Martial God - Book 1 - What Is A Genius - Chapter 52 - Python's Counterattack

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After swallowing one wolf, the gold-crowned python shifted its vision to the other one and quickly acted.

Looking at that frightening opened mouth, He Yiming felt sort of bizarre.

Although spirit beasts possessed certain amounts of wisdom, evidently, this low ranked gold-crowned python did not possess much of it. Although it had been cautious and prudent till now, before food, it nevertheless decided to abandon all caution and devoured the food which had suspicious origins.

Of course, this was also related to his grandfather and others’ brilliant plan. If not for planning so meticulously, obtaining such a result would have been impossible.

Gold-crowned python’s appetite was exceptionally big, far beyond what He Yiming had expected.

It actually completely devoured the three gray wolves and the wild boar. Its originally bucket-thick body seemed to have thickened even more.

However, after engulfing so much, the movements of this gigantic python seemed to have become quite sluggish. That more than ten meters long body seemed to have become an immense burden on itself. He Yiming even felt somewhat anxious if this big guy would just explode on the spot.

Slowly, the gold-crowned python turned its head. From its appearance, it seemed to be thinking about giving up on roaming outside and returning to its lair.

Once it returned back to its lair, it will only come out after its stomach had digested everything inside it.

On the other hand, He Yiming and the rest had been waiting here since yesterday night. How could they let it return to its lair?

Suddenly, He Wude issued a long whistle and appeared from behind a large shuddering tree.

Hearing this sound, the python stopped its movement, and its two small eyes turned towards the Lord Master. Its tongue was flapping increasingly severely. As if it had felt something, its body started to curl up.

If it had been an ordinary python, even if it was more than ten meters long, after consuming so much, it definitely wouldn’t be able to coil together. However, this gold-crowned python was indeed worthy of being a spirit beast nurtured by nature. It forcibly curled up its gigantic body.

He Yiming was inwardly astonished. This python’s body was too formidable. Even the level of its Internal organs was not below that of high-level cultivators. Otherwise, it wouldn’t have been able to accomplish this feat.

The Lord Master’s eyes seemed electric, while one of his hands was holding a huge broadsword.

This sword’s handle was two meters long and the blade’s tip was further one meter long, attaining a frightening length of four meters in total. The blade’s entire body was made up of pure steel, being as heavy as thirty sixty jins. It was far beyond the weight of that staff wielded by Cheng Lord Master.

During He Wude’s youth, he had innate divine strength. That was the reason he could wave such a heavy weapon back then. However, after the second generation matured, the Lord Master rarely had to act in person. This tyrannous blade had been forgotten in Tai Cang county long since. Only when the Lord Master felt extremely excited would he take this toy out to play for a bit.

He Yiming was quite desirous of this blade. After training in Splitting Mountain Thirty Six Forms, he also had the ability to use a blade. However, he never found a suitable weapon. For some reason, ordinary weapons in his hands always felt too light. Only this huge chopper had been able to ignite his desire.

However, being able to obtain this blade’s legacy was easier said than done. Moreover, with his strength, he wouldn’t be able to use it without employing Internal Energy.

Wielding this blade, the Lord Master’s body immediately erupted with a heroic aura. This was an aura that had passed through countless trials, blood and storms.

In front of this aura, even a spirit beast, gold-crowned python, didn’t dare to have the slightest contempt.

The Lord Master stood ten meters away from the gold-crowned python, both confronting each other.

His expression was grave and body as motionless and stable as a mountain.

While his opponent, the gold-crowned python, also didn’t budge except for its tongue which was flapping even more intensely. Comparing oneself with snakes in terms of patience, a clever spirit beast at that, that would be same as digging one’s own grave.

However, after half an hour, this gold-crowned python was the first to give up.

The prey within its body had already begun to be digested, and the medicinal powder inside its body had also begun to show its effect.

This was but the medicinal powder specifically prepared by He Wude. It obviously couldn’t be too toxic since the python wouldn’t have swallowed it otherwise. However, it was highly anesthetic. Even a spirit beast would be hard pressed to escape its effect.

However, as soon as the powder began to show its effect, the python immediately understood that something was amiss.

A cold light flickered in its eyes. Suddenly opening its huge mouth, it pounced towards He Wude.

This leap was sudden, without any sign beforehand. The scene immediately raised the heartbeat of everybody watching. However, the Lord Master’s expression didn’t change at all. If one is distracted even while confronting a spirit beast, that would be the lack of patience in the true sense.

With a sudden roar, the Lord Master raised the blade and suddenly swung it like one would swing an iron rod.

