somethings you don’t understand.”

“What do I not understand?” He Yiming asked in dissatisfaction .

He Yitian’s smile turned even more bitter, “Sixth brother, if there comes a day when you see a girl and suddenly discover that regardless of how much you try you can’t pry away your eyes from her body, all your mind has is her figure, and all you can think of is her name, you will understand my feelings.”

He Yiming tongue-tied watched his brother. Although he knew that his brother had somewhat of a love at first sight with that girl, he didn’t expect that he was infatuated to this level. This was not good.

He involuntarily looked in the direction of the main hall. Inside, the two girls were sitting, seeming to be discussing something.

With his eye, he could easily see their every moment and action with complete clarity. However, regardless of how he tried, he couldn’t see Yuan Liwen being such a high-level beauty. Such a person was able to drive his eldest brother so crazy within a few brief interactions, this seemed inconceivable to him.

He bitterly laughed. Perhaps he would only understand this sentiment through the means of doomed love.

However, he felt quite skeptical whether he would come across such a woman….

It would be basically impossible, for his true objective was nevertheless the boundless martial way.

However, even though he didn’t understand such sentiment, since his eldest brother had already bared it out in entirety, he knew he should probably make his decision.

“Eldest brother, if you marry Yuan Liwen, you can’t neglect sister-in-law,” He Yiming lightly sighed, “Yitao has said to me that after moving into the manor, sister-in-law has been exceptionally virtuous. Yitao and sister Yiling really like her.”

He Yitian’s eyes brightened. He knew since the former had agreed, this matter was completely settled.

Although He Quanxin was quite strict, before He Yiming’s current status, unless he raised a request that could burn down the entire He manor, he would not oppose.

Deeply bowing towards He Yiming, He Yitian lightly said two words, “Thank you.”

Although the tone was quite light, it thoroughly conveyed his gratitude.

He Yiming shuddered. The intense gratitude his eldest brother had displayed vividly revealed how highly he regarded Yuan Liwen. He could only wonder whether accepting a concubine in such a manner would be good or disastrous for He manor, and also his eldest brother himself.

Since the issue had already developed to this extent, he couldn’t oppose, otherwise it would lead to a fall out between them.

He let out a sigh. He would rather have three hundred more battles with Lu Xinwen than be in this situation.

After finishing their discussion, the two brothers obviously went back inside.

A wide smile hung on He Yitian’s face. Without any apprehensions, he swiftly took Yuan Liwen’s hand. Although Yuan Liwen’s face was completely red, she didn’t resist and allowed him to lead her outside the main hall.

They arrived in the back yard.

At this place, there were various kinds of plant species. It was the place where the Lord Master enjoyed nature’s beauty in winter. Furthermore, in the center of the yard, there was a pavilion and few rockeries, seeming somewhat of a fairyland.

“Liwen, we’re settled.” He Yitian softly said.

Yuan Liwen preserved silence for a long time. Slowly, her voice sounded, “Young master He, yesterday you were saying that it would be difficult to overcome your father. Why are you so confident today?”

He Yitian chuckled and said, “If I am alone, of course I wouldn’t be able to overcome father. However, if I have sixth brother with me, even if my father were to be wholeheartedly unwilling, he wouldn’t lower sixth brother’s face.”

Yuan Liwen’s eyes slightly shined, “Is sixth young master He family’s Xiantian cultivator who defeated blood slaughterer?”

“That’s right, that is my sixth brother.” He Yitian said loftily.

Yuan Liwen seemingly let out a sigh of relief, “Since sixth young master is willing to agree, what could Liwen still complain about. Henceforth, Liwen will certainly serve young master wholeheartedly. I only ask young master, for my sake, don’t let my side suffer humiliation.”

He Yitian stood up and said in a loud and clear voice, “You can be assured, as long as I’m alive, I will certainly oblige by my promise.”

Yuan Liwen lowered her head. On her beautiful face flickered a trace of sorrow, helplessness, as well as a little bit of resentment.

However, she immediately recalled the image when five days ago, her mother and father, trembling and shivering in fear, took her before her second grandfather.

Then the words her grandfather said to her made her blood go cold.

