Martial God - Book 2 - Fame Spreads - Chapter 53.2

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He Yiming blankly stared for a moment before casting an odd glance at his eldest brother.

“Eldest brother, you’ve merely married this past year,” He Yiming probingly asked, “Could it be your relationship with the sister-in-law is not good?”

He Yitian repeatedly shook his head and said, “No, my relationship with your sister-in-law is quite good.”

“So, why didn’t you decline Lord Master Yuan?” He Yiming puzzledly asked, “Grandfather and eldest uncle both said that we cultivators follow the martial way. Although we don’t abstain from women, but indulging all year around, our strength will suffer greatly and might not increase for the rest of our lives.”

He Yitian slightly changed, eventually saying, “I know. I understand all of this. However, I really like that person.”

He Yiming gaped. Whatever argument he was trying to present, after hearing these words from his eldest brother’s mouth, remained stuck in his mouth.

Although the relationship between his eldest brother and his wife was quite good, it was after all the product of the arrangement of the two clans. Although the latter’s appearance was quite beautiful and charming, she was not the partner his eldest brother had chosen for himself.

His eldest brother had perhaps only seen this person’s appearance but was saying that he liked her.

Hereby, it seemed that he was indeed quite moved. But….

He Yiming’s brows slightly creased as he said, “Eldest brother, does eldest uncle know of this?”

He Yitian embarrassedly shook his head and said, “Father doesn’t know.”

He Yiming’s face turned somewhat queer, “Eldest brother, are you thinking if eldest uncle finds out that you are coveting women, there will be some consequences?”

Upon saying these words, He Yiming’s vision subconsciously drifted over to He Yitian’s buttocks. In his memory, his eldest brother had never suffered from the bamboo shoot meat slice.

Though, he was already a twenty-four years old adult it was not sure if his eldest uncle would refrain from using it now.

He Yitian sharply discovered his sixth brother’s vision. His face automatically reddened as he furiously said, “What are you thinking?”

He Yiming immediately restrained his thoughts and smiled, “Eldest brother, I’m wondering whether eldest uncle will punish you to meditate before a wall. If he punished you for three years, you will suffer quite a bit.”

Hearing his sixth brother’s quibbling, Yitian slightly snorted. When he thought about this issue, he also felt quite a headache.

“Actually, if it’s just meditating before a wall, it’s not a big deal. But I’m afraid father will not allow it.” He Yitian let out a long sigh, “From childhood, father has taught me that He family’s basis is the martial way. No matter what, it can’t be abandoned. If elders find out I am accepting a concubine, they won’t easily agree.”

He Yiming’s two eyes slightly jumped upwards as he said, “Eldest brother, I remember eldest uncle marrying at the age of fifteen, perhaps….”

He Yitian repeatedly shook his head, “Sixth brother, that time is different than this. At that time, out He family didn’t have much members and we were anxious to establish our footing. That was the reason grandfather agreed to arrange father’s marriage so early. However, currently, our He family has already established a firm footing in the county. Even though I married before twenty five years of age, it was only due to my responsibility as the eldest grandson of the eldest son of the family. Otherwise, with our status as cultivators, even if we marry after thirty years of age, it wouldn’t be a problem.”

He Yiming also understood. His eldest brother’s concerns were quite justified. Apart from those who had given up on advancing, a few of those who followed the martial way indulged in women.

After saying these words, he unblinkingly stared at He Yiming with a rather queer gaze.

Suddenly, He Yiming had an exceptionally bad feeling, “Eldest brother, what are you thinking?”

He Yitian lightly coughed and said, “Sixth brother, I have a request.”

Although He Yiming indescribably felt his scalp somewhat numb, he unhesitatingly said, “What request? I am at your command, eldest brother.”

“Sixth brother, there are two girls at the side of Yuan Lord Master. I’ve taken a liking to only one of them.” He Yitian fidgeted said.

He Yiming’s two eyes opened wide as he said, “Eldest brother, what do you mean?”

He Yitian exclaimed, “Oh brother, eldest brother doesn’t have a choice here. Nowadays, you have truly become the number one member of the He family. If you agree to receive one of these two, then me receiving the other wouldn’t be a big deal at all.”

He Yiming’s face turned quite amused.

Although he’d wholeheartedly thrown himself into the martial way, at this age, if one were to say that he didn’t hold any curiosity towards women, that would be pure nonsense.

However, his primary focus was still on how to advance in strength. Since every time’s training truly brought a pleasing feeling to him, his attention towards women wasn’t too much.

However, since his eldest brother had suddenly raised this topic, he suddenly felt rather indecisive.