An unimaginable strength, sweeping the dead leaves away and bringing along an air-piercing sound, resolutely struck at the gold-crowned python’s big head.

A loud explosion occurred. The Lord Master’s feet were no longer steady. Exerting his feet at his front, he flew backward. However, even in mid-air, his body seemed extremely nimble. Stepping his feet onto a big tree, he discharged the immense momentum he’d received.

Before him, the movements of gold-crowned python only paused for a second, then it continued to rush forward.

He Yiming and the rest sucked in a deep breath. Although all of them knew that this big guy would be quite troublesome to deal with, none expected that it would be this troublesome.

With the Lord Master’s strength, his blade strike actually didn’t even injure the former. This was too ferocious.

He Wude’s body was still in mid-air as he shouted, “Third generation retreat. You shall not act. Quanxin and you three attack it separately. Don’t fight it head on. We will engage it until the drug’s effect flares up.”

Originally, he wanted his third generation to experience this as well. However, after understanding this big guy’s strength, he immediately dispelled that thought.

He Quanxin and his two brothers along with He Laibao immediately hopped out from their hiding positions. All of them were holding long weapons. They encircled it while occasionally teasing it a bit but absolutely didn’t dare go fight it head on.

Only the Lord Master would occasionally strike it with all his might. However, once he’d struck, he would immediately retreat several steps, not daring to inflict the second blow.

In this manner, the fight continued on for a while. The python’s speed and reactions were becoming increasingly sluggish. All of them knew that the drug was slowly taking effect.

Everybody had excited expressions. Even the young ones who were watching from the sidelines were the same.

Gold-crowned python was a spirit beast. If they had tried to deal with it by force, even He Wude’s tenth layer Internal Energy wouldn’t have been a match. However, its wisdom couldn’t be compared to a human’s after all. After being plotted against, its fate was actually predetermined.

After fighting for a while, the python stopped bothering with the four people poking it from side. He had realized that these four basically posed no threat to its life. Only the old man by himself, who had a gigantic blade in his hand, constituted the most of the threat.

Gold-Crowned pythons differed from ordinary snakes. Its most hardest region was its long crowned head. Therefore, regardless of where the Lord Master turned, its head was able to fearlessly lock onto him. As for the attacks of the rest, they were painful but not something it couldn’t deal with.

However, once it felt drowsiness, it suddenly turned its head. No longer paying attention to the old man, it wanted to return back.

The Lord Master suddenly advanced and struck his blade at the center of the python.

A series of sparks erupted from the blade. Such a heavy strike couldn’t chop apart the python. In fact, not even a scratch could be seen on its skin. Hereby, the frightening degree of toughness this snake’s skin had reached could be clearly estimated.

However, this strike was not good at all. Its body, which had become evidently sluggish due to the drug, suddenly shook once. Apparently, the pain from this strike jolted it out of the anesthetic effect.

Its head rose and a cruel light flickered in its small eyes before it suddenly pounced towards the Lord Master.

He Wude’s recent strike seemed to have injured the python, but at that same time, it seemed to have jolted it out of the numbness. However, the former never imagined that this gigantic snake would retaliate this quickly.

With his eyes on the rapidly approaching opened mouth of the snake, he exerted his feet and retreated as fast as possible while holding the blade out, wishing to gain momentum.

However, this time, the gold-crowned python was in extreme pain. Even the crown on its head seemed somewhat bigger.

The blade and the head collided. This time, He Wude was unable to endure, and blood spurted out from the space between his fingers and thumbs. His hand dropped the blade, and he flew backward. Losing the control over his body, he heavily collided with a big tree.

His chest and stomach felt a wave of pain as streams of blood leaked from the corner of his mouth.

However, the python’s mouth didn’t slow down. Instead, it approached him even quicker.

A bitter expression flickered in He Wude’s eyes as he suddenly felt, ‘I was too greedy….’

Even if it was an inferior spirit beast, it was still not something a tenth level cultivator could hunt.

‘Ah, the greed. Hard to imagine my life would ultimately be ended due to this one word.’

He felt overwhelmed with emotions. At this moment, his thoughts were not of his death, but the predicament He family would have to face after his death.

He only hoped that Quanxin and the rest would manage to restrain themselves and not try to fight this spirit beast. As long as they live, He family could still be passed on.

His vision started to blur as that gigantic head incessantly approached. He could clearly hear the appalled cries of his descendants and the old servant Laibao.

However, right at this moment, his vision turned dark. The illumination coming through the thick leaves seemed to have been blocked by something.

Vaguely, he saw a figure. Not tall but seemed as sturdy as a mountain at this moment.

Vaguely, he could see a patch of radiance. A patch that was not wide at all, but bright and beautiful.