Martial God - Book 2 - Fame Spreads - Chapter 5- Recruitment

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New year passed, and the eldest young master of He family married Cheng family’s girl, who had entered the clan.

However, this new year, what caused people to sigh in admiration was, in fact, the sixth young master’s performance. In this new year, all the servants surprisingly discovered that sixth young master’s position in the clan was already comparable to that of He Quanxin, the eldest Lord. Even the Lord Master He Wude, whenever he looked at He Yiming, his face broke out in smiles. Regardless of whatever requests the latter made, he would happily comply without any questions, and the rebuke seemed to be a thing of the past.

The rest of the third generation disciples in the manor also seemed to have gradually adapted to this transformation, and they acted quite reserved before the sixth young master.

The cause of all this was precisely the evaluation of ‘peerless genius’ that came out of Lin Taoli’s mouth.

This evaluation, coupled with He Yiming’s display of ninth layer Internal Energy, allowed He Yiming’s fame to reach a new height- unmatched in the entire He manor except for He Wude.

However, they didn’t expect that their magnificent, omnipotent genius, at this moment, was miserably tangling with the problem of imprint techniques.

In accordance with Prostrate Imprint, he’d produced a new, modified Hidden Needle Imprint. Although it had not been tested through actual battle, anyhow, it had been produced.

However, regarding the other, more profound one- Rain Cloud Imprint, he felt as if his hands had been tied.

Although Rain Cloud Imprint left behind a more profound impression on He Yiming, the situation regarding this imprint was unlike that of Prostrate Imprint. During his battle with Lin Taoli, He Yiming had come in direct contact with the former imprint only once. The rest of the time, he repeatedly suffered the offense of this imprint, but his gains were comparably nothing.

After returning to the manor, he even thought of returning to the county town and having another match with Lin Taoli.

Of course, this line of thinking was merely an imagination of his active brain.

Although he desired to fight again, he knew quite clearly that if he really did that, what awaited him next was an endless torrent of complaints from the clan.

Lightly sighing, He Yiming, who had been hiding in the underground training room, unwittingly formed the self-created Hidden Needle Imprint while he contemplated on the Rain Cloud Imprint.

Suddenly, he heard the sharp, crisp sound of the little bell.

He Yiming astoundedly shifted his vision. He was no longer that former sixth young master.

In his underground training room, even He Wude didn’t dare make sudden sounds to call him.

His brows faintly creased, ‘Could it be…the manor has suffered something life threatening? Otherwise, who could be so brave as to pull the bell and disturb my cultivation?’

His figure faintly flickered, leaving the room.

After all, he was a descendant of He family. If the clan had truly encountered some big problem, he wouldn’t hesitate to help at all.

As soon as he arrived in the courtyard, he immediately saw his fifth brother, He Yizhang.

Before he attained the sixth layer, his relationship with his fifth brother was like fire and water. However, strangely, as his strength shot upwards like a rocket, the relationship between them turned quite harmonious.

As the difference in their strength grew, their past grievances disappeared in air like smoke.

For He Yiming, this had already turned into one of his rare childhood memories which he clearly remembered.

While in He Yizhang’s eyes, the current He Yiming had already gone past the heights which he could attain. Currently, he didn’t dare to be even jealous. Imagine a friend at your side. If he excels you by a certain margin, you would perhaps feel jealous. However, if he becomes a mayor or governor, how could an ordinary man feel jealous. Even the past enmity and grudges would unwittingly dissipate.

“Fifth brother, is there something?” He Yiming faintly smiled.

He Yizhang severely nodded and said, “Sixth brother, grandfather asked you to come over. He said it’s the Cheng family- someone named young master Lin Taoli is here.”

“Lin Taoli?” A pleasantly surprised expression emerged in He Yiming’s eyes. His figure flashed and disappeared, leaving behind his voice, “Fifth brother, I am going first.”

He had just been plotting whether to look for a opportunity of exchanging pointers with Lin Taoli again or not. This guy decided to come on his own accord, which obviously elated He Yiming.

Seeing He Yiming disappear like ghost, He Yizhang sucked in a breadth of cold air while feeling increasingly helpless at the same time. At this point he’d completely given up on surpassing his sixth brother.

He Yiming, who had spent all his childhood in this manor, could find his way even if he had his eyes closed.

After a few turns, he arrived in the main hall. He knew that his grandfather would welcome an important guest here.

The identity of young master of Jadeting city’s Lin family was sufficient to make his grandfather act in person.