After thinking for a few moments, He Yiming shook his head and said, “Eldest brother, you think grandfather and eldest uncle would let us marry?”

He Yitian coarsely laughed, “Sixth brother, you misunderstood, I don’t want you to marry that girl at all,” He paused for a moment before continuing, “That girl is uncle Earnest’s daughter but was given birth by a concubine, and her mother has also died long ago. However, her conduct is magnanimous, and responses appropriate. Even if she becomes your concubine, she wouldn’t lose you any face.”

He Yiming said with a skeptical face, “Concubine?”

“That’s right,” He Yitian loftily said, “Even if she was not born from a concubine, she could only be fit to be your concubine.”

He Yiming thought for a bit and asked, “Eldest brother, who is the one you’ve taken a liking to?”

He Yitian spoke with a slightly red face, “The one I’m concerned with is Yuan Zewei’s granddaughter- a woman who knows when to push and when to back away, she wouldn’t compete against Yanli.”

He Yiming raised his brows upwards and said, “Yuan Zewei’s granddaughter? Eldest brother, you haven’t made a mistake, have you? Yuan Zewei is already banished out of Yuan family, and he is just like water and fire with Lord Master. You want to marry his granddaughter, then if these two sides contended against each other in the future…..that’s not right, how could Lord Master Yuan have introduced you to Yuan Zewei’s granddaughter?”

He Yitian gently sighed. That day, after He Yiming left, Yuan Zewei suddenly died, and Yuan Zeyu, considering the brotherly sentiment, not only re-included the members of their side, he even asked He Quanxin to bear witness to this event.”

For Yuan family, this event was exceedingly important. However, as far as He Yiming was concerned, this event was quite insignificant. Therefore, there was naturally nobody daring to bring mindless gossip to him. Even though there were some who wished to incite trouble, they didn’t have the qualifications to go near He Yiming.

Therefore, upon returning three days later, he’d actually no clue of this matter.

Upon hearing his eldest brother’s explanation, He Yiming also sighed unceasingly. However, he couldn’t tell whether this manner of dealing with this affair was correct or not.

He Yitian continued on, “Although Yuan Zewei’s side has returned back to the clan, they don’t hold any power at all. Henceforth, they will be declining and marginalized, that much is obvious. To prevent complete extinction of their bloodline in the future, Lord Master Yuan has specifically selected a girl with their direct bloodline and uncle Yuan’s daughter who is born from a concubine,” He paused for a bit, then said, “Do you understand what I mean?”

He Yiming faintly nodded. If he still couldn’t understand, that would be just way too stupid.

He Yitian eventually relaxed and said, “In reality, Lord Master Yuan nevertheless emphasizes on main clan’s descendants. That’s the reason they are offering uncle Yuan’s girl to you and Yuan Zewei’s granddaughter to me. He merely wished for their side to have some hope.”

When He Yiming heard the word ‘offer’ from his eldest brother’s mouth, he couldn’t help but sigh inwardly.

Although girls of big, influential families didn’t have to worry about food and shelter, they couldn’t avoid being sacrificed for the sake of the clan’s development.

Yuan family was weak, and He family strong. This outcome would be considered as proper and expected.

However, all of this was only because he’d stepped into Xiantian realm. Had this not been the case, Yuan family would never have done such a thing which was the same as bringing disgrace to oneself.

Seeing He Yiming somewhat lost in thoughts, He Yitian immediately struck when the iron was hot, “Sixth brother, since you are not really marrying and merely accepting a concubine, it will not lead to too big of a commotion. Moreover, Lord Master Yuan also said that even officially marrying is not needed. She can first serve you in He family, then marry later.”

This time, He Yiming was truly somewhat astounded, “Eldest brother, she is still Yuan family’s girl, even this is also possible?”

He Yitian coarsely laughed and said, “For others, it’s of course impossible. But you are a Xiantian cultivator. As long as you are willing and even let out a sound, not to mention Yuan family, even a concubine from Jadeting’s Lin family will also be willing to do the same.”

He Yiming faintly started and thought for a while and eventually came to the conclusion that his identity as a Xiantian cultivator was way too powerful.

In reality, his self-assessment was still somewhat lacking.

To enter Xiantian realm at the age of sixteen, what would his achievements be when he’d matured?

To curry a favor from such a strong youngster was worth whatever the price.

“Sixth brother, you don’t need to hurry in making your decision. It would be better to come with me and make a trip to the Lord Master’s, and make your decision afterwards,” He Yitian advised, “As long as you agree, father will not rebuke me at all.” He paused, seeming as if sighing deeply with emotions, “As of now, there is nobody in the He manor capable of rebuking you, not even grandfather.”