Martial God - Book 2 - Fame Spreads - Chapter 50.1 - Blade Light

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As Lu Xinwen watched the white dress in his hand, a regretful expression appeared on his face, “Unfortunately, had this dress been made with the combination of North Iceberg Haven’s natural silk and South’s spider silk, it could have resisted your Xiantian needles.”

He Yiming started inwardly and said, “If brother Lu says so, it means your skill must rely on this special weapon to be performed to the extreme?”

Lu Xinwen coarsely laughed and threw the dress in his hands away, “Even without this weapon, I can still exterminate your family.”

After saying these words, he stepped out; his fists intertwined. This time, his speed was not as quick as before when nobody had been able to see him, and instead seemed to be somewhat slow.

However, this was nothing more than an illusion. In merely three steps, he’d already covered a distance of several tens of meters before striking out his hand with a loud rumble.

Water-type techniques were not suited for greeting force with force, but this old man had chosen the dominant way.

Because based on the initial conversation, he’d understood that He Yiming had only recently become a Xiantian cultivator.

Although he didn’t understand how the former could possess a ferocious Xiantian technique such as Hidden Needle Imprint, in terms of True Qi, his opponent would certainly be far behind him who had entered Xiantian realm more than twenty years ago. Therefore, as soon as his technique to squeeze He Yiming in failed, he immediately adopted the most reliable method.

All tricks are naught before absolute strength; although this reasoning was quite simple, it was usually the most pragmatic as well.

A palm suddenly seemed to have appeared piercing out of thin air as it went straight towards He Yiming’s chest. If this palm truly hit its mark, despite being a Xiantian cultivator, He Yiming would not be able to preserve.

However, while confronting this palm that had seemingly appeared out of nowhere, He Yiming’s two hands suddenly flipped about and the Hidden Needle Imprint instantly transformed into the sturdy Prostrate Imprint.

This imprint had also been stealthily learned from Lin Taoli and was the imprint that he’d learned to the most perfection. Although it still looked somewhat different compared to when used by Lin Taoli, in accordance with his own body, this form was the one that suited him the best.

The indistinct arm swayed in the air, as if looking for an opening on He Yiming’s body. However, the owner behind the palm suddenly discovered that as soon as He Yiming’s hand imprint changed, there was no longer any opening on his body, as if his entire body was under the protection of this imprint.

After the palm swayed countless times- up and down, left and right, severely and softly- it eventually struck the Prostrate Imprint.

It seemed as if He Yiming’s hand imprint had been specifically waiting to meet with this palm.

Lu Xinwen immediately felt extremely gloomy. This palm strike had the support of his entire strength, but he still hadn’t managed to gain the slightest bit of advantage in terms of technique.

With his discerning eyes, he could tell at a glance that these two imprints complemented each other, but at the same time, had different respective constructs. However, regardless of any case, there was no doubt that both of these imprints belonged to Xiantian techniques.

He was amazed and puzzled. What could possibly be the origins of this youngster, for him to possess two kinds of Xiantian imprint techniques.

If he’d barely learned them, it was still not too strange. However, He Yiming had not only learned them, he’d even grasped their essence. This was somewhat inconceivable.

At this moment, he was truly somewhat skeptical of He Yiming’s age.

To promote Internal Energy, one could consume gold cores. To advance into Xiantian realm, there were gold cores as well.

However, to learn a technique, there was no shortcut.

Apart from the rare enlightenments that were hard to experience once even in a hundred years, there was only unceasing training, and more training until one finally grasped the technique’s essence and attained perfection.

However, He Yiming’s display had completely smashed this rule.

He’d already attained the realm where he could do as he pleased with these two Xiantian techniques, attaining such a skill in less than twenty years of bitter cultivation.

On encountering such a freak, even the Blood Slaughterer Lu Xinwen felt bursts of helplessness.

The moment Lu Xinwen’s palm made contact with his Prostrate Imprint, He Yiming’s knees slightly bent. This one action was all it took for him to divert half of Lu Xinwen’s water-type True Qi into the ground. Subsequently, his legs transmitted a surge of power into his knees. His knees suddenly straightened with a shudder, and the more than three hundreds acupoints on his body immediately issued a huge power in response, which instantly transformed into a string and shot out of the Prostrate Imprint.


A not too loud sound rang out. This sound was exceedingly suppressed as if something had exploded within a box, and it gave listeners a choked kind of feeling.

Lu Xinwen’s eyes suddenly opened wide as his palm resolutely struck against the Prostrate Imprint and two gigantic True Qi’s bluntly collided.

However, Lu Xinwen found the aftermath of the collision hard to believe.

A power that was far beyond what he’d imagined came out of the Prostrate Imprint, moreover this was a purely earth-attributed power; completely restraining him even in terms of Xiantian attributes.

In plain astonishment, Lu Xinwen’s figure flew back at a lightning fast speed; his feet unceasingly touching the ground in quick succession and every step leaving behind an extremely clear imprint on the ground. In a short span of a few breaths, the ground had three hundred foot imprints.

The power aroused by the more than three hundred points inside He Yiming’s body was unexpectedly neutralized by him in such a strange manner.

Lu Xinwen suddenly raised his head. Regardless of how he thought, he couldn’t understand how a youngster who had recently entered the Xiantian realm could possess such a strong Xiantian True Qi, which was not the least bit inferior compared to that of his more than twenty years of bitter training.

At this point, a trace of doubt emerged inside him. His confidence of being able to certainly kill He Yiming faintly shook.

He Yiming’s two eyes suddenly jerked upwards. At this moment, he felt a clear drop in the opponent’s aura. That condition of spirit, Qi, and essence pushed to the extreme no longer existed.

The moment Lu XInwen’s aura declined, He Yiming’s aura involuntarily rose.

Almost without thinking, He Yiming let out a long hiss and raised his foot. His being turned into a streak of lightning as he charged towards Lu Xinwen with a speed that was not inferior to that of the latter in the least.

He Yiming ‘s feet quickly treaded the ground; its frequency pushed to the peak.

As this sound entered the ears of the listeners, it actually made them feel as if they had arrived amidst unceasing torrents of mountain rain.

In this manner, He Yiming transformed into mountain rain, instantly took countless quick steps, and with his extremely quick body technique, cut off all the paths which Lu Xinwen could adopt to sidestep.

At the same time, he lifted his hands and Prostate Imprint once again emerged before his body. However, this time, Prostate Imprint was not defensive, but had instantly turned into an powerful offense, as if bearing down with a pressure of Mount Tai.

In the hands of Lin Taoli, Prostrate Imprint was merely a kind of purely defensive imprint. However, when it fell in He Yiming’s hands, its Internal Energy circulation course underwent a subtle transformation which made an unexpected transformation in this imprint, and gave this method the one and only method of offense.