As soon as He Yiming entered, his vision fell on the guest seat where Lin Taoli sat. His eyes shined as he said, “How fortunate brother Lin, were you thinking of having another round with me?”

Lin Taoli who sat as steady as Mt. Tai stared blankly for a moment before bitterly smiling, “Brother He, you sure can crack jokes.”

He sighed inwardly. Before, if someone had told him that he would adress a fifteen year old youngster as his brother, he wouldn’t have believed. However, as he looked at the current He Yiming, he could faintly guess how a youngster could possess such powerful strength.

Perhaps, his world is completely pure and simple. The pursuit of martial dao constituted the entirety of his world. As such, he could abandon everything else and reach his current realm.

At this moment, he truly began to somewhat admire and envy He Yiming.

Born into a small clan, one wouldn’t be able to enjoy various cultivation facilities and would also be restricted in availability of techniques. However, in such a family, one would be able to completely immerse himself in cultivation and need not worry about the affairs of clan, or an internal strife. This may be considered a sort of blessing as well.

He Wude gently coughed. Feeling like laughing and crying at the same time, he said, “Yiming, don’t be rude. Young master Lin has specifically come your to meet you in person.”

He Yiming faintly started, then involuntarily asked, “Brother Lin, you are going back?”

“Yes,” Lin Taoli sighed, “Originally, I intended to stay here for a few days. However, something has happened in the clan. Thus, I must go back.”

He Yiming’s face looked quite regretful. This expression came from the innermost section of his heart. It didn’t have the slightest pretense, which immediately moved Lin Taoli greatly and even lead him to think that this youngster considered him as close as a real brother.

If he were to know that He Yiming only felt regret due to the fact that he wouldn’t be able to study Rain Cloud Imprint once he left, he would immediately break off all ties with him on the spot and stay far away from him all his life.

“Brother He, we felt a connection since we first saw each other. If you still feel as such, why don’t you try spending some time in Jadeting city?” Lin Taoli invited in quite a hospitable manner.

Sitting on the principal seat, Lord Master He Wude’s complexion transformed momentarily before resuming its original appearance.

He’d not lived his entire life being an idiot. He immediately understood that the former wished to recruit He family’s future star.

However, unfortunately, the Lord Master would never allow it.

Before the old man could even speak his mouth, He Yiming unhesitatingly said, “Brother Lin, at present, my heart is set solely on cultivation. I don’t want to go outside and distract myself.”

Lin Taoli faintly smiled and said, “Brother He, as a fellow cultivator, I will absolutely not distract you. Moreover, I promise you that if you are willing to become an Enforce Elder of our Lin family, our clan’s martial art’s storehouse will unconditionally be open for you.”

He’d already determined that He Yiming was a martial lunatic. Therefore, he’d immediately pulled out the move that could express his sincerity to the greatest extent.

Lin family had been passed on through millennials. The gigantic martial arts collection they possessed could move any martial artist’s heart.

Sure enough, He Yiming’s eyes brightened as he asked, “Does Lin family’s storehouse has your Prostrate Imprint and Rain Cloud Imprint?’

“Yes, and not only these two techniques,” Lin Taoli calmly said, “Imprint techniques are actually a whole set of techniques among Xiantian battle skills. But every individual’s constitution is distinct. Those who can cultivate in Xiantian techniques are already extremely rare- learning the entire set in the houtain realm is simply not possible. I’ve nearly cultivated in imprint techniques for a full ten years but have only managed to learn two of its styles. I wonder how many brother He would be able to learn…”

He Yiming opened his mouth- extremely desirous of telling the former that he could definitely learn the entire set.

However, he forced it back down his throat. He turned his head and carefully observed his grandfather. His heart was already moved. Now, all he needed to do was observe his grandfather’s attitude.

He Wude took a deep breath and said, “Young master Lin, we appreciate your kind intentions.”

Lin Taoli’s complexion slightly changed as he said, “Lord Master, I know this seems somewhat rude. However, we have no intention of snatching He Yiming from you, and only wish for him to become an Enforce Elder of the Lin clan. He could still inherit He family.”

He Wude shook his head and said, “You misunderstood, young master Lin”. He bitterly laughed, “To tell you the truth, you might know that He manor was laid out by this old man forty years ago, relying on this old man’s blade. However, do you know where this old man was before that?”

Lin Taoli’s expression turned grave as he said, “I would very much like to know.”

He Wude stood up and cupped his hand towards a certain direction, “Before coming here, this old man was a registered disciple of Hong Mountain.”