“Liwen, although big brother collided with outsiders in order to gain the position of clan master, he is still our Yuan family’s member. We’ve been birthed by the same mother and have grown together, scoping nests on the mountains, splashing each other in the river, and covering up for each other before mother and father. Even we had many days where we shared an extremely close relationship,” The old man let out a sigh, and the wrinkles on his face seemed to have instantly increased somewhat, “Only after we turned adults, this barrier emerged between us for the sake of this position of clan leader, even making us wield swords within the clan. Now that big brother has passed away, I will naturally ensure the continuity of his bloodline. However, as long as I’m alive, nobody will dare to humiliate your side, but after the hundred years of this old man, going by Earnest’s character, he will certainly find each and every possible way to create difficulties for you. That would be the end for your house….”

“If you wish to ensure that your parents and siblings can live like before, think of every way you can to stay by He Yitian’s side. As long as you can stay by his side, gain his affection, I can ensure you that as long as Earnest becomes the head of the family, he wouldn’t make a move against your house. Although you won’t have any authority, at the very least, you wouldn’t be lacking in expenses. In fact, not being involved in the clan’s trifles is also not too bad….”

“In my opinion, He Yitian- this person is although not freakishly talented like He Yiming, he is a calm and steady person. If you can get in his good grace, you will have a good home.”

“I’m old. No matter how I try, I won’t be able to push myself for more than a few years. Think for yourself….”

Her second grandfather’s amiable tone and the words that carried a bone-chilling implications were sufficient for her to never forget that night’s conversation.

She could see the pleas in the helpless eyes of her parents and siblings. However, what aggrieved her was that in these eyes, she could neither find grief nor resoluteness, only fear and apprehension regarding the future.

It seemed as if the moment Yuan Zewei died, the spirit of their house was also completely extinguished.

Her head dropped even lower………………. Perhaps in this life, nobody would be able to understand this sentiment of her.

“Liwen, what happened? Are you not happy?”

“No, I am happy, really happy. I….am…happy….”

In the main hall, He Yiming’s brows creased, as if pondering something.

After He Yitian left, leading the beauty in hand, the atmosphere in the main hall turned somewhat heavy. When He Yiming didn’t speak anything, Yuan Lixun also didn’t dare to open her mouth.

She of course knew that the status of the person before her was far above that of an influential family’s child. She didn’t dare leave a bad impression during the first meeting.

After quite a while, He Yiming, who had still not found any subject to talk about, picked up the cup on the table and emptied it in one gulp.

He was a Xiantian cultivator, but his experience in dealing with women was next to nothing.

In his sixteen years of life, ever since the age of five when he touched upon Internal Energy cultivation, apart from his mother, Yitao, and Yiling, he’d never been in the same room with a woman alone.

Yuan Lixun stood up, picked up the teapot on the table, and again filled his cup.

Flabbergasted, He Yiming glanced at her. This was but his first time enjoying such a treatment.

If he wished to drink tea in He manor, he’d no one to rely on but himself. Even when He Wude and other manors visited his courtyard, they always enjoyed the treatment of tea leaves poured in cold water.

Hesitating a bit, he once again picked up the cup and drained everything on one gulp.

Which kind of tea was this, he’d no idea. Even after it hit his tongue, he didn’t had any particular feeling at all.

Good tea, bad tea, it was all the same to him. He would never have cared about such details, but the feeling he had at this moment….it didn’t seem bad at all.

Yuan Lixun’s face seemed to be eternally carrying a faint smile. From the first impression this seemingly innocent girl gave didn’t seem unacceptable at all.

Yuan Lixun once again filled the cup with tea. This time, He Yiming was a bit startled, wondering if he was supposed to be drinking.

However, at this moment, a faint clamor sounded outside.

The voices seemed quite distant, almost coming from outside the manor.

Even under normal conditions, He Yiming didn’t let his guard down, and at this moment, he was exceptionally attentive.

His ears slightly twitched, discerning shouts of “Elder Lord is back, Lord He is back…..” amidst the clamor, as well as a lot of people’s greetings, seemingly trying to be the first and avoid being the last.

He immediately knew that He Quanxin and Yuan Earnest, who had been gone to deal with the funeral arrangements, had come